Bold And The Beautiful Characters We Wish Never Left

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The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of engaging and likeable characters since it first aired 33 years ago. Fans wish many of them had stuck around. Good guys like Nick and Thorne and even criminals like Reese either faded into oblivion or just disappeared from the canvas altogether. Below are B&B characters whom we wish never left.

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12. Maya Avant

Maya was placed on the B&B backburner in May 2019, a few months after she announced that she and Rick had broken up. She had been an integral part of a ground-breaking storyline in which it was revealed that the character was transgender. In 2022, actress Karla Mosley revealed that she would not reprise the role, if asked, so if Maya ever returns, she’ll have to be recast.

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11. Rick Forrester

The son of Eric and Brooke, Rick is a legacy character who was sent to Forrester International in Paris in 2018 and hasn’t been seen since. During his time on B&B, Rick was a constant thorn in Ridge’s side and even challenged him for the coveted Forrester CEO job (eventually winning it). Viewers still have no idea why he and his wife Maya broke up and wish he’d never left.

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10. Dr. Reese Buckingham

Even though Dr. Reese Buckingham was at the center of the painful baby-swap storyline that put Hope and Liam through so much pain, the character still had a lot going for him. Sure, he was a shady guy, but he was played to perfection by Wayne Brady. From his gambling issues to his interesting family (including Zoe, Paris and Grace), there’s more than one reason to wish Reese was still on B&B.

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9. Thorne Forrester

Thorne was a well-liked character with fans, even though it seems he wasn’t popular with producers. When the role was recast in 2018, fans had high hopes that Thorne would become an integral part of several storylines. But instead, he was thrown into a rushed marriage with Katie. Then Thorne dumped her and returned to Paris only a few months later.

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8. Jack Finnegan

Jack Finnegan arrived on the B&B canvas shortly before his son, Finn, married Steffy. Viewers kept waiting for more to be revealed about the character, and when they finally got a morsel (that he had slept with Sheila decades earlier and pretended that Finn was adopted), they only wanted more. Nothing else about Jack’s life was ever mentioned — including what he does for a living, which seems like a strange omission. He took off after Finn had recovered from being shot, and hasn’t been heard from since.

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7. Pamela Douglas

Pam Douglas hasn’t been seen on B&B with regularity since November 2019. Fans miss her lemon bars, her quirky wit, and her back-and-forth banter with boyfriend Charlie. She also liked to take Quinn down a peg or two every chance she got. Although Pam hasn’t always been Brooke’s biggest fan, she would definitely be on Team Brooke if she returned to the canvas. Maybe she and Charlie would team up to take down Quinn and Shauna.

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6. Nick Marone

Sea captain Nick first appeared on B&B in 2003 after a shipwreck, and he just happened to be Ridge’s half brother. Brooke immediately caught his eye and he pursued her, only to be heartbroken when she ultimately chose Ridge over him. Then he became interested in Brooke’s daughter Bridget and they married and split up several times. When Nick finally departed the sudser in 2012, fans wished he’d never left.

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5. Bridget Forrester

Bridget has been on and off the B&B canvas since 2011. She still shows up for weddings and occasionally at Christmastime. The last time she appeared on the sudser, in 2022, she was only there in a professional capacity to help Steffy after she’d been shot by Sheila. Fans were hoping she’d stick around permanently, and actress Ashley Jones feels the same way!

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4. Zoe Buckingham

Zoe Buckingham is an intelligent, crafty and morally dubious woman who had romances with Thomas and Carter. In fact, she got very close to marrying both of them on separate occasions. Alas, she had a bit of a wandering eye, not to mention a stalker-ish quality when it came to men. So it was all the more underwhelming when she learned that Carter was sleeping with Quinn, and did… nothing? She boarded a plane and left town, leaving viewers in a state of boredom! Will she ever come back to L.A. and give us a proper Zoe finale?

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3. Karen Spencer

Karen was officially the first character on B&B geared at same-sex relationships, which is odd, considering the show is based around a fashion house. She gave her brother Dollar Bill a run for his money while she was in Los Angeles and we wish she’d never left. We want to see her cause more havoc for Bill, and be a loving presence for her grandson Douglas.

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2. Caroline Spencer

Viewers were taken aback last year when Thomas announced to the Forrester family that his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Caroline, had succumbed to a fatal blood clot. Her demise left Douglas without a mother and many fans aren’t pleased that Hope is raising him. Viewers wish Caroline never left the B&B canvas and they’d love to see some sort of miracle bring her back.

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1. Sally Spectra

Fans adored smart, sassy Sally, the grand-niece of the original Sally Spectra. When she arrived in L.A. in 2017, she breathed new life and intrigue into the sudser. She revamped Spectra Fashions, stole Forrester designs and fell in love with Thomas. Sally even caused problems in Steam’s relationship when her kiss with Liam led to Steffy sleeping with Bill. Then she and Wyatt fell in love. But unfortunately for Sally, the moment Flo arrived in town, the writing was on the wall for this character, and viewers wish Flo had left instead. Will Sally return some day? Stay tuned to B&B to find out!

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