Great Bold And The Beautiful Couples Who Should Have Made It But Didn’t

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of couples who have broken up, but always got back together. Then there were other couples who should have made it but were torn apart by jealous exes, tragedy or by their own actions. And unfortunately, some pairings never stood a chance to begin with. Here are 12 great B&B couples who should have made it but didn’t.

12. Macy And Thorne

Thorne and Macy met by chance one evening at Bikini Bar. They both shared a lot of common interests, like singing and music and fans enjoyed watching them perform together on the B&B. This couple had an undeniable chemistry and were married several times, until Macy passed away tragically in 2003.

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11. Ridge And Taylor

Taylor and Ridge began as friends when they met in 1990. Tridge were married several times and had three children together, Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas. This 1990s supercouple should have made it but, unfortunately, there was always one person standing in their way – Brooke. Ridge and Taylor were never able to overcome Brooke’s interference in their relationship and they didn’t stand a chance.

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10. Ridge And Shauna

Ridge and Shauna had a fun, playful connection. They shared many stolen kisses and were even married for a few months, although later it was determined their union was not legal. Shauna was madly in love with Ridge, but he was too hung up on Brooke for their relationship to work. Fans were disappointed when Shridge broke up, as they felt as though this couple should have made it but was never given a fair chance.

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9. Nick And Bridget

Nick and Bridget seemed like they were destined to be together forever but unfortunately lies and unfaithfulness on both their parts broke them up too many times. Although they always got back together, when Bridget cheated with Owen and it resulted in a pregnancy, Nick had about all he could take. He ended their relationship for good.

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8. Justin And Donna

High school sweethearts Donna and Justin broke up when she found out she was pregnant and left town. Justin had no idea she’d had their baby and given it up for adoption. But years later their son Marcus found her, and she and Justin reconnected and married. They should have made it, but they ended up breaking up. Donna and Justin have remained friends, however, and fans still hope they’ll reunite one day.

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7. Marcus And Steffy

Speaking of Marcus, he and Steffy had an emotionally charged relationship in 2008. They were very much in love and overcame almost all obstacles. Their relationship was first challenged when Steffy found out he was Donna’s son. Although he hadn’t told her, she forgave him, and they should have made it, but tragedy intervened. When Steffy’s twin sister Phoebe passed away in a car accident, she cheated on Marcus with Rick and their relationship ended.

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6. Rick And Caroline

The first time Rick saw Caroline, he was so enamored with her that his mouth nearly dropped to the ground when she stepped out of the limo she was riding in. When he married her in 2013, they were madly in love. They should have made it but their union barely lasted a year. Rick found out Caroline kissed Ridge and started taking up again with his ex-girlfriend Maya. When Caroline discovered her husband in bed with his ex, Rick and Caroline were through.

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5. Deacon And Quinn

Deacon and Quinn seemed like a match made in heaven, or hell. Both let their dark sides loose when they needed to, and they also loved fiercely. These two fell for each other quickly and even got married. But it didn’t take long for their love to turn into hatred for each other. Quinn tried to do away with her ex-husband by pushing him off a cliff into the ocean. However, she learned she couldn’t get rid of him that easily when he showed up at her door covered in seaweed. Then Deacon took some shots at Quinn but ended up getting caught. He was arrested and that was the last viewers saw of him.

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4. Zende And Nicole

If any couple should have made it, it was Zende and Nicole. He was sure Nicole was his one true love and although he cheated on her, he did make it up to her. When he arrived at Forrester in a horse and buggy and proposed, she said yes. Then they went to live in Paris and viewers thought this couple had their happily ever after. But Zende came back in the fall of 2020 a free man. He and Nicole had broken up.

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3. Eric And Donna

Donna and Eric were happily married for a few years and remain friends. And it’s no secret she’s still attracted to and possibly in love with the Forrester patriarch to this day. Although Eric is currently married to Quinn, they’ve had their share of trouble lately. Is Donna patiently waiting in the wings for a second chance with her Honey Bear?

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2. Wyatt And Sally

Wyatt and Sally were playful and had a lot of laughs together, which made them so much fun to watch. But Wyatt’s mother Quinn continually meddled in their relationship. And when his high school sweetheart Flo entered the picture, it was game over for Wyatt and Sally. Wally was a couple who should have made it and likely would have if it hadn’t been for Quinn and Flo.

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1. Liam And Steffy

Steffy and Liam have been on and off for years and their chemistry together is off the charts. But much like Brooke always came between Ridge and Taylor, her daughter Hope always comes between Liam and Steffy. Most recently Steffy and Liam slept together when he believed Hope had cheated on him with Thomas. Although it seemed like Steam didn’t make it, there’s a good chance they could reunite now that it’s been revealed the baby Steffy is carrying is Liam’s.

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