Shortest Bold And The Beautiful Marriages

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of epic love stories during the past 33 years, but there have also been other couplings that were barely a blip on the romantic radar. From Brooke and Whip to Kristen and Clarke to Hope and Thomas, here are the 12 of the shortest B&B marriages.

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12. Brooke And Whip

Brooke was having an affair with her daughter Bridget’s husband Deacon and found out she was pregnant with his child. So, she married Whip in 2002 as a ruse to keep Bridget in the dark. But the marriage was all for naught. The truth came out, like it always does on soaps. Bridget found out Deacon was the father of her mother’s baby and Whip and Brooke’s short-lived marriage was annulled.

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11. Taylor And Nick

Taylor and Nick were married in 2007 after Nick began seeing Taylor professionally. They fell in love, tied the knot and wanted to have a child together. Unfortunately, Taylor found out her eggs weren’t viable, so they decided to use a donor. In a terrible mix-up, Taylor ended up being implanted with Brooke’s eggs and gave birth to Brooke and Nick’s child Jack. When she found out, her marriage to Nick was over. It had lasted just under a year.

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10. Kristen And Clarke

Kristen has been married to Tony for almost 20 years, but he’s not the first man she ever tied the knot with. In 1988, she had a short-lived marriage to fashion designer Clarke. The couple eloped in Las Vegas and shortly afterward, Kristen gave her new husband $100,000. She had no idea the money was so Clarke could pay off Margo, who was carrying his child. She eventually found out about the child and became weary of Clarke and his lies. Kristen ended the marriage in less than a year and left town with an old boyfriend.

9. Steffy And Liam

Liam and Steffy’s first wedding took place in Aspen on October 11, 2011 but Liam’s heart was still divided between Steffy and Hope. Although the couple enjoyed a belated honeymoon together in Mexico in early January 2012, the celebration was over the moment Liam found out Hope and Thomas were also there. Steam’s first marriage didn’t even last a year. Their second and third marriages lasted a bit longer, but not by much.

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8. Hope And Wyatt

Hope married Wyatt on a whim when Liam failed to meet her at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. She took off to Monte Carlo with Liam’s brother and married Wyatt on the Spencer yacht on August 13, 2014. She immediately regretted her decision when she found out Liam had been in Paris but was delayed because he had saved Ivy from drowning in the Seine River. Hope became pregnant with Wyatt’s baby but lost it in October 2015 and this ended their short-lived marriage.

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7. Brooke And Bill

After being in love for years, Bill and Brooke finally tied the knot in May 2017. On her wedding day, Ridge tried to get her to change her mind, but he had betrayed her by kissing Quinn, so she chose Bill. But Bill’s obsession with building his skyscraper, aptly named Skye, ultimately tore them apart. When Brooke found out Bill had blown up the Spectra Fashions building, with Sally and Liam inside, she was done. Brooke and Bill were only married for four short months before she broke it off with him.

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6. Ivy And Liam

When Ivy discovered her U.S. immigration status had expired in 2015, she asked Liam to marry her so she wouldn’t be deported to Australia. Even though he was in love with Steffy, Liam agreed, and Carter married the pair at Liam’s beach house. When Ivy found out only days later that a mistake was made and she wouldn’t be deported, Quinn encouraged her to keep the information from her new husband. Eventually, she fessed up and the marriage was annulled mere weeks after the license had been signed.

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5. Caroline And Rick

Rick and Caroline were married in an impromptu ceremony in front of family and friends on December 2, 2013. But this was another marriage that didn’t last very long. Less than a year after they were wed, Rick found out Caroline had kissed Ridge. To get back at her, he took up with his ex-girlfriend Maya. Caroline tried to keep their relationship intact until she found her husband in bed with Maya. Rick and Caroline broke up for good in January 2015.

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4. Caroline And Ridge

Ridge and Caroline fell in love when the Forrester designer realized he could no longer draw, and he used Caroline’s hands to trace sketches. But their union was doomed from the start because she was pregnant with Ridge’s son Thomas’ baby. They said their vows to each other during a private beach ceremony on September 14, 2015 and hid the paternity of Caroline’s unborn child from Thomas. But after she gave birth to Douglas, Ridge suddenly told Caroline he wanted out and their marriage was over less than a year later.

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3. Katie And Thorne

When Thorne and Katie were married in the fall of 2018, they thought they were in love. But Thatie rushed their wedding to give Katie an advantage in her custody battle with Bill over their son Will. Less than six months later, Thorne decided he had made a mistake, and walked out on his new bride on Valentine’s Day 2019.

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2. Hope And Liam

Like Steam, Liam and Hope have been married several times and their most recent marriage lasted less than a year. Liam married Hope on September 1, 2018 after learning she was pregnant with his child. But a few months after she thought she had lost their daughter in childbirth, Hope decided to annul the marriage. She left Liam for the sake of the children. She wanted Steam to reunite and she had decided to marry Thomas. Lope recently remarried again in March 2020.

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1. Hope And Thomas

One of the shortest marriages in B&B history occurred just last summer. Knowing full well Hope’s daughter Beth was alive, but keeping that information from her, Thomas married Hope in July 2019. She had agreed to tie the knot with him so she could become a mother to Thomas’ son Douglas. The couple only spent a day or two together as man and wife, and the union was never consummated. Then Thomas’ lies blew up in his face when Hope found out Beth was alive. She had the marriage annulled a few weeks later.

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