Bold And The Beautiful: Mismatched Couples

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has featured many couples who were perfect for each other and seemed destined to stay together forever. Conversely, there have also been some pairings who were just incompatible right from the start of their cringe-worthy relationships and were fated not to last. Here are B&B’s mismatched couples.

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12. Steffy And Rick

Steffy and Rick always had great chemistry with others, but together they were completely mismatched. Not only had he dated both her mother and her sister, Rick was the one driving the car when Steffy’s sister Phoebe met her demise. Steffy and Rick also usually spent the majority of the time they were together arguing about their feuding families.

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11. Hope And Thomas

Thomas had obviously never heard the phrase “she’s just not that into you,” because it described his relationship with Hope to a tee. No matter how many schemes he came up with to win her over, Hope just wasn’t into him. Even after they were married, for a day or two, she still refused to sleep with him and looked disgusted every time he tried to kiss her. Thope was completely incompatible but Thomas just couldn’t see it.

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10. Emma And Xander

Another mismatched couple, Emma and Xander didn’t seem right for each other from the start. There was no real chemistry between them, even when they first met in the summer of 2018. B&B tried to set up a meet-cute the first time they ever saw each other. It consisted of Emma accidentally kicking Xander in the face while she was dancing. But instead of being cute, the whole scene just came across as awkward.

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9. Quinn And Liam  

Quinn made amnesiac Liam believe she was his wife. He’d fallen in the Forrester parking lot and hit his head. When he woke up, he was alone with Quinn in a secluded cabin with no memory of who or where he was. Although Quinn did fall in love with Liam, fans knew it would never last. In the end, it was a completely one-sided romance, once Liam regained his memories and remembered he was in love with Steffy.

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8. Amber And Liam

Another woman who had a one-sided romance with Liam was Amber. She pretended to sleep with him after she found out she was pregnant and then claimed the child was his. He had no memory of sleeping with Amber, so when she finally gave birth and the baby ended up being Marcus’ son, this mismatched couple were finally through.

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7. Taylor And Thorne

Shortly after Thorne’s wife Darla passed away at the side of a road, Thorne turned to Taylor for comfort. What he didn’t know was that Taylor was the one responsible for hitting her when she was driving while intoxicated. This relationship was jarring to viewers, who knew that once Thorne found out the truth, he and Taylor would be done for good.

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6. Bridget And Ridge

This couple just never worked. For one thing, Ridge delivered Bridget up at Big Bear cabin and originally thought she was his daughter. But when it turned out Eric was her real father, viewers still believed Ridge was Bridget’s uncle. Even after it was revealed that the pair were not related by blood, watching this mismatched pair kiss was enough to make fans flinch. Thankfully, they weren’t together for long.

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5. Ivy And Wyatt

Ivy was the second in what would be a fairly long line of women who had fallen for Wyatt’s brother Liam before they gave him a second glance. Both Hope and Steffy had declared their love for Liam and then seemed to view Wyatt as a consolation prize. Even Sally fell for his brother before she became involved with Wyatt. Ivy was no different and although she put on a brave face and pretended to be in love with Wyatt, it was obvious they were incompatible. Just as Wyatt proposed to her, Quinn rushed in to tell him his beloved was still pining for Liam and Ivy admitted she was.

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4. Brooke And Whip

It was obvious that Brooke had no feelings for Whip whatsoever when they got married in 2002. She only tied the knot with him to cover up the fact that she’d slept with and gotten pregnant by her daughter’s husband Deacon. Once Bridget found out about her mother’s betrayal, Whip was no longer useful to her and Brooke dumped him.

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3. Katie And Ridge

Ridge returned to LA in 2014 after a two-year absence and was suddenly and inexplicably attracted to Katie. They began to have awkward meetings in the park where they read poetry to each other and when they became romantically involved, it looked forced. Ridge and Katie just never worked as a couple and always seemed to be off-balance.

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2. Stephanie And James

What was it about these two that made them seem like they had no chemistry together whatsoever? A lot of couples start out as friends and become amazing pairings but certainly not Stephanie and James. It must have become apparent to producers that this couple was incompatible because they broke up almost as rapidly as they were thrust together.

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1. Taylor And Eric

This was yet another couple who seemed so mismatched that watching them kiss made viewers cringe. They found it highly unlikely that Taylor, who had been best friends with Stephanie for years, would start a relationship with her husband Eric shortly after Stephanie passed away. Eric and Taylor lived together in the Forrester mansion for a few months but still seemed unsuited for each other. When Taylor outed Brooke for sleeping with Bill, Eric kicked her to the curb, and this mismatched couple finally broke up.

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