New Bold And The Beautiful Characters Who Failed To Impress Fans

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Soaps introduce new characters frequently and some become instantly popular with viewers and the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) is no exception. Then there are those who do something so despicable they can never be forgiven or, even worse, are just plain boring. The following are 10 new B&B characters who failed to impress fans.

10. Quinn Forrester

When arrived in LA, fans recognized her as an interfering mother, and they weren’t impressed. But as she began to do despicable things like push Ivy off a bridge into the Seine River and anything it took for her son Wyatt to win Hope from Liam, some viewers began to love to hate her. Fans haven’t exactly warmed up to her, but many have become fascinated by her win at all costs attitude.

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9. Wyatt Spencer

When Wyatt first appeared on the B&B canvas, he immediately pursued Hope and eventually married her, even though he knew she was in love with his brother Liam. It felt like he would always play second fiddle to Liam. He dated Ivy, who was still in love with Liam and married Steffy, but she too left him for his brother. After a few years, fans began to enjoy the character and liked seeing him with Katie and then with Sally. But the fact that he chose Flo over Sally has lost him some of his new-found popularity.

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8. Dr. Penny Escobar

Viewers were unenthusiastic about Penny from her first appearance, and thought her story was a bit farfetched, not to mention a retread. Penny went along with Sally’s lie that she had a life-threatening illness, all because she wanted to design fashion at Forrester. Most viewers will recall that Bridget was a doctor who also wanted to become a fashion designer. That made a bit more sense, since Bridget’s father Eric owned his own fashion house.

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7. Agnes Jones

Agnes Jones was brought in as a surrogate mother for Nick and Bridget, who couldn’t have a child of their own. Viewers immediately felt indifferent to her when they found out her entire surrogacy profile was a fake. She also faked her name, calling her Sandy Sommers. Then Aggie inserted herself into Bridget and Nick’s relationship, which fans found boring and overdone.

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6. Reese Buckingham

Dr. Reese Buckingham appeared on the B&B canvas in late 2018. He was Zoe’s dad and seemed shady from the start. Fans were correct in their unenthusiastic opinion of him. He told Hope and Liam their daughter had passed away so he could sell her to an unknowing Steffy to pay off his gambling debts.

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5. Shauna Fulton

Shauna arrived in LA in 2019, a few short months after her daughter Flo (see number one on this list). Some fans still aren’t all that impressed with Shauna, as she encouraged her daughter to keep the baby Beth secret. These days, the character has grown on some viewers, who are happy she seems to be sticking around.

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4. Emma Barber

Fans tend to get annoyed when producers inevitably bring on younger characters in the summer to attract younger viewers and 2018 was no exception. Justin’s niece Emma joined the cast that year and viewers felt the character was boring. They dubbed her storyline, along with Xander and Zoe, the fast forward plot. Emma did redeem herself a year later when she rushed to tell Hope the truth about her daughter. But she didn’t make it to Hope’s place and perished in a car crash.

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3. Xander Avant

Speaking of Xander, this character never seemed to have much substance. He couldn’t make up his mind between Zoe and Emma (shades of Liam?) and when he found out about the baby Beth secret he was furious. But then for no real reason except to protect his girlfriend, he stayed mum about the secret. Needless to say, fans were not impressed by Xander’s behavior.

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2. Zoe Buckingham

Zoe too was not well-liked, at first because she was part of the fast forward storyline. Then when she became aware of her father’s nasty secret and kept it for months, it didn’t help her popularity any. Even though Zoe has apologized countless times for her actions and has been forgiven by Hope, fans were unmoved and have not been so quick to accept her apology.

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1. Flo Fulton

Right from the start, fans were unimpressed with Flo. She posed as baby Beth’s birth mother, helping Reese pull off his scheme to sell the child to Steffy and Taylor. Even though she felt deeply guilty about it, she kept the secret to herself, terrified that she’d lose Wyatt if the truth ever came out. When the secret was finally revealed, Flo only served a couple of weeks in jail. Writers then tried to redeem her when she donated a kidney to Katie, saving her aunt’s life. But most viewers are still unconvinced by her innocent act. Will fans ever forgive Flo for her past actions? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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