Iconic Soap Opera Weddings

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In the land of soaps, most weddings don’t unfold without a little drama. Despite this, some incredible ceremonies have taken place over the years. When super couples are ready to say “I do”, their fans are ready for a romantic, fun-filled event with pomp and circumstance, flowers, and beautiful wedding attire. Below are some of the best soap opera weddings.

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13. Sonny and Carly (General Hospital)

As these two have walked down the aisle a total of four times, there are plenty of “best weddings” to choose from when it comes to CarSon. However, most fans can agree that Carly and Sonny were toxic in their younger years. As they matured, their love evolved into something far healthier. Their last wedding in 2015 proved that nothing could keep these two apart, and their vows revealed how much they’ve learned about their relationship.

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12. Jack and Jennifer (Days of Our Lives)

Jack and Jennifer started as an unlikely pairing but transformed into one of the top soap opera super couples in history. Their chemistry onscreen has always been magical, and her girl-next-door personality meshes perfectly with Jack’s unpredictability and quirkiness. They’ve always been a kooky couple, which is why the “Wild West” theme for their 1991 wedding made sense. It was also highly entertaining to watch. A perfect mix of romance with the unexpected, which sums up J&J to a tee.

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11. Nick and Sharon (Young and the Restless)

There’s nothing more romantic than marrying your high school sweetheart, right? Add in the fact that Nick was a richy-rich Newman on the right side of the Genoa City tracks, while Sharon lived a modest life on the other side of town. Not to mention that mamma Nikki didn’t approve. They were a match made in heaven! Their 1996 wedding was picturesque. She looked stunning in her long flow-y gown, while Newman looked dapper in his tux. Interestingly enough, the two have had three weddings (all in all), but their 1996 ceremony was the only one that wasn’t stopped!

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10. Nathan and Maxie (General Hospital)

Will anyone love Maxie Jones the way Nathan West did? It was a highly anticipated wedding that eventually took place in early 2017. They were married at the Metro Court Hotel, with friends and family happily supporting the super couple. Dante was the best man, and of course, Lulu was Jones’s matron of honor. Sadly, things turned sour about a year later when Nathan passed away. Things have never been the same for Maxie since!

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9. Doug and Julie (Days of Our Lives)

Before there was Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, or Ciara and Ben, there was Doug and Julie. The Salem super couple not only paved the way for romance on Days, but also every other daytime soap opera. They’ve also been married quite a few times, but their 1976 nuptials was the best-of-the-best. While they’ve had their ups and downs over the years, their love has endured and weathered many different seasons.

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8. Cane and Lily (Young and the Restless)

Cane and Lily had a pretty solid run, in terms of soap opera relationships especially considering the obstacles that were placed in their way. From the age gap to others meddling in their romance, plus Cane’s lies, they managed to stick together through thick and think. When Cane and Lily decided to get married, they skipped the traditional little town wedding and jetted off to Paris in 2009 to get hitched instead.

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7. Eli and Lani (Days of Our Lives)

While they don’t have as many years under their belt as some on this list, Eli and Lani have had their fair share of struggles. Despite this, they remain one of the most beautiful and popular super couples in the land of Salem. Plus, their 2020 wedding was beyond memorable. Four couples were set to get married in Salem that July, and out of these, Eli and Lani’s nuptials were by far the most romantic. Plus, they ended up saying their vows (unlike Justin and Kayla); there were no explosions where people went missing (unlike Ciara and Ben’s); and they are still together (sorry, Eric and Nicole fans).

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6. Dante and Lulu (General Hospital)

Dante and Lulu had a magical romance, regardless of the recasting and character exits that occurred during their relationship. The two got hitched in December 2011. The bride wore a simple dress and no veil, while the groom sported a suit and tie. They were both stunning, and it was the perfect start to a not-so-perfect marriage. Despite the ups and downs, they still stand as one of the greatest GH super couples in history.

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5. Bo and Hope (Days of Our Lives)

Much like other super couples on this list, Bo and Hope had more than one wedding. There’s nothing like the first time for anything, so their ceremony in England, circa 1985, hits this list. Hope’s headpiece might seem like a little “too much” by today’s standards, but this was the ‘80s, and it was all the rage back then. Plus, those vows! Daytime romance was at its peak, and while they were a bit sappy, it melted viewers’ hearts everywhere!

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4. Victor and Nikki (Young and the Restless)

Victor and Nikki’s relationship cycle goes a little something like this: they fall in love, the Moustache crosses a line, Nikki digs in her heels, they break up, only for Nikki to run back to Victor! Their first wedding in the ‘80s was fun and a huge affair; however, their 2013 wedding was something to remember. Even though these grandparents have done this more than a few times over the years, they never looked more incredible!

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3. Steve and Kayla (Days of Our Lives)

Nothing’s more romantic than saying “I do” in front of friends and family on a yacht! Add in those yellow roses in Kayla’s bouquet (her favorite flower, of course), and there’s no doubt that Patch and his Sweetness would make this “best weddings” list. It was the summer of 1988, and DOOL fans couldn’t wait to see these two finally become husband and wife. The soap opera did not disappoint one bit! The ceremony was filled with emotion, especially since Kay couldn’t speak beforehand and was able to say her vows. It was a magical daytime drama moment!

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2. Neil and Drucilla (Young and the Restless)

No wonder Lily got married in Paris! Her parents set a bar so high that she had to try and hit it. Dru and Neil were one of the most popular super couples to ever hit Genoa City. When Drucilla returned to the little town, it was only a matter of time before she would re-ignite her romance with Neil. In 2003, the two decided on a traditional wedding in Japan. Add in Star Trek legend George Takei performing the ceremony, and these nuptials equal out to soap opera wedding “gold”.

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1. Luke and Laura (General Hospital) 

Is anyone surprised by this, really? The wedding of Luke and Laura still stands as the most-watched American soap opera episode in history. While Days Doug and Julie “paved the way” for super couples in daytime drama, Luke and Laura created a standard when it came to onscreen romance and magic. The big event occurred on November 17, 1981, with 30 million fans watching from the edges of their seats!

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