General Hospital’s 7 Worst Love Triangles

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5. Kiki, Morgan, and Dillon

Maybe it was the lack of chemistry Kiki Jerome had with both Morgan Corinthos and Dillon Quartermaine, but this love triangle was lame from the get-go. There was the pull Kiki had around deciding if she should give up on Morgan and his mental health issues to pursue something new and exciting Dillon. However, that angle was weak at best. When Morgan died, she ended up shacking up with Dillon after all. Not sure how he felt about being who she turned to when Morgan was no longer available.

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4. Patrick, Britt, and Sabrina

Remember that movie She’s All That? It sadly replayed on GH in the form of the love triangle between Patrick Drake, Britt Westbourne, and Sabrina Santiago. Sabrina was a geeky new nurse who had a desperate crush on playboy doctor Patrick. However, Patrick was involved in a shallow relationship with the manipulative Britt. Everyone could see that Britt was no good and that Sabrina was better suited for Drake. After taking off those glasses at one point and plastering on some makeup, Sabrina was instantly transformed into a beauty goddess. Didn’t take long after that for Patrick to see the light, but the storyline was so cheesy from the beginning.

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