General Hospital’s 7 Best Love Triangles

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5. Anna, Robert, and Duke

In the late 1980s, Port Charles was all about the mob scene and super spying! Nothing has really changed over the years except for the dynamics between Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio, and Duke Lavery. When Anna fell in love with Duke way back in the day, Robert was worried about Lavery’s involvement with the mob and saw Anna in a romantic light. Anna was quite smitten with Duke and despite her strong relationship with her baby’s daddy, she ended up choosing Lavery in the end.

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4. Felicia, Frisco, and Mac

Super couple Frisco and Felicia seemed to have a pretty interesting recipe for love. They would come together; Frisco would take off on a spy mission; Felicia would get over him and find a new love; Frisco would return; Felicia would go running back to him! Therefore, this love triangle between Felicia, Frisco, and Mac has been an ongoing saga throughout the years. The good news is that in 2013 it officially ended when Felicia put her foot down and let Frisco know she was tired of his antics. She chose Mac and the two are seemingly living their happily ever after. If that is even possible for a soap opera couple.

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