General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 3, 2018)


Program notice for General Hospital (GH) — a repeat episode of the show will be played this Monday, September 3rd. Having said that, GH fans can expect some intense shows this week as Tuesday rolls around. Learn more about what will happen with Alexis, Julian, Brad, Lucas, Baby Wiley, Drew, Sam, Jason and more in the GH spoilers for the week of September 3, 2018.

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9. Alexis Is Seething

GH spoilers indicate that Alexis will boil over a situation this week, and perhaps this all has to do with ex-hubby Julian sticking his nose into Lucas and Brad’s custody case. There is a huge possibility that Alexis sees this as something that could cost the couple their son; meanwhile, Julian may be helping in the long run.

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8. Baby Wiley Stays

The good news is that Lucas and Brad find out that they get to keep Baby Wiley, and it all is thanks to Julian’s meddling with the birth mom. Lucas will invite his dad to the adoption celebration as a way to say thanks; however, Brad will still be concerned over Michael, and feel guilty about keeping this secret hidden.

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7. Oscar Rushed To The Hospital

Oscar will head to the hospital this week, and Kim will feel helpless when she finds out about his seizure. GH spoilers indicate that Julian will call on Drew for help this week, so this may be connected to Kim and Oscar’s hospital visit. After all, as Oscar’s dad, Drew needs to be kept in the loop about all this.

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6. Kim’s Secret

Kim will reveal a huge secret as the week progress. She and Terry had been collaborating on a case recently, so could it be possible that what they were reviewing was her son’s bloodwork? Could Oscar be dealing with a mysterious condition? Regardless, Kim will divulge something huge this week and GH fans need to stay tuned.

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5. Oscar and Josslyn

The good news is that Oscar will be okay for the time being, and Josslyn will rush to his side once she hears the news. GH spoilers hint that he and Josslyn will make some sort of sweet pack, so they may just decide to stay together. Joss has been through a lot lately, so there’s a good chance she’ll apologize for how she’s treated him more recently and the two will move forward. On the other side of the coin, Cameron is given some sad news this week. Could this be linked to Oscar and Josslyn?

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4. Drew/Sam/Jason Love Triangle

GH spoilers indicate that Drew and Sam will spend some time together this week. She could be supporting Drew as he deals with Oscar hospital stay and recovery. Meanwhile, as per the usual, Jason will be smack in the middle of another feud between Carly and Sonny; as per the usual, he’ll stay neutral.

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3. Nina Confides To Maxie

Maxie will get an earful from Nina, as she confides to her sister-in-law this week. The two will most likely talk about Nina’s divorce, which can’t be an easy thing for her. GH spoilers also indicate that Nina will have a crazy idea this week. It could be about work, as it might be too soon for her to realize that she has a daughter; however, she might also see how cozy Valentin and Curtis have been lately and figure something out.

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2. Ava Is Scared

Ava worries about Griffin ratting her out this week, despite the fact that he told her he wouldn’t. Still, he did stumble upon that baby blanket, and he has put two and two together. Ava prepares for the worst-case scenario this week should he approach Carly and Sonny with the information he has.

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1. More Spoilers!

Curtis is caught off guard this week by Jordan, and GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will also get fired up about something. Could it be that he moves up their impending nuptials? In other GH spoilers for the week, Ryan will attack his twin Kevin, so expect this storyline to heat up. Lastly, Chase is given some good news.

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