Outstanding Soap Opera Fathers

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They wipe away their children’s tears when they are sad, kiss boo-boos to make the pain go away and, at times, meddle a little too much in their kids’ lives. But it’s always out of love, right? There are some toxic dads in the land of daytime drama, but there are also some really great ones! Today, Fame10 looks at some of the outstanding soap opera fathers in recent history.

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13. Kyle Abbott — Y&R

Kyle might be fairly new to this fatherhood thing, but he’s adapted quite quickly to it all. He’s affectionate with little Harrison and considerate of the boy’s feelings. On top of that, he carves out as much time as possible to be with Harrison, and changed his entire life’s focus to ensure that his son remains front and center (right next to Summer, of course).

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12. Valentin Cassadine — GH

Valentin’s always walked a fine line between good and evil, but one thing that has never wavered is his love for Charlotte. Even during his most dastardly days, almost everyone in Port Charles could agree that Valentin was an incredible father to his daughter and always put her first in his life.

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11. Will and Sonny — DOOL

How lucky is Ari? She doesn’t only have one dad, but two! Will and Sonny are not only good role models for the young girl, but they remain very committed to her upbringing. While Gabi’s been a bit flakey at times, “WilSon” has been a constant in their daughter’s life. Props to Sonny, who isn’t her biological father, but loves and takes care of her as though he is.

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10. Mac Scorpio — GH

Much like DOOL‘s Sonny, GH‘s Mac wasn’t the bio father of Maxie, Georgie or Robin, but he raised those girls like his own. It’s interesting to note that Scorpio was Robin’s uncle, but he really had no bloodline connection to the Jones girls other than loving their mother. Despite the fact that Felicia ran off to be with Frisco at one point, he never stopped loving and taking care of the young ladies. If that doesn’t qualify Mac as a top dad on this list, what does?

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9. Devon Hamilton — Y&R

When Devon signed up to become Chance and Abby’s sperm donor, he probably never imagined how it would all turn out. Nevertheless, he truly stepped up to the plate. While the storyline in which he requested “rights” to Dominic (after signing off his rights in a prior contract) was contentious amongst viewers, one thing all fans could agree on was the love Hamilton had for the little boy. And that special connection they shared at the time continues to grow.

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8. Bo Brady — DOOL

Bo Brady encompasses everything that a hero is in the land of soaps. He’s charming, handsome, an amazing husband and an overall incredible dad! Whether he was fighting to protect his children while alive or watching over them (and their own kids) in the afterlife, Bo is one of the best-of-the-best fathers daytime television has ever seen.

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7. John Abbott — Y&R

Speaking of the afterlife, John Abbott remained a consistent character on screen for his children, even after his untimely passing in 2006. Whenever his kids needed him most, he was there. But what many fans forget is that year over year, Abbott raised three rambunctious kids as a single dad. John was a true inspiration for what a father should be: strong, smart and hardworking, but also compassionate, supportive and loving.

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6. Abe Carver — DOOL

Abe’s just an all-around nice guy. He has a great heart, which softens up that much more when it comes to his kids and grandkids — even if those “kids and grandkids” aren’t biologically his. In particular, the bond he established with Lani was an incredible watch. They continue to remain close, even though they aren’t blood-related.

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5. Hamilton Finn — GH

How cute are the scenes between Dr. Hamilton Finn and little Violet? Fatherhood was clearly something very new to the good doctor, who spent most of his life as a single pringle. But he worked overtime to make up for lost time with his daughter and give her the best life possible. He may not have understood princess tea parties and make-overs initially, but he dove in head-first. And now, he’s mastered being a “girl dad”.

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4. John Black — DOOL

John not only committed his life to his own children (Brady and Belle), but also spent years raising Roman’s kids (Carrie, Sami and Eric) when he thought he was Roman! To boot, there were years when he was a single dad to these children, as Marlena and Anna were missing. Even though there’s no blood relation, a close bond still exists between Roman’s children and John, even if Sami doesn’t want to admit it!

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3. Nick Newman — Y&R

Who knew Victor Newman’s son would end up being the complete opposite of his father when it came to daddy duties?! Nick is supportive, loving, a great listener and communicator, and always present whenever his kids need him. One thing he and the Moustache do share is a love of family and their children, but Nick proves daily why he’s one of the best dads in Genoa City. Simply put, he doesn’t try to control the lives of his kids.

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2. Neil Winters — Y&R

Another incredible dad of the past was Neil Winters. Much like Nick, he was always there for his kids in a gentle and loving way. While he may not have always agreed with Lily and Devon’s choices, he always supported them when push came to shove. In fact, the loving nature of his children, including Moses, is a testimony to Neil’s gentle yet effective “positive parenting” ways.

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1. Tom Horton — DOOL

If there was a father, grandfather and great-grandfather of the year award, Tom Horton would always win, hands down. As the patriarch of the Horton family, he was always there for his children and grandchildren to offer advice, a hug, a smile, or one of Alice’s donuts. While he passed away in 1994, he continues to be remembered on the show because of the tremendous impact he made.

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