General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 10, 2020)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Isn’t it great that things are back in full swing with new shows? If this week has had you thrilled, then next week will be more of the same! More information on Dante will be revealed in the coming days; Brando will raise some suspicions; and Cyrus will continue to play mind games. Learn about these storylines and others in the GH spoilers for the week of August 10, 2020.

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9. Dante Surfaces

Fans got a sneak peek at Dante early this week, and GH spoilers have revealed that he’s back on the set and gearing up for a return to the little town. Added teasers for the show suggest that he’ll “surface” in the coming days, so Port Charles better get ready for a major comeback, as it seems that Falconeri is headed home.

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8. Cyrus Continues To Play Mind Games

GH spoilers reveal that Cyrus will continue to play mind games all around town. First off, seems as if he’ll have a major confrontation with Lulu, one that she won’t back down from. Meanwhile, as the days go by, he’ll also get accosted by Lucy. As the weekend hits, added teasers suggest that Terry will show some curiosity around Cyrus. Terry better be careful …

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7. Sam Is Suspicious

GH spoilers state that Sam will become suspicious of Brando this week. Could he be getting involved with Cyrus, or is this about something else? As the days go by, she’ll also be cautiously optimistic regarding a situation, and even get some good news mid-week; however, as the weekend hits, Sam will also get some bad news.

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6. ELQ Update

According to GH spoilers, Ned will call an urgent meeting this week. Could this have to do with ELQ and Valentin’s takeover attempt? Added teasers reveal that Ned will be disappointed with Brook Lynn, so he may learn about the deal she made with Cassadine. Meanwhile, Olivia will try her best to smooth things over between father and daughter, but will she be successful at this?

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5. Nik and Franco

GH spoilers suggest that tensions will rise between Franco and Nikolas this week, as Baldwin will be put off by Cassadine’s behavior in the coming days. As the weekend approaches, Elizabeth and Franco will be at odds with each other, and Baldwin will turn to Ava to comfort her. Meanwhile, added teasers for the show reveal that Nik will appreciate Lulu’s support.

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4. Corinthos Clan

GH spoilers state that Sonny will turn to Felix this week looking for some help and support. Meanwhile, Carly will be optimistic about something, and Willow will get an unexpected visitor in the coming days. Could this be her mom? Nelle storming in to see Wiley? Or potentially Nina coming by for a visit?

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3. Nina’s World

Speaking of, Nina might still be reeling from her testimony during Wiley’s custody hearing, as GH spoilers for next week indicate that Jax will be giving her a pep talk of sorts, offering up encouraging words. As the weekend hits, she’ll decide to attend an event taking place at Wyndemere.

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2. Jordan Lies

GH spoilers hint that Jordan may continue to cover up for Cyrus, and potentially do his bidding, in the coming week. Teasers hint that she’ll tell TJ a lie, and this could very well be about his kidnapping that took place months prior. Meanwhile, hubby Curtis will be in a confrontational mood in the coming days.

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1. More Spoilers!

Julian and Ava will run into each other at the Metro Court, and it seems as if the brother and sister may have a lot to catch up on. Across town, Lucy will make an unexpected announcement while Lulu will reach out to someone for a favor. Rounding out GH spoilers for this week, Anna will ask that Finn make amends with what’s happened in the past.

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