Soap Opera’s 10 Most Iconic Moments

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Every soap opera fan has their favorites, whether its a show, couple or character. They also have favorite moments of daytime drama past and boy, there are plenty of memories and storylines to choose from! There are so many scenes that are forever etched in the minds of any avid soap fan — here’s a look at 10 of the most iconic moments in soap opera history.

10. Days’ Marlena Has The Devil Inside

Whether you watch Days of Our Lives (DOOL) or not, fans and non-fans alike are aware of that time when Marlena was possessed by the Devil. In the early 1990s, DOOL fans will remember creepy images of Marlena’s haunting green eyes, levitating from her bed, and that crazy voice! Her better half, John Black, was able to rid her of her demons (literally) thanks to some past experiences as a priest. It’s safe to say this storyline is forever etched in our memories as one of the most iconic moments in soap history.

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9. GH’s Bobbie And Tony Lose A Child

Who could ever forget the devastating moment in 1994 when Bobbie and Tony lost their little girl, B.J. on General Hospital (GH). She was a victim of a bus accident and her heart was given to save Felicia’s daughter (B.J.’s cousin), a then-young Maxie Jones. The story was heart-wrenching and offered some insight on every parent’s worst nightmare: sending their child to school and them not coming back alive.

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8. Y&R’s Victor Gets A New Heart

Back in 2009, Victor was involved in a little feud with strong-willed Colleen Carlton, his goddaughter. As luck would have it, on the same day that he suffered a heart attack and needed a transplant, Colleen was rushed to the hospital after being kidnapped by the insane Patty Williams. Colleen drowned in a lake as she tried to escape Williams and arrived at the hospital brain dead. Despite the fact that Victor had been at the helm of many tragedies her family suffered, Colleen’s mom Traci granted her daughter’s heart to Victor in order to save his life. You’d think a new heart from a loving person would’ve changed Victor’s ways, but it did not.



7. DOOL’s First Super Couple Tie The Knot

When Days’ Doug and Julie hooked up back in the 1970s, it was an affair to remember! Dubbed the first super couple of the soap opera world, they hit the cover of Time Magazine in 1976 and the world took notice of daytime dramas. Then came their lavish wedding in and around that time and all of Salem’s ‘who’s who’ attended the big nuptials. It was a huge event, so much so, that about 16 million people tuned in to watch Doug and Julie say ‘I do.’

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6. GH’s Spencers Versus Cassadines

To this very day, the Spencers and Cassadines still do not get along. Their rivalry has trickled down to the second generation of both families, but what ignited it all? Long-time GH fans can tell you it was about three decades ago, when Luke Spencer battled against Mikkos Cassadine to stop him from freezing the world and taking it over. Mikkos died and the plot was extinguished, but that very day a family feud erupted. Helena, Mikkos wife, would pay a visit to Luke and Laura on their wedding day and lay a curse on them. Needless to say, the two families have not gotten along since.

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5. Y&R’s Victor And Nikki Get Married (For The First Time)

Ah, Victor and Nikki! They get together, break up, make up, only to break up again! The two have been going around in circles since they first hooked up in the early 1980s, and while they are currently squabbling now, Y&R fans fully expect these two to be back together in no time. Their 1984 wedding, the first of many, was a lavish event, with all of Genoa City’s high-profile players invited. Victor had less gray back then, Nikki’s hair was bigger than ever, and the affair was an iconic moment for the soap.



4. DOOL’s New Salem

Who could ever forget the Melaswen Island storyline? In an attempt to increase the ratings about a decade and a half ago, DOOL came up with a storyline where most of their established characters died. A serial killer was running rapid in the town and no one was safe. Alas, who was at the helm of it all? At first, it seemed like Marlena, then the plot revealed that those Salem residents that were killed were not dead, but living on an island and the DiMeras were behind it the entire time! Go figure!



3. Y&R’s Jack Versus The Moustache Rivalry Born

Victor and Jack’s rivalry has been incredible to watch over the years. It’s been one where each participant has played a despicable role in the ongoing effort to seek revenge, but what started it all? Jabot and Newman Enterprises were always battling it out in the business world, but it got really personal between these two men when Jack married Victor’s soul mate, Nikki. Sadly, while Nikki and Jack did make a good couple, her heart always belonged to Victor. It was even more sad when they struggled to have a baby. Two miscarriages later, their third pregnancy resulted in pre-term labor and the infant died shortly after his birth. What caused Nikki to head to the hospital so early? She fell down the stairs after an argument with Victor. Jack has never fully forgiven Victor for his role in all of this.

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2. DOOL’s Carly Buried Alive

Days’ is known for its crazy storylines and this little gem from the 1990s is a highly memorable one. Vivian Alamain detested Carly Manning and sought revenge of the highest form: burying the woman alive and sticking a transmitter radio so she could hear her the final moments as she died a horrifying death. It was a terrifying thing to watch as a fan, especially those who are claustrophobic. Alas, the plan was foiled and another iconic moment would be revealed years later when Vivian tried to do the same thing to Maggie Horton, but ended up locking herself in a sarcophagus. Revenge is sometimes better served cold.

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1. GH’s Luke and Laura’s Wedding

Thirty million people tuned in to watch this iconic moment and to this day it is still the most-watched American soap opera episode in history. How can Luke and Laura’s wedding not hit number one on this list? While DOOL’s Doug and Julie were the first official super couple of the soap opera world, GH’s Luke and Laura really made it a thing and placed a huge spotlight on daytime dramas. In fact, Luke and Laura’s wedding would continue to have people talking in 1996, when it landed number 35 on TV Guide’s 100 Most Memorable Moments on TV. It’s been over three decades since this event happened and people are still talking about it!

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