Bold And The Beautiful News Round-Up For The Week (July 25, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soaps stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our B&B News Round-Up for the week of July 25th, 2022.

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9. A Surprise Return

Who else was stunned to see soaps veteran Vincent Irizarry pop up on B&B this week? The beloved actor reprised the role of Dr. Jordan Armstrong, which he last portrayed way back in 2019. Notably, this is Irizarry’s first return to daytime television after an assault in December 2021 forced him to receive emergency surgery. Is there any chance the good doctor will be sticking around L.A. for a while? Finn, Li and Bridget are all very capable doctors but let’s face it: they have too much on their plates right now!

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8. Bring Back The Spencers

Anyone who caught last Monday’s episode of B&B caught a rare phenomena: scenes featuring Liam, Wyatt and Bill! Although viewers were pleased to see the Spencer men enjoying a meal at Il Giardino, the scenes reinforced that these characters haven’t had a good story in a long time. As reports, viewers took to social media in droves to demand more storylines for the Spencers. At the very least, it sounds like we’ll be seeing more of Bill in the coming months!

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7. Naomi Matsuda’s Red Carpet Slip

B&B fans learned last week that Li is still alive. And while her survival was a popular theory amongst many viewers, had real evidence to support their hunch. Check out their interview with actress Naomi Matsuda at the Daytime Emmys. In the video, she says she is “grateful for the time that I have with [B&B]” before quickly correcting herself, “the time that I had“. Moments later, she got her tenses wrong again when referring to co-star Ted King, saying he “plays” instead of “played” her husband. With a storyline like this one, who can blame soaps actors for losing track of the time?

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6. Who’s Your Mother?

To celebrate the return of Matsuda’s character, B&B issued a Li appreciation post on Instagram — and it got a little feisty! “My REAL mother,” Tanner Novlan (Finn) commented on the post, which may have irked the actress who plays his birth mother. “Well I have to keep watching the show just to see what’s happening?” joked Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). “Why is it no one told me Li was alive!” Two words, Sheila: self-preservation!

5. Jack Wagner Speaks Out

B&B alum Jack Wagner took a moment to thank his fans for their well-wishes as he grieves the loss of his son, Harrison. “Thank you all so much for the love and kindness that you’ve sent,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much it’s meant to me.” The quick video represents the first time Wagner has commented on the tragedy since he and his ex-wife, Kristina Wagner, issued a joint statement in the days following Harrison’s passing.

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4. Taylor’s Glamor Shot

Krista Allen’s place among the B&B cast will be certified, so to speak, when her glamor shot joins the CBS soap’s opening credits. B&B producer Casey Kasprzyk gave fans an early glimpse of the photo on Twitter, which provoked Allen to reply, “Casey! You could not have picked a more perfect day to do this! OMG!” According to, Kasprzyk has insisted that Allen’s face will appear in the credits beginning August 4th, 2022.

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3. Tanner Novlan’s Son Comes Home

Tanner Novlan and wife Kayla Ewell were stunned when they welcomed their son, Jones Douglas, seven weeks earlier than expected. A month later, Novlan has announced that Jones is finally at home. “Long night but a great morning,” he captioned on Instagram. “So happy to have our lil man home.” Well worth the wait!

2. Finn and Steffy Spoiler?!

Speaking of Novlan, it was recently reported that he joined co-stars Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Krista Allen (Taylor) in Monaco to attend the 61st annual Festival de Television de Monte Carlo. It sounds like the actors pulled double-duty while on the trip, filming some scenes when they weren’t on the red carpet. As Kaye explained in a recent interview, “There’s explosions and helicopters and it’s gonna be cool”. So, will Finn also show up in Monaco to reunite with his grieving wife? Photos suggest as much!

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1. Adrienne Frantz’s Baby Update

Adrienne Frantz, who played Amber on B&B as well as The Young and the Restless, recently shared an update on the health of her third child, Killian. The baby has been in and out of the hospital due to persistent fevers, and doctors haven’t been able to determine why his white blood cell count was so elevated. 

It’s been a challenging time for the family, but Frantz took a moment to share the latest update – and thankfully it’s good news. “My little Killian is 20 weeks old today!” Frantz remarked on Instagram. “He was sick for a long time but is doing so much better now! Thank you for all of the prayers! It was really scary! But just look at that smile! Love him so much!”

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