Unbeatable Soap Opera Friendships

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Love makes the world go round in daytime drama, but friendships and buddies are a close second. Sure, there’s nothing better than watching two people fall in love but many romances don’t last half as long as friendships! Whether it started off as lovers, foes or family, below are some unbeatable friendships in recent soap opera history!

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12. General Hospital’s Trina And Josslyn

These two may be the youngest on this list, but it feels like they’ve been besties for decades! Trina and Joss have had many ups and downs, and their bond has only grown along the way. The two are quite mature, despite their age, and the reason things don’t escalate when conflict arises is that they have great communication. Looks like these two are destined to become lifelong friends!

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11. Young and the Restless‘ Kyle And Mariah

At one point in time, it seemed as if these two might become a “thing”. With that said, when both of their storylines took dramatic swerves, Kyle and Mariah ended up becoming besties. Sure, he can be smug, arrogant and annoying at times, but she is certainly a friend who will not only support him through his toughest times, but also help bring his ego down a notch (when needed).

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10. Days of Our Lives‘ Lani And Kristen

Under extreme circumstances, Kristen and Lani turned to God and became nuns in Italy, running away from their troubles in Salem. During their time in the convent, they established a bond that remains strong. While Lani was able to straighten herself out, Kristen has sadly gone to extremes in the other direction. Will the soft spot in Lani’s heart for DiMera ever land her in hot water? So far, she’s slipped through any major repercussions for helping Kristen out of sticky situations. Who knows what could happen in the future, though?

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9. General Hospital’s Maxie And Lulu

Funny how these two started out as foes when they were teens! Over the years they’ve established an incredible bond and friendship; so much so, that even the actresses who play them Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Emme Rylan (Lulu) — are besties, too! While Lulu is currently in a coma, she isn’t far from Maxie’s heart. After all, Jones named her baby girl after her best friend, and the little one will forever honor the special relationship these two women share.

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8. Days of Our Lives‘ Nicole And Chloe

You know you have a good friend when she’s willing to give up nine months of her life to carry the baby you never thought was possible! Nicole and Chloe haven’t always been besties, but seeing them run Basic Black together, keeping each other’s secrets, and watching over each other’s children, makes Days fans everywhere smile. Daniel would be so proud of them!

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7. General Hospital’s Lucky, Nikolas, Emily And Elizabeth

These guys were like four peas in a pod at one point in time! As the Port Charles teen scene for their generation, they would branch off and enjoy relationships with each other. Still, the bond they had as a foursome lingered for years to come even after Emily passed away, and Lucky and Liz’s relationship went south.

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6. Young and the Restless‘ Jack And Lauren

These two had a fling years ago when they were younger; however, Lauren has not only become a close business colleague to Jack but a confidante as well. In fact, the two have developed a unique and special friendship as of late. Some fans raised an eyebrow or two when Abbott and Fenmore were seemingly getting too close for comfort in recent years. After all, Lauren is married! Thankfully, they kept things friendly and on the up-and-up, as their platonic bond continues to grow.

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5. Days of Our Lives‘ Jenn And Hope

These two aren’t only besties — they happen to be cousins, too. Hope and Jennifer have been there for each other through separations, romantic reunions, disappearances, family issues, career changes, and so much more. The fact that they remain such good friends through thick and thin proves the old (but wise) notion that blood is indeed thicker than water!

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4. General Hospital’s Robin And Sonny

While Robin and Sonny are an unlikely duo to wind up friends, they certainly have a uniquely platonic relationship in the land of Port Charles. How does the daughter of two super spies, who was raised by her police commissioner uncle, become close with the town’s biggest mob boss? Robin and Sonny bonded through Stone, and even though the young man passed away well over two decades ago, their friendship has only grown stronger over the years.

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3. Young and the Restless‘ Nikki And Katherine

Nikki and Katherine had a special and sweet friendship that could be compared to the relationship between a mother and daughter. Katherine was Nikki’s rock and role model over the years, not only helping her battle alcoholism but also assisting her during her ups and downs with Victor over the years.

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2. Days of Our Lives‘ Bo And Steve

While they were rivals back in the ‘80s Bo is the reason Steve dons a patch, let’s not forget the two pushed aside their hate-on and established a beautiful friendship as the years progressed. They went from foes to friends, BFFs, and even became family. Steve loved and believed in Bo so much that he left Salem in hot pursuit of his bestie when Brady went missing in 2015. Now that’s a real friend!

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1. General Hospital’s Carly And Jason

So, things got a little sticky between Carly and Jason in 2021 after they thought Sonny passed away, and decided to get married to save the Corinthos mob business. Sure, they professed their love for each other, a love they had apparently suppressed for years, but fans cannot forget the extraordinary platonic relationship they shared for decades. Jason was Carly’s rock, her therapist, bodyguard and confidant. He was an “uncle” to her kids, a protector, and an incredible friend. While Jason and Carly dabbled in romance for a couple of days leading up to their wedding, fans have to wonder if they truly unlocked buried feelings from years gone by, or if their friendship naturally evolved into something more. Until Jason returns, if he ever returns, that question will be a hard one to answer.

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