Heroic Soap Opera Moments

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in the land of daytime drama. Their sacrifices can save lives, stop impending chaos, or help ease someone else’s pain. They go beyond what’s expected for love; at times it’s for family, or simply to ensure that “evil” doesn’t win in the end. Today, Fame 10 takes a look at some of the heroic soap opera moments in recent history.

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13. Tripp Asks The Devil To Choose Him — DOOL

Tripp is a great guy, who continues to prove what an incredible “catch” he is. In fact, his recent act of heroism blew Salemites and Days fans away. While his ex-girlfriend Allie was possessed by the Devil, Tripp jumped in and asked Satan to get out of her body and into his. Once Satan stupidly did so, Mr. Johnson internally overtook the evil spirit and leaped out of a window to rid Allie and the rest of the little town of this demonic pain in the butt. In the end, not only did Tripp risk his life, but also his eternal life; all for a woman he cared for, but knew he was never going to reunite with. While things seemed scary for a little while, all’s well that ends well, and Tripp ended up driving the Devil out of Salem and living to tell his heroic tale.

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12. Adam Is Faith’s HeroY&R

Yes, Adam has done some terrible things in the past, but he has always had a soft spot for Faith. Whether he feels guilty for switching her at birth or allows his love for Sharon to extend to her daughter, he’s always gone above and beyond for the young Ms. Newman. He not only saved her life as a young child during a terrible storm but more recently when she was in a car accident. Adam brought her to the hospital (secretly, as he was running from the law and the Moustache) and gave her his kidney to save her. Despite all of this, the Newmans still have a very hard time trusting him. Will he ever fully gain his father’s acceptance?

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10. A Mother’s Sacrifice GH

Maxie may not be considered a hero to some, but the lengths she went to keep Bailey safe from her insane father, Peter August, were over the top. She gave the newborn baby to Brook Lynn to secretly raise as her own for months, losing out on all the precious moments and celebrations. When Peter finally figured out that BLQ 2.0 was actually his daughter Louise, Jones offered herself up as a hostage to keep her daughter safe. Maxie pretended to want a reunion with the psycho and tricked him long enough until Felicia and Anna brought August down.

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9. A Father’s Sacrifice DOOL

Speaking of heroic parents, Jack Deveraux pulled a major “hero moment” back in 2012. During an autism fundraiser event to honor the life of Lexie Carver, a major explosion occurred in Salem’s underground tunnels. Due to this, Abigail was trapped in an elevator at the banquet. Jack (with the help of Jenn) pried the elevator doors open and went in to rescue his daughter, but the cables were starting to break. Jack would push Abigail out of the elevator, just as the final cables broke. Everyone naturally assumed he had passed away but, like many in the little town, he would return to live another day.

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8. Ashland Saves Victoria Y&R

Ashland Locke was a creep, who did very little good in this world. His only redeeming qualities were being a stellar father to little Harrison and saving Victoria’s life. In early 2022, Vic got into a car accident with Rey. Sadly, Rosales passed away during the collision. However, if it had not been for Locke’s quick thinking and heroic efforts in rescuing Vicky from a flaming car, she’d be a goner, too.

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7. Robin’s Dilemma GH

In 2014, after being away from her family for two long years, Robin finally returned to Port Chuckles and was reunited with her hubby Patrick and daughter Emma. GH fans were over the moon that she was back, but sadly, the actress who played the legendary role, Kimberly McCullough, only had a five-month contract before she was on her way out again. A storyline was drafted up in which Victor Cassadine approached the doctor, informing her that her old friend and ex, Jason Morgan, was alive and desperately needed her help. Therefore, Robin left town again, heroically sacrificing her own happiness in an effort to save Jason. It was a contentious moment with fans at the time, but Mrs. Scorpio-Drake was selfless in her ways.

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6. Going Above And Beyond For Love DOOL

Remember when Salem went through a time jump? The year was 2020 (well, technically 2021 in the little town), when Ben was going to be executed for a murder he didn’t commit. Ciara worked overtime to clear his name, but she was also working against a ticking clock. Desperate times led to desperate actions, and Ciara ended up grabbing a gun, kidnapping the real killer (Evan Frears) while holding him at gunpoint. She proceeded to take him to the prison, forcing him to confess to officials before Ben’s lethal injection kicked in. She stopped everything just in time, and Ben was revived back to life. If that does scream “love”, what does?

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5. Victor Saves Nikki (& Phyllis) Y&R

Victor tends to call in his security team when it comes to his “dirty work” in Genoa City. However, in the case of saving Nikki while she was held hostage by crazy cult leader Ian Ward in 2016, the Moustache (literally) took matters into his own hands. First, he acted as a human shield by getting shot, while Ward tried to escape custody during a trial. Then, he showed up at the Abbott cabin where Ian was holding both Nikki and Phyllis hostage, ready to confront the lunatic face-to-face. Victor saved the day and has remained a hero in Nikki’s eyes ever since.

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4. Jason Rescues Carly From Ferncliff GH

Mental health facilities are generally safe spaces for those suffering from a variety of conditions. They are comfortable places, with staff who care about their patients and are committed to helping them. But not in the land of soap operas! In 2018, Carly pleaded temporary insanity when charged with assaulting Nelle, so she was sent to Ferncliff Asylum. There, she got tortured by her nurse and doctor and was about to undergo some sketchy treatments when Jason burst in the door holding a gun. Jason’s always been there for Carly over the years as a best friend and confidant, but that day, he truly proved to be a hero in her life.

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3. Lauren Overcomes All To Defeat Sheila Y&R

Lauren Fenmore and Sheila Carter have had an epic soap rivalry over the years. Back in 2006, Sheila underwent plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, Lauren’s bestie, in an attempt to get to Fenmore. She kidnapped the real Red in an act of vengeance, hoping to fool poor Lauren. Thankfully, Ms. Fenmore came to the rescue and while she struggled over which Phyllis to shoot, she finally got the right one, ending Carter’s reign of terror (for a while, at least). Is anyone going to tell Lauren that Sheila is still alive and causing chaos in L.A.?

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2. Bo Saves Hope From A Lifetime Of Boredom DOOL

Picture it: May 1984 in Salem. Hope is about to marry boring slime-ball lawyer Larry Welch, even though she’s in love with Bo. Mr. Brady thought their wedding was postponed but found out at the very last moment that it was going on as planned. He stole a car, punched a cop, grabbed the first motorcycle he saw, and headed to stop the wedding. Bo riding on that motorbike to kidnap Hope, while “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler is playing in the background, has to be one of the most iconic scenes in Days history. Okay, so her life wasn’t in danger, but with all the cheesy drama on hand, it sure felt like a major heroic moment.

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1. Brad Sacrifices His Own Life Y&R

Brad’s passing felt like a Greek tragedy. It was the winter of 2009, and a confused Sharon went up to the Abbott cabin to seek some alone time and think about what she wanted from her life. Brad followed her up there, but she sent him away. As he drove home, feeling defeated, a teenage Noah was ice skating on a frozen lake with his gal pal, Eden. Brad stopped the car as he heard screams and managed to save the young Newman boy. Unfortunately, he fell through the ice himself and drowned. Brad left Genoa City as a hero, having sacrificed his own life for Sharon’s son.

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