General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 12, 2019)


Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Who’s ready for some incredible drama this week? More Dr. Calbot and Shiloh drama is on the horizon, but what does this all mean for Cam? Meanwhile Willow sees another side to Chase, and Brad tries to change Julian’s mind about something. Learn about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 12, 2019.

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9. Kim & Julian

Kim wants to leave Port Charles, while Julian really wants that Dawn of Day house for his girlfriend to stay in town! Who will win out in the end? Not sure, but GH spoilers do indicate that Lucy will meet with the couple next week, so maybe it’s to show Kim the DoD house and change her mind about leaving.

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8. Brad’s Request

GH spoilers also tease that Brad will try to convince his father-in-law to reconsider something. Is it about purchasing the DoD house or perhaps this has something to do with Baby Wiley? Regardless, as the week goes on, Julian will also have an emotional conversation with son Lucas. Will he reveal the truth to him this week?

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7. Liz Fills Franco In

Theirs is nothing worse for a mother than knowing her child is in danger and there is nothing she can do about it. While there are little GH spoilers around Cam’s status, teasers do hint that Liz will share an update with Franco mid-week. As the days go by, Drew and Elizabeth will be shocked about something.

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6. Alexis Gets More Answers

GH spoilers hint that Alexis will get more answers about Neil next week. Seems as if Kevin will fill her in about his colleague in the coming days. Alexis feels as if she and Neil would make a good pair, and Neil has his own reasons for shying away. Here’s hoping this couple can connect before the summer ends.

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5. Laura’s World

Being the mayor of Port Charles can sure keep someone on their toes and Laura will be a busy lady next week. First off, GH spoilers indicate that Laura will provide some reassurance to someone, could this be Liz (around Cam’s disappearance)? Laura will also place a phone call in the coming days, so perhaps she’ll ramp up efforts at the police department to find the missing the boy.

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4. Nina Vulnerable

GH spoilers indicate that Nina will have a vulnerable moment next week, one that Jax bears witness too. Will this bring them closer together or further apart? Nina has her eye on Jax, but if he offers her support and comfort during her time of need, she may see him in a different light.

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3. Hayden & Finn

GH spoilers tease some Hayden and Finn drama next week! Finn will reach out to meet with her and she’ll respond to said request. Does this mean the two will finally sit down to fully chat about how their relationship ended? Could fans get a greater idea of what has happened to their baby, and Hayden’s time away from Port Charles?

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2. Another Side To Chase

GH spoilers indicate that Chase will show another side to himself this week, and Willow will bear witness to it all. Could a potentially violent and aggressive side turn her off from him? She’s been through a lot with Shiloh and that toxicity, so anything remotely negative could shy her away from Chase.

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1. More Spoilers!

Ava will be caught off guard by something this week, while JaSam will enjoy some downtime at home together. GH spoilers also indicate that Peter and Maxie will be surprised about something in the coming days, and Monica will be trying to hunt down Kim. Could she be looking for her to chat about something hospital-related or for personal reasons?

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