General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 14, 2020)

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As the holiday season quickly approaches, the land of Port Charles will continue to experience many plot twists and turns. Things don’t look good for Julian while Britt will realize all the strings attached with her job. Also, there will be plenty of mob action for Jason and Sonny in the coming days. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of December 14, 2020.

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9. Julian’s World

Gear up Julian fans, because this is probably Jerome’s last week in the land of Port Chuckles (for now). GH spoilers imply all the walls will close in on him in the coming days, as Sonny hands JJ an ultimatum. Whatever Corinthos dishes out, added teasers imply that Julian will realize he needs to get out of town ASAP. So much so, he’ll ask for help from a total stranger.

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8. Jason and Sonny

Lots going on with this pair in the next few days. GH spoilers suggest that Jason will reach out to a familiar face this week. Meanwhile, he and Sonny will be busy with something, as added teasers imply that he’ll clear a path for Sonny, as “Stone Cold” is set to turn into a human bulldozer. By the time the weekend hits, Jason will feel vindicated while Sonny believes it’s time to show the mob world who’s boss. Cyrus better watch out.

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7. Britt’s Awakened

Over at the hospital, GH spoilers hint that Britt will finally learn about the terrible strings attached to her current chief of staff job. In added teasers, Cyrus will approach the young doctor with a plan he has that will involve her help. In other news, Britt will reach out to Nikolas this week.

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6. Cyrus’ Plan

Renault will certainly have something major up his sleeve. With Jason and Sonny on the go, Cyrus will want to gain the upper hand. GH spoilers reveal that Martin will question the mob boss’s actions. There’s also a chance that more hints will be sprinkled around Renault’s past. In other news, Laura sacrifices her well-being, possibly to help someone out.

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5. Martin’s Story

Speaking of Martin, GH spoilers indicate that the lawyer is set to share quite a doozy of a story with Valentin Cassadine. Could he talk about his connection to Cyrus, or does this have to do with something else? As the days go by, Marin will discover something quite unexpected.

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4. Curtis Goes Undercover

Across town, GH spoilers tease that Curtis will go undercover to get more answers on his current investigation. Meanwhile, his wife Jordan will strongly suggest that she and Carly have a conversation. Speaking of, Carly and Joss will have a heart-to-heart this week, while Trina and Ava catch up on things.

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3. Violet’s Curious

GH spoilers imply that Violet will have her curiosity peeked, so here’s hoping the child stays safe while she “investigates.” Meanwhile her dad Finn will try and make amends with someone. Who could he be reaching an olive branch out to? In other news, something will grab Liesl’s attention in the coming days.

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2. Things Backfire For Tracy

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, GH spoilers suggest that Tracy will devise a plan that eventually backfires in her face. Could this have to do with Ned, or potentially ELQ? Scheming is never a good way to go, even though Tracy’s been so good at it over the years.

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1. Things Get Awkward …

Lastly, GH spoilers state that Chase and Michael will run into each other while both are getting their fitness on at the gym. Will the two be able to remain civil, or will they decide to duke out their differences in the ring? Things are about to get super awkward between these two friends!

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