General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 3, 2020)

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It’s the week General Hospital (GH) fans have been waiting for! Finally, some new episodes will air, which will highlight all of the incredible drama, romance, and adventure going on in the land of Port Charles. What will unfold in the coming days? Wiley’s custody hearing will wrap up; Sonny will continue to struggle; Anna will feel the need to defend Peter; and two doctors will bond. Without further ado, below are some GH spoilers for the week of August 3, 2020.

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9. Nina Shows Strength

GH spoilers reveal that Jax will be proud of Nina’s strength on Monday, as the show clearly will pick up right where they left off. Added teasers for Monday reveal that Nelle will be shaken, so it seems as if Nina’s testimony won’t be the rainbows and sunshine that Benson expected. There’s also a particularly good chance that Willow and Michael gain full custody of Wiley.

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8. Wiley’s Custody Decision

Added hints that GH spoilers offer around Wiley’s custody hearing will unfold as the week goes by. Teasers for the show relay that Michael and Willow will grow closer this week, and that Nelle will be confrontational and demand to see her son; all arrows pointing to the fact that Willow and Michael are the ones granted sole custody of the little boy.

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7. Sonny Distraught

Across town, Sonny’s story will continue to be plagued with struggle. GH spoilers suggest that Carly will come home to find Sonny distraught. As the days go by, he’ll be placed in an urgent situation around conscience. Will Mike suffer another set back where Corinthos needs to make a quick (and morally-sound) decision? It’ll be another challenging week for Sonny when it comes to decision-making and his dad.

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6. Cyrus Won’t Let Up

Meanwhile, Sonny’s nemesis Cyrus will continue to be up to no good. GH spoilers state that he’ll continue to manipulate Jordan, and even have a meeting with Brando. Interestingly enough, Sonny will also visit Brando a day after his talk with Cyrus, so perhaps these two teasers are related, and the young man may get caught up in the mob war that is surfacing in Port Charles.

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5. Portia’s World

Speaking of Cyrus, GH spoilers hint that Portia will deal with an uncomfortable encounter, so perhaps Cyrus is in her face this week too. As the days go by, she and Finn will have a nice moment together, as the two bond over parenthood and daughters. Is there a love connection emerging between these two, or a nice friendship? Only time will tell!

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4. Brook Lynn and Valentin

Brook Lynn will continue her quest in trying to find out who bought her ELQ shares this week, and GH spoilers indicate she may be at the end of this rope when she and Valentin have a meeting. Meanwhile. Not only will Valentin and Martin meet up to strategize in the coming days, but Valentin will have an interesting proposition for Sam.

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3. The Quartermaines

A lot going on in the Quartermaine mansion this week, as GH spoilers reveal that Olivia and Ned will clash about something. Monica will show commitment to a cause, and Ned will find himself interrupted by Brook Lyn about something. Could she tell him about those shares she sold? Seems as if everything will hit the fan this coming week for the Quartermaines!

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2. Maxie and Peter

The good news for Maxie is that she and Lucy will agree on something regarding Deception. The bad news might be that the truth about Peter (and all his shenanigans) may come out in the coming days. According to GH spoilers, Maxie will find herself second-guessing something while Anna will stand by Peter.

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1. More Spoilers!

An old friend will swing by to visit Alexis … Julian, perhaps? Meanwhile, Jordan will confide in Jason. Rounding out GH spoilers for their first week back, Carly and Sam will come together and bond over their similar struggles. Having a “normal” relationship with mob men can’t be easy!

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