Disastrous Soap Opera Weddings

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Love makes the daytime drama world go round! Therefore, weddings are events that many soap opera fans look forward to. Well, for the most part. One thing you can always expect is a hiccup or two, here and there, like flowers not arriving on time or the hairdresser running later. Maybe an explosion after the ceremony, bride kidnapping, or someone held at gunpoint. All joking aside, some weddings go beautifully on soaps, while others end in disaster! Then some seem just plain awkward! Below, Fame 10 highlights some of the most disastrous soap opera weddings in recent history.

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12. Chance and Abby, 2020 (Young and the Restless)

Abby and Chance’s wedding seemed cheesy at best. Maybe it was the forced drama around the bride having cold feet? Perhaps it was that Chance was a recast and played by actor Justin Gaston (as then-Chance actor Danny Boaz had COVID-19 during the taping and was quarantined). Something felt very “off” about the ceremony, and it might have been the global health crisis filming guidelines and social distancing. Regardless, Chance and Abby’s 2020 wedding was a flop. The marriage itself hasn’t lived up to anyone’s expectations, either.

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11. Alan and Lucy, 1990 (General Hospital)

Who could ever forget Lucy stunning her groom (and his family) in that awful red getup! Coe was a gold-digger back then, and Alan was infatuated with her skills in the bedroom. There was absolutely no real love in the relationship, and therefore, no real excitement to see these nuptials happen — not from the Quartermaines or Scotty Baldwin, and certainly not from most GH fans.

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10. Jack and Eve, Both Weddings (Days Of Our Lives)

It’s hard to believe that Jack Deveraux has married Eve Donovan not once, but twice over the years. They were hardly soulmates. They weren’t even besties. No Days fans wanted to see their first wedding in 1991 when Jack married Donovan out of desperation for money to save the paper. He loved Jenn and pushed her away. However, the 2019 wedding made viewers want to gag. A manipulative Eve schemed her way into tricking Jack to wed and run for mayor of Salem. Thankfully things were sorted out that year after he recovered from his amnesia, and the two split.

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9. Ryan and Victoria, 2001 (Young and the Restless)

Ryan McNeil and a young Victoria Newman made a cute couple in the early 1990s. Sadly, their first marriage failed due to Vicky’s “inexperience” (wink, wink) and Ryan’s wandering eye. However, they were able to pull things back together in the 2000s. They always had chemistry, so it looked as if they were successfully going to live “happily ever after”. Sadly, Ryan’s obsessed ex, Tricia, went a little coo-coo and stopped the wedding from happening. She locked Vic in a closet, placed a wedding dress on and marched down the aisle, hoping that Ryan would marry her instead. He did not. She would end up pulling a gun and shooting him. Ryan passed away.

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8. Peter and Maxie, 2021 (General Hospital) 

While GH fans all had a collective sigh of relief that the two didn’t get married, Peter and Maxie’s wedding was a disaster. From the groom going missing to many people trying to convince the stubborn bride to back out, no one was looking forward to seeing the two say their “I do’s”. Thankfully it was stopped, which does signify that it was successful in some aspects.

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7. Ben and Ciara (Days Of Our Lives)

The bride was beautiful. The groom looked handsome. The church, which was filled with flowers, family and friends, was heartwarming. The ceremony made many “Cin” fans shed a tear (or two). However, everything that happened after Ben and Ciara’s nuptials was awful from the explosion and a missing groom, to the missing bride. It took an entire year (and a bit) for them to finally start living their happily ever after. In terms of drama, Ciara and Ben’s wedding scored high. The twists and turns to get them back together after they became husband and wife were plentiful. But it was an awful way to end a wedding.

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6. Billy and Victoria, 2010 (Young and the Restless)

As a follow-up to their “illegal” wedding in Jamaica, where the two were intoxicated, Billy and Vicky got married in 2010. It was a lovely wedding. Friends and family gathered for an outdoor event, and the couple romantically said their “I do’s”. Unfortunately, they did not get a honeymoon night together, as Vic was arrested shortly after all thanks to her dear old dad, Victor. Being alone in jail wasn’t exactly what she or Billy envisioned for that night, which lands their second wedding on this list.

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5. Michael and Nelle, 2018 (General Hospital)

No GH fan wanted to see Michael marry Nelle, especially when the truth behind her motives (and her record) were crystal clear. Most times when weddings occur in a hospital room, they can be the sweetest and most beautiful ceremony on a soap. That wasn’t the case when Michael and Nelle exchanged vows in 2018. Thankfully, her plans were exposed and their marriage was annulled; however, Michael will never fully be able to erase the negative imprint she left on his life.

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4. Shawn and Belle, 2020 (Days Of Our Lives)

Days fans were excited when Belle and Shawn decided to make it official once again in November 2020. The ceremony was a small one, where Marlena was set to officiate with just a room full of family and close friends (plus Belle’s number one nemesis, Jan Spears). When Spears crashed the party wearing the bride’s dress, things turned sour fast. The good news is that she didn’t get away with what she had planned.

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3. Victor and Sharon, 2012 (Young and the Restless)

Sharon and Victor wed twice in 2012. Hard to believe, as their small “love affair” at that time was a hard pill for many fans to swallow. After all, the Moustache was like a father to Sharon for years! Both weddings were simply the worst. No one wanted to see Sharon and Victor together. No one wanted to see them get married once, let alone twice. In fact, many viewers were more than happy when that entire storyline passed.

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2. Victor and Nicole, 2002 (Days Of Our Lives)

The fact that Nicole was only marrying Victor for his money, and he was only marrying her for her youthful looks, shows that this wedding didn’t start on the right foot. When you add in the fact that someone was axed during the ceremony (Colin Murphy), and the event launched a criminal investigation, it’s clear that the Victor/Nicole wedding was nothing short of a fiasco. It was neat that it took place on New Year’s Eve, but everything went downhill after the bride and groom said their “I do’s”.

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1. Danny and Phyllis, 1997 (Young and the Restless)

Cricket and Danny were the super couple on Y&R in the 1990s. That’s why it was devastating when an obsessed fan, Phyllis Summers, drugged and slept with Romalotti in 1994 and broke the happy love-birds up. Their wedding that year made fans sad, even though he’d break up with her by 1996. This made their 1997 wedding far worse. Can lightning strike twice? Can someone attempt to make a massive mistake, again? Yes, and yes! Thankfully, he’d finally learn his lesson this time and leave her for good after he found out that little Danny wasn’t his.

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