General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 26, 2019)


As Liz desperately tries to get help for Franco, Ava receives an impassioned letter and Julian reconsiders a decision, this week on General Hospital (GH). Also, Carly and Sonny will receive some good news and Shiloh continues to rant and rave to anyone who will listen. Learn more below in the GH spoilers for the week of August 26, 2019.

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9. Graceful Exit

Thanks to a deal Hayden made, Jax went out on a date with Liesl Obrecht, who has developed quite the crush on him. He was a good sport about it and had dinner with Liesl. But rumor has it this week she’ll come on to him and he’ll tell her he’s flattered, but he’ll make a graceful exit. Other spoilers tease that Valentin will offer Curtis a big payday to help him with a private matter. Will his offer have to do with digging up even more information on his rival Jax?

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8. Carly And Sonny Celebrate

GH Spoilers say Carly and Sonny will receive some good news this week. Viewers know they were told their unborn baby has a condition called spina bifida, which is a sac that grows outside the spine and can cause a major disability at birth. Will Carly and Sonny be told the spina bifida is minor and will not have as many major complications as was first thought? Perhaps a mistake was made, and the child doesn’t have the condition at all. Or maybe CarSon’s celebration will involve Sonny’s suggestion that he and Carly renew their vows.

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7. Julian’s Hesitation

It looks like Julian will have second thoughts about moving to Manhattan with Kim. Just about everyone, including his sister Ava and his ex-wife Alexis, has been telling him he needs to stay in Port Charles, so he may decide that leaving is a mistake after all. Julian has just started bonding with his son Lucas and his daughter Sam and walking away from them would be tough. But if Julian does stay, what will Kim decide to do? Would she move to New York by herself or stick around?

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6. Liz Looks For Help

Other spoilers tease that Elizabeth is trying her best to stay calm under absolutely crazy circumstances. Her husband Franco was implanted with his best friend Drew Cain’s memories by evil cult leader Shiloh and Dr. Cabot and now he doesn’t even know who she is! So, she will seek assistance this week to help Franco get his memories back.

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5. Kim Ignores A Call

Speaking of Liz, it looks like she’ll call Kim, hoping to talk to her about Franco, and Kim won’t answer. Viewers know that Franco, who thinks he is Drew, recently pulled Kim in for a passionate kiss. He is remembering a past with Kim that isn’t his – a time when she and Drew were in love and their late son Oscar was conceived. And although Kim was shocked and pushed Franco away at the time, spoilers show she will begin to secretly enjoy the attention. Other spoilers tease she will visit Oscar’s Meadow this week. So, will she begin to reconsider leaving Port Charles? And will Kim begin to remember the love she and Drew shared and start to develop feelings for Franco?

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4. Franco Disappoints Liz

Rumor has it, Franco will let Liz down this week. She desperately wants him to try and get his memories back, but he’s hung up on Drew’s recollections. Spoilers state Franco is going to continue to believe he is Drew, despite what others have told him. He will also continue to pursue Kim this week.

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3. Finn Is Stunned

GH spoilers indicate Finn will be completely shocked by test results he receives this week. As other spoilers tease, Nina will receive a startling text, could it be that Finn uncovers the secret that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter? Or has he discovered that he will be able to cure Sasha’s illness?

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2. Poison Pen Letter

Other spoilers tease Ava will receive a love letter from none other than Ryan! In it, he will profess his love for her and ask her if there’s any chance she would forgive him and take him back. Despite Ava’s rejection of him, he remains as obsessed with her as ever. And as viewers can imagine, Ava will be absolutely horrified by the letter and will shred it into a hundred pieces.

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1. Shiloh’s Puzzling Remarks

Rumor has it, Shiloh will make some cryptic comments this week. Now that he’s met Nelle at Pentonville, perhaps she will tell him the truth about Baby Wiley. Will he bully Brad and try to blackmail him with the information he has procured? Or will it just be more of Shiloh’s threats and manipulations to anyone who will listen? Keep watching to find out!

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