Things You Might Not Know About OTH Star Jackson Brundage

Jackson Brundage became a star at a very young age thanks to his role as James “Jamie” Lucas Scott on the hit CW series One Tree Hill. Since he spent a good deal of his childhood growing up on the set, it seems he has now taken to life as a normal teenager, attending high school and taking a break from acting. It wouldn’t be surprising if he delved back into the industry after school, but before he does, check out some things you didn’t know about Jackson Brundage!

9. Net Worth

Jackson Brundage starred on One Tree Hill for 99 episodes as Jamie Scott which earned him a respectable payday from when he was seven to 11 years old. As a result, Brundage now has a net worth of $600 thousand which is amazing for the now 19 year old!

© CW / courtesy everett collection

© CW / courtesy everett collection

8. Other Jobs

He will always be known for his One Tree Hill role, but Brundage has also appeared on series such as NCIS and Las Vegas, and following One Tree Hill appeared in Friends with Better Lives and See Dad Run, and provided voices for the series Harvey Breaks before being replaced.

Lisa Rose/©Nickelodeon/courtesy Everett Collection

Lisa Rose/©Nickelodeon/courtesy Everett Collection

7. Lil Jack

Brundage goes by the nicknames JB and Lil Jack, and for good reason. While he probably still has some growing to do, he is definitely considered a very short star as he is only 5’2″.

6. Childhood

Brundage was born in Los Angeles, California on January 21, 2001. He is the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother, and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina for the filming of One Tree Hill and only got to go home to be with his whole family in L.A. when he was not filming.

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5. Faking It

While filming One Tree Hill, Brundage actually had to wear fake teeth for some seasons because he lost his two front teeth and the new ones were coming in. In the show, his character Jamie was actually younger than Brundage is in real life, too young at the time to be losing teeth, so he wore the fake ones.

Fred Norris/ © The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

Fred Norris/ © The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

4. College Fund

Brundage may have a net worth of $600 thousand, but according to reports he made his college fund a different way. Due to the presence of such a young actor, the One Tree Hill team set up a swear jar on set to discourage the older people from swearing around Brundage and if they did they had to put $20 in the jar. It may not have worked so well, but at least now he has a college fund!


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3. Being A Child Star

On One Tree Hill, Jamie was portrayed as very intelligent for his age, which apparently wasn’t too hard for Brundage because he blew everyone away on set with his professonalism and ability to memorize lines. Many of his co-stars said he was like a “little adult,” and could always count on him to know everyone’s lines, not just his own. In the episode of Lindsey and Lucas’s wedding where Peyton makes a speech, Hilarie Burton forgot her lines, but Brundage was able to feed them right to her. Also, due to how young he was when he started, the crew would often dictate scenes depending on what Brundage wanted. He would just tell creator Mark Schwahn if he wanted to eat ice cream, or be in a scene with Antwon Tanner (Skills) and Schwahn would make it happen on the show to make it easier for Brundage.

© CW / courtesy everett collection

© CW / courtesy everett collection

2. Love Life

Now at 19, Brundage is no longer little Jamie Scott, and according to his social media, he is now living life as a normal teenager and even has a serious girlfriend!

1. Football Player

Brundage’s Instagram page also suggest he played football for his high school team, something that has confused One Tree Hill fans who are determined that because the Scott family was all about basketball. Brundage should play that instead. Regardless, his first love has always been football and in between filming his scenes on the set of One Tree Hill, he would play football with the show’s production assistants and cast members.

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