Soap Opera’s 10 Most Mismatched Couples

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Soap opera fans love their daytime dramas because of the adventure, drama, and romance. No other television show knows how to do love quite like soaps! We’ve seen plenty of soap opera couples over the many seasons each show has been on air, some are perfectly matched duos who fit well from the get-go while others are a little more mismatched. They say opposites attract and sometimes they do, but many times they don’t. Below is a list of the 10 most mismatched soap opera couples ever!

10. Days’ Kate Roberts and Rafe Hernandez

These two Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) characters made an interesting couple and while they didn’t last very long, they certainly did have good chemistry. Kate Roberts typically tends to go for the billionaire tycoon type and based on her past choices in men (Victor Kiriakis and Stefano DiMera to name a couple), so no one would have predicted these two could be a couple. Being a bit of a schemer as well, it was a surprise when she hooked up with one of Salem’s finest, officer Rafe Hernandez. Not a match made in heaven, but they did make it work … while it lasted.



9. GH’s Emily Quartermaine and Sonny Corinthos

General Hospital (GH) fans were blown away when mob boss Sonny Corinthos hooked up with good girl Emily Quartermaine. Emily was kind-hearted, lived life on the straight and narrow, and certainly did not seem anything like the usual type of woman that Sonny dated. The good news was, Emily helped Sonny during a difficult time in 2000s when he struggled with his bipolar condition. Bad news is this mismatched couple didn’t last too long, but considering Sonny’s lifestyle and past, this may have been for the best.

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8. Y&R’s Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher

One of The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) most popular couples currently is Chloe Mitchell and Kevin Fisher. Being mismatched doesn’t always have to end in disaster, but these two lovebirds had their ups and downs. Kevin has always had a thing for crazy girls and Chloe certainly fits the bill. However, they really do come from two very different worlds, with Chloe dominating the fashion industry while Fisher the computer geek preoccupies his time by fighting crime through his technological know-how. The only thing that might keep this duo from their happily ever after is not the fact that they’re opposites, but rather Chloe’s lying ways. Not to mention her daughter Bella’s true paternity.

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7. Days’ Sami Brady and Austin Reed

Digging through the DOOL history vault, long-time fans will remember the crazy obsession Sami Brady had with Austin Reed decades ago. She drugged him, lied to him, manipulated situations, and continually tried to scheme him away from sister Carrie. ‘Good guy that is conned to fall in love with bad girl’ is an ongoing theme in soaps and Sami’s relationship (if we can call it that) with Austin was legendary for this. Thankfully, Austin wised up to Sami and realized his perfect match was in fact Carrie.

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6. GH’s Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli

Maxie and Spinelli had tremendous onscreen chemistry. Nothing beat their loving banter. Watching their BFF status turn into romance was beautiful to watch, but GH fans cannot deny the fact that they were mismatched. He was a computer wizard with phenomenal verbiage (he certainly had a way with words), while Maxie epitomizes the ditzy, self-involved, fashionista blonde stereotype. There’s no denying, they did make it work … until Spinelli’s world turned upside down when he met the female version of himself, Ellie Trout.



5. Days’ Jennifer and Jack Deveraux

J&J as they are affectionately called by DOOL fans are one of the most popular Days super couples ever. These two were complete opposites. She came from a loving and supporting family, believed in doing good, and had a very kind heart. Meanwhile, poor Jack was a ball of mess, coming from a richy-rich family that was selfish, and he had done some pretty terrible things in the past. Did Jenn help turn this zero into a hero? Absolutely! Their squabbles and love spats were entertaining to watch and these two had incredible chemistry. Sometimes being mismatched can be a good thing!



4. Y&R’s Sharon and Victor Newman

Both Sharon and Victor came together in 2012 for all the wrong reasons, which makes it no surprise that they landed the number four spot on this mismatched couples list. Not only was there no real love in this relationship, they shared nothing in common in terms of interest, and the fact that they hooked up is beyond creepy considering she was once married to his son and involved with his another one. Thankfully their split up was an ugly one and we won’t be seeing this mismatched pair come together anytime soon.

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3. GH’s Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine

A town outcast, Lucy Coe was determined to make a name for herself in the land of Port Charles, and she really fancied the idea of being a Quartermaine. She schemed, lied, and seduced her way into Alan’s heart and this mismatched couple made it all the way to the alter in the 1990s. Thankfully Alan wised up and realized that he and Lucy were not a good fit and the two divorced shortly after their holy union, but taking a gander at their wedding photo and one realizes just how much of a mismatched couple these two truly were.



2. Days’ Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera

Actress Eileen Davidson was pulling double-duty back in the ‘90s playing distinguished Kristen DiMera as well as crazy Susan Banks. Let’s just say that Susan wasn’t quite as ‘polished’ as most Salem residents are, and certainly nowhere near the type that Stefano DiMera would generally hook up with. Alas, they did in fact get together and that act bore Stefano another heir in E.J. DiMera. Susan and Stefano did not last long at all in the love department, but were definitely a mismatched couple worth noting on this list.



1. Y&R’s Ashley Abbott and Tom Fisher

Speaking of Davidson, another legendary soap character she plays just happened to make the number one spot on this list. Remember that old song from Joe Jackson, “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” Well, that song could’ve been made for the coupling of Ashley Abbott and Tom Fisher. Ashley is and was a “catch” in Genoa City. Fisher on the other hand wasn’t. He was an abusive father, all-around terrible man, and con artist. In Ashley’s defense, she had no idea who he truly was when they first start dating in the early 2000s and once she realized his true identity, she dropped him like a bad habit.