The 10 Most Hated Real Housewives Ever!

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Some housewives are mellow and kind, but that seldom makes for great television. Real Housewives place their chaotic lives in front of the camera for the whole world to see. With that exposure comes judgment and criticism. As determined by a poll from these are the Top Ten Most Hated Real Housewives.

10. Ramona Singer – New York City – 397 votes

Ramona Singer
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Constantly catty and often disrespectful, Ramona has caused riffs with nearly every cast member during each season of the show. She is known for her love of white wine and her habit of stretching her bulging eyes. She makes sure to be the cast hypocrite in criticizing her other housewives and making herself a definite fan enemy.


9. Vicki Gunvalson – Orange County – 406 votes

Vicki Gunvalson
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Vicki is known for boasting about her successful insurance career to the other housewives. While protective of her daughter, she was so over-bearing it resulted in her daughter’s running off to elope. She also has a mean streak with younger women who threaten to join her inner circle. She is now no longer married.