9 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 30, 2018)


General Hospital (GH) fans need to gear up for some surprises, intense moments, and plenty of shockers this week. Jason will save the day, Sonny and Chase will feel guilt, and Margaux will stumble on information. Learn more about these storylines and others, in the below GH spoilers for the week of July 30, 2018.

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9. Jason Saves The Day

GH spoilers indicate that Jason will save Carly from electroconvulsive therapy, bursting into the treatment room and stopping Dr. Lasaris just in time. Carly will still deal with her hallucinations, thanks to the drugs she’s on, and may not even realize Jason is there or has saved her. Regardless, Jason will assure Carly that she’s safe now. Hopefully, she’ll understand a bit of what is going on.

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8. Sam Helps Too

Sam will pitch in too and head over to Ferncliff once she gets the call from Jason. GH spoilers indicate that Curtis will join her, and the two will try and help with the situation. Perhaps the duo may try and threaten to expose the institution for their shady practices or help Jason around any repercussions he gets with the Port Charles police department, thanks to their connections. Regardless, they’ll be there to assist Jason with what he’s doing.

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7. Sonny Has Guilt

Nelle and Michael’s car crash will have Sonny feeling guilty this week, wishing he had done more to help out his son. He won’t be the only one feeling guilty as Chase will place the entire blame on himself. He’ll believe that it’s all his fault, as Michael would not have been on the road had it not been for him.

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6. Another Car

As Brad and his new baby are sure to be in the other car, there will be another side to this coin. GH spoilers are indicating that Lucas is bewildered this week, so perhaps he gets some upsetting news. In this scenario, there is one newly born (adopted) baby, with another set to be delivered soon, and the odds of both infants surviving this ordeal seems low. Perhaps GH fans should gear themselves up for a baby-switch storyline coming down the pipe.

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5. Josslyn’s Worst Nightmare

This accident just may be Josslyn’s worst nightmare, affecting not only her brother but her best friend as well. GH’s spoilers indicate Joss will have a hard week, mixed with emotions. She’ll be filled with worry, and fear the worst, but as the days progress, it also seems Josslyn will be quite furious with someone, and if the truth about what Nelle has been up to is revealed, Joss will be quite upset with what her so-called friend has been up to.

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4. Margaux Stumbles On Information

In other GH spoilers, Margaux falls upon some interesting information … will this place her within Drew’s world again? The two have been circling around each other lately. Regardless, she does seem ‘up’ to something. She has yet to pass on the flash drive she found from the lost and found box, which seems a bit fishy. Will this information help her to carry out a scheme she might have against Drew? Only time will tell.

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3. Stella’s Confession

Stella makes a confession this week, and she’ll ask Chandra to get Curtis, but then changes her mind after she talks it out with Mike. Unfortunately, Chandra won’t get this last message and will still head to town. GH spoilers indicate that Curtis may not be too thrilled when he finds out what his aunt has been up to.

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2. Liz Worries

Liz Webber is known to be a worry wart in any situation; however, she will be concerned earlier this week around a situation, and as the days go by, she does try and offer some help. She’s quite close to Jason, so will this have to do with his situation and Carly, or maybe she’ll try and provide some assistance with Sonny and what he’s dealing with, with Michael, as she does work in the hospital. It might also have to do with her and Franco.

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1. More Spoilers!

Jordan will carefully assess a situation, and as the week progresses, she’ll have questions. Julian gets some pretty interesting advice from Kim when she tells him to live in the moment. Griffin will reveal some reservations he has, and Finn will feel like he is out of options.

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