General Hospital’s 8 Worst Characters Of All Time

The land of Port Charles has spun some pretty unique characters during its 50 plus tenure. Super couple Luke and Laura shed a mainstream spotlight on soap opera romance. Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane have super spied over the years and saved the world more than once. But there are also those who are better known for being not-so-iconic characters over the years. Here’s a list of the eight worst General Hospital (GH) characters of all time.

8. Kiki Jerome

When Kiki Jerome first arrived Port Charles in 2013, the character was played by Kristen Alderson. Back then Kiki was vibrant, exciting, and a little eccentric. Since Haley Erin took over the role in early 2015, the character has lost considerable momentum. Kiki currently lacks passion, excitement, or any real substance. Although her romance with Dillon Quartermaine has sparked something good in the character’s life, it still feels as though Kiki is living the life of a teenager, versus a 20 something adult.


7. Brad Cooper

Brad Cooper is one of those characters who has flip-flopped between good and evil far too many times to be taken seriously. In 2013 when he first entered the GH, he played sidekick to Britt Westbourne and helped her with multiple scheming plots. It was clear that Cooper simply lacked any real self-confidence to stand up to Westbourne, but this just worsened his character development in the long run. His love triangle with Felix Dubois and Lucas Jones was interesting, but his current arc around blackmailing Dr. Hamilton Finn was an epic fail at making him interesting to GH viewers. Solid villains go all the way, and Cooper seems to always sit on the fence.


6. Kristina Davis

With parents like Sonny Corinthos and Alexa Davis, you’d think their offspring would be a warrior princess out to seek justice on the terrible mobsters that have done her father wrong. Sadly, the opposite is true. At the end of the day, Kristina is a spoiled brat, who constantly complains, and always gets her way when daddy saves the day … in one way or another. She also lives in the shadow of her more interesting younger sister, Molly.


5. Tony Jones

From about 1984 to 1996, Tony Jones was a staple on GH. He dabbled in romance, was a respected doctor at the hospital, and thanks to his brother Frisco, had many roots in Port Charles. However, after an affair with Carly Corinthos ended poorly, things went downhill and fast for Tony. He literally lost his mind, which was a hard watch for fans of his over the years. He did recuperate, but the character was never really the same.

4. Rebecca Shaw

When fan favorite Emily Quartermaine passed away in 2007, fans mourned. Perhaps producers realized their fumble around axing this incredible character when Rebecca Shaw, Emily’s unknown twin sister, showed up on the Port Charles scene in early 2009. Rebecca was nowhere near to being on Emily’s level and just didn’t connect with storylines or audiences. Shaw arrived on GH in January of that year, and was out by December.

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3. Matthew Hunter

Matthew Hunter entered the GH scene in 2008. Played by Jason Cook (ex-Shawn-Douglas Brady from Days of Our Lives), one can’t help but wonder if the idea was to rekindle the romantic onscreen chemistry between him and Kristen Storms (Maxie Jones and ex-Belle Black from Days). Alas, it just didn’t work. Matt was a one-dimensional character and the spark between he and Maxie certainly did not mirror the magic that Belle and Shawn shared. Hunter would enjoy a four-year stint on GH, but in 2012, he was shipped off to jail for murdering Lisa Niles. Maxie would move on to a super couple romance with Spinelli.


2. Levi Dunkleman

GH is known for creating some eccentric and iconic characters. Luke Spencer is one, Damien Spinelli is another, and villain Cesar Faison could also be included in this category. One such role that didn’t work was Levi Dunkleman. Maxie Jones would meet and fall in love with Levi during a spiritual journey around the world. Levi was incredibly flaky and his Zen-like personality didn’t fly in Port Charles, nor was it believable. Perhaps producers thought the same thing, as Dunkleman got the axe (literally) mere months after joining GH.

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1. Melissa Bedford

Does the name sound familiar? Might not, since Bedford only resided in Port Charles for about a year in 2001. Played by soap opera veteran Jensen Buchanan, Melissa came to town in search for an old boyfriend in Roy DiLucca and entered the hospital scene as a nurse. The character had very little roots on the show, and didn’t seem to truly connect with the audience. Bedford would be shipped off the show in a storyline that revealed she had killed some patients in her past a nurse.

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