7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 24)


It’s Monday, General Hospital (GH) fans! Time for a week of incredible daytime drama. Port Charles continues to grieve over the loss of Morgan and things are heating up around the identity of Nelle. Meanwhile, Laura sells Wyndemere and Claudette leaves Charlotte behind. Learn about these stories and many more in the GH spoilers for the week of October 24th:

7. Nathan Saves Maxie

The good news is Nathan saves Maxie before anything terrible happened to her thanks to the kidnappers/gas leak situation that occurred late last week. The bad news is this gives Claudette an opportunity to skip town. Nathan is upset that the kidnappers mistook Maxie for Claudette. Both are further shocked later this week as they give a video that offers further information on Claudette and her past.

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6. Griffin Becomes A Single Dad

In an odd twist of events, Claudette leaves Port Charles as well as her daughter Charlotte behind. As such, Griffin is all of a sudden thrown into the role of full-time single dad. Liz steps in to help him after Charlotte breaks down a little and the entire situation makes Franco jealous. Griffin goes to Anna for help when he begins to feel overwhelmed by his new parental responsibilities. When it comes to Franco and Liz, it seems that Franco will throw his mom Heather Webber under the bus this week and run to PCPD with information about her in an effort to get the hospital reopened.


5. Laura Sells Wyndemere

Lucy gives her old friend some good news this week as it relates to Wyndemere. Laura continues to make preparations around leaving the old mansion for good. Spoilers indicate that there is a good chance that Valentin Cassadine may be the potential buyer of the old place, either via the sale of the mansion or he even may have had ‘rights’ to Wyndemere. Speaking of Laura, she gets another date with current main squeeze Kevin, but gets distracted when she formally meets little Charlotte Munro. She feels like she has known the little girl or that Charlotte reminds her of someone.


4. Nelle Remains A Mystery

Nelle continues to be ‘up to something’ this week, although viewers may still not be sure on what exactly that is. Nelle encourages Michael to exercise some patience with Sonny. Bobbie sees Nelle with Sonny this week and comes up with a bad conclusion. She goes straight to Michael with what she saw and he now begins to question Nelle and her motives.

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3. Sonny Continues To Grieve

The strong mob boss continues to struggle with the loss of his son. He tries to turn to Carly, but she continues to push him away and goes even further by letting him she no longer wants him around. Spoilers indicate that the couple will continue to struggle with the loss of Morgan, which has (and will continue) to place a wedge between the two. Scotty Baldwin takes advantage of a morning Sonny, pushing his buttons this week until the two get into a heated argument.

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2. Alexis Up To No Good?

An encounter between Alexis and Sam has her eldest daughter wondering what her mother is up to. Alexis may be using this break from her job towards some activities she doesn’t want her daughter to find out about. Alexis also pays Carly a visit to express her sympathies over Morgan. Here’s to hoping this doesn’t get ugly between the ladies, considering that the bomb that was intended for Julian ended up killing Morgan.

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1. More Spoilers!

Hayden continues to press Hamilton Finn about his feelings for her. Will he continue to build walls around himself and a potential relationship between the two? JaSam tell little Danny that they are having a baby. Jason supports a friend and tells someone to back off. Robin returns this week for Morgan’s memorial and visits with people. Curtis continues to make progress with Morgan’s death investigation, but when Jordan finds out, she tries to nip the entire thing in the bud. Curtis is relentless, so Jordan asks Valerie to keep her abreast of the case’s status.

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