All-Time Terrible Soap Opera Mothers

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Being a mother is probably one of the hardest jobs on the planet. You are a cook, a nurse, a chauffeur, a maid, and so much more. While in the land of daytime drama, there are many moms who are able to juggle those responsibilities, there are also many soap opera moms who simply lack the maternal instinct it takes to be a good mother. Below are all-time terrible soap opera mothers.

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8. Brooke Logan – The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke Logan isn’t a bad person, most of the time. However, her maternal instinct has never quite competed with serving her own self-interests. Besides working overtime to wreck marriages and have affairs – which isn’t exactly role model material – Brooke had an affair with her daughter Bridget’s husband. Despite the chaos that caused, she would also sleep with her other daughter Hope’s boyfriend, Oliver – who was a teen at the time. Some patterns don’t lie!

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7. Kate Roberts – Days of Our Lives

Kate isn’t the worst mother on this list, but this doesn’t mean she can be considered a good mom. She’s constantly meddled in the love lives of both Lucas and Phillip, and has cost them the love of their lives on more than one occasion. Kate also snatched Countess Wilhelmina right out from under the rug of her daughter, Billy. Not only is she a bad mother, but she’s been a less than stellar grandmother, too. She’s constantly taking aim at Sami Brady, the mother of her grandson Will. While Kate has done some terrible things in the past, she claims to have done them in the name of the love she has for her family. It’s a twisted idea, but when push comes to shove, she is always there for her family.

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6. Sharon Newman – Young and the Restless

Nobody can hold Sharon’s mental illness against her, because that certainly isn’t her fault. Still, the fact remains that no one has suffered more from her “episodes” than her children. There are also times she hasn’t been the best role model mother, even when she’s been fully sane. Let’s take a look, shall we? Firstly, marrying her children’s uncle was bad, and marrying their grandfather was even worse. Falling in love with Adam after she knew he had kidnapped Faith may be even less forgivable. Trying to ruin Newman Enterprises, along with her children’s family legacy, or being a kleptomaniac and switching a paternity test are just a few more instances. We are pretty sure Sharon will not be named Mother of the Year anytime soon.

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5. Ava Jerome – General Hospital

At the end of the day, Ava does love both her daughters, but she is consistently motivated by her own best interests. She lied to her daughter Kiki about her real dad being deceased, and then made her think that Franco was her father. (It was later revealed that Silas Clay was truly Kiki’s dad.) She also had an affair with Kiki’s boyfriend Morgan — not once, but twice. There was also a while there when she wasn’t sure who the father of baby Avery was: Morgan, or his father, Sonny. Aside from being a horrible parent, Ava is not really a great person. She’s notched up countless affairs to her name, been associated with murder, framing others for crimes (including murder), and operating an online gambling site that lured in teens (including Morgan Corinthos). These facts were made all the more disturbing after she won custody of baby Avery!

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4. Eve Donovan – Days of Our Lives

In her ongoing pursuit to one-up a fairly great daytime mom, Jennifer Horton, Eve Donovan went on a terrible journey that only ended up hurting her daughter in the long-run. In order to try and break up the relationship Paige had with JJ Deveraux (Jennifer’s son), Eve paid someone to make JJ look like a cheater. When that plan failed, she ended up taking things into her own hands and had an affair with him herself. She intentionally inflicted hurt on her own daughter and thus landed herself in the third slot of this list.

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3. Daisy Carter – Young and the Restless

Daisy didn’t have the greatest influence when it came to moms, since psychopath Sheila Carter was her mother. Therefore, it is no surprise that Daisy is (and was) such a terrible mom. With a long sheet of crimes to her name before becoming a mother — including murder, arson, and kidnapping — Daisy didn’t feel the need to change her ways after having sweet daughter, Lucy. First and foremost, she conceived the child by drugging up Daniel Romalotti and assaulting him. She then left her newly born infant on the doorsteps of a church after she physically assaulted Daniel because he refused to run off with her. Thankfully, Lucy is now in the care of Daniel, because let’s face it, nothing good would have come from a life being raised by Daisy Carter.

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2. Sheila Carter – The Bold and the Beautiful

Like mother, like daughter! As bad as Daisy Carter has been to her offspring, there’s little use comparing her to the original Carter. Sheila’s record of deception, kidnapping and murder extends decades and spans from the midwest (Y&R’s Genoa City) to Los Angeles. And it looks like time hasn’t mellowed the career criminal. When she resurfaced in 2021 to meet her biological son, Finn, her obsession with being part of his life led her to gun down both he and his wife, Steffy. How many mothers on this list have shot their offspring?

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1. Helena Cassadine – General Hospital

Not only does Helena land at the top of this list, she could easily top any list of terrible grandmothers, mother-in-laws, or aunts as well. Helena killed Alexis’ mom in front of her, froze her son Stavros, and emotionally abused her other son, Stefan. She also tortured her grandson Nikolas, had his wife assaulted and son kidnapped. Keep in mind, we’re only naming the things she has done to people she loved so far! You can add murder, kidnapping, and many more crimes against her enemies within Port Charles. While she would top any criminal list, her black heart also means that she tops the terrible soap opera moms list.

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