8 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 11)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Another intense week is about to unfold on your favorite soap opera! Learn more about Liz, Franco, Carly, Jason, Sam, Nikolas, and Spencer, in the below GH spoilers for the week of July 11th!

8. Spencer Spills The Beans

So last week we saw Laura confront her grandson Spencer, when she realized he was lying about having two cell phones. Spoilers indicate that lil’ Spence will come clean to Laura. What will she do when she finds out the news that Nikolas is alive? Well, Laura is obviously a little angry that her son has put her and his family through all this unnecessary grief. As the week progresses, Laura goes straight to Lulu with this news. Kevin also finds another clue in the Helena mystery.

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7. Meanwhile On Cassadine Island

Speaking of Nikolas, JaSam think they’ve gained the advantage when they lock Ava and Nik up and head off to the boat. Alas, Theo Cassadine intervenes. Ava finds something owned by Helena, something that has her questioning Nikolas directly about his intentions. The piece of evidence certainly makes him look bad.

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6. Will Finn Get His Meds?

Tracy does give Hamilton Finn some positive news this week regarding the medicine he requires. He should be happy about this, but instead he’s annoyed at Hayden for telling Tracy anything about his health and personal issues.

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5. The Fallout For Alexis

Alexi breaks down this week as she not only comes to terms with the love of her life trying to kill her – but also the fact that she was forced to stab him in the back, literally, to save herself. Thankfully, she’s finding a support system in Sonny.

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4. Morgan And Kiki

Just as they are trying to re-settle into a relationship again, a date between Morgan and Kiki is interrupted. It turns out, Darby is back in Port Charles. Does this spell out disaster for the Morgan-Kiki reunion?

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3. Liz and Franco Get Closer

Franco gains further ground with Elizabeth this week. When he digs into her personal life, she steps back, feeling uncomfortable with what he’s done and feeling like he overstepping boundaries with her family. While she tells him he needs to take a few steps back, Franco comes back and starts a heated conversation with her. They get into their dark pasts and talk about bad choices. In the end, they end up gaining new ground and getting closer. Liz is taken aback on how close Franco is getting in her life.

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2. Anna Gets Her Revenge

Anna’s feeling on top of the world now that Julian has been arrested and is headed to Pentonville. She goes to visit him in the hospital to gloat, but the mobster doesn’t back down and has some surprising things to say to her. Leaving town to visit her family in California, Anna promises to return to Port Charles for Julian’s trial.

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1. More Spoilers!

Laura tells Kevin just how important he has become to her. Sabrina and Michael get closer this week as she thanks him for saving her and the baby and how she wants the three of them to be a family. Sonny gives Kristina and Aaron a business offer with Carly behind him on it 100 percent. Maxie gets advice from Curtis this week as she also finds something that will shock her. Epiphany worries that GH will gain a bad reputation because of the recent serial killings.

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