Nathan Scott’s 9 Best Quotes On One Tree Hill

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7. Season Eight, Episode One

Watching Nathan go from a cocky, self absorbed basketball player to an extremely caring husband and then father is one of the major reasons he became many One Tree Hill fan’s favorite character. Needless to say, Nathan and Haley are amazing parents who handle every situation together, and of course, it was Nathan faced by the dreaded “where do babies come from?” question by his son Jamie when Haley gets pregnant with their second child. Later, when Nathan explained it to Haley, it was hilarious and one of Nathan’s best and funniest parenting moments.

 Nathan: “He caught me totally off guard. He was like a ninja. Like a three foot tall, where do babies come from ninja.”

Haley: “Where did you leave it?”

Nathan: “Kind of uncomfortable and confused. And that was just me. I just started babbling about the birds and the bees, and he was just sitting there looking at me like, ‘My dad was totally my hero until this very moment when I realized he’s actually a complete ass.'”


6. Season One, Episode Eight

A lot of Nathan’s best moments of course have to do with Haley and all fans can admit their hearts pretty much melted with Nathan’s unbelievably romantic declaration to Haley. Nathan disappointed Haley (and fans) when it seemed he hadn’t really changed and wouldn’t admit to his basketball friends that he was on a date with her. But for him to admit that he wants to change and wants to change for her was a huge moment for Nathan’s character and of course one of the moments that began the Naley saga.

Nathan: “All right, I screw up a lot, all right… and being around you I just I don’t wanna be that guy any more.”

Haley: ‘Well, who do you wanna be Nathan?”

Nathan: “I wanna be somebody who’s good enough to be seen with you.”