General Hospital: Carly Corinthos’ 8 Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

For over two decades now Carly Corinthos has ruled over Port Charles. Initially labelled as a bad girl, she has evolved while on General Hospital (GH). She’s been through a roller coaster emotionally, devised many a scheme in her day, and dabbled in quite a few romances. Here’s a definitive ranking of Carly’s eight love interests over the years!

8. A.J Quartermaine

They didn’t have a bona fide relationship, but these two had a couple of romps in the bedroom. The first one occurred in 1997 and resulted in a pregnancy (their son Michael) and the second happened years later, shortly after A.J.’s return from the dead in and around 2013. These two were even once married, but for all the wrong reasons. Carly and A.J. detested each other, but for one reason or another there was a clear attraction. It’s important to note that both times they engaged in one-night stands when alcohol was involved.

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7. Tony Jones

Another disaster of a relationship was the one Carly had with Tony Jones, which makes it no surprise it’s at the bottom of this list. Carly only seduced Tony to lure him away from bio-mom Bobbie Spencer and it was all part of a plan to seek revenge on her for giving Carly away as a baby. Once Tony learned that Carly was not all she pretended to be, the couple crumbled fast.

6. Patrick Drake

Interestingly enough, Patrick Drake hits this list at number 6. The two didn’t have an epic love affair, but they did date and were linked to each other when Drake first rolled into Port Charles. Both being smart, good-looking, and charming, the twosome had a little spark. But, it was not enough to sustain super couple status or anything. In fact, Patrick merely engaged in the romance to make Robin jealous — and it worked!


5. Franco Baldwin

Speaking of chemistry, while these two did have a solid relationship, Franco and Carly lacked this one little thing that can help any struggling couple. She was initially smitten with the artist when it turned out he wasn’t evil like everyone thought, but in the end, these two broke up. Carly and Sonny ended up having an affair while she was still with Franco, and it tore their relationship apart.

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4. Lorenzo Alcazar

Alcazar was enemy number one to Sonny at one point in time. He initially kidnapped Carly to use her as a pawn, but then ended up falling in love with her. Carly’s head eventually did turn Lorenzo’s way, but it was all due to a coma she suffered and some dreams she had about Alcazar. The two married briefly in 2005, but when Carly ended up breaking it off with him, she headed straight back to Sonny.

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3. Johnny Zacchara

A little flirtation turned into a lot more when Carly linked up with Johnny. The relationship was more of a fling, and a fun one at that for both parties. The two fell in lust shortly after one of her many break ups with Jax. While it was just fun between the sheets for these two, the couple did end up making it official in Port Charles at one point. Alas, Johnny and Carly did break up, as Zacchara cheated on her with Kate/Connie.

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2. Jasper “Jax” Jacks

Jax hits number two on this list as these two made an incredible team together at one point in time. They were married for about six years in the mid-2000s, which is a feat in itself for soap opera standards, and even had a daughter together, Josslyn. They were on-and-off for years, and Jax’s brother Jerry as well as Carly’s soft heart for Sonny was ultimately the reason behind why these two lovebirds simply could not make it work.

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1. Sonny Corinthos

No surprise that Sonny hits number one on this list. In fact, the reason why many of Carly’s other relationships didn’t work out was because of … well, Sonny! Despite some toxicity between these two over the years, it is undeniable: they belong together. While the couple has endured a roller coaster of a ride during their romance, married and divorced countless times, they always seem to find their way back to each other. Despite the mob drama, affairs, lies, and schemes – these two love each other and no one has been able to sweep Carly off her feet quite like mob boss Sonny Corinthos.

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