7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 19)

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Only days away from the holidays, Port Charles is buzzing with scandal! Sonny flips his lid when new evidence emerges around Morgan’s death; Sam is saddened by a baby shower present; Tom Baker is found dead; and Lulu wants Charlotte. Learn more about these stories and so much more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of December 19th.

7. New Information Pops Up Around Bomber Case

Sonny loses it this week when an update around Morgan’s case pops up. As new buddies Jason and Curtis stay hot on the evidence trail, they both fall upon some vital information while following a lead into a pawn shop. They are almost there when it comes to finding out who is behind all this, but it seems like once they get to the bottom of it, everyone’s mind will be blown. Meanwhile, it seems that Anna’s memories are triggered this week with Valentin after she hears a song.


6. Corinthos Christmas

Carly pushes on the idea that the family gather at Sonny’s for the holidays as he is on house arrest. Michael and Nelle show up, as well as JaSam – but in the typical dysfunctional style that we have all grown to love about this family, things go wrong. Carly starts to get suspicious as Sonny continues to lie about Nelle. How long can Jason keep this secret? Stay tuned GH fans …

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5. Sam’s Baby Shower

Meanwhile poor pregnant Sam is upset when Maxie throws her a baby shower that goes wrong. The shower itself is wonderful, but Maxie gives Sam a present that might mean the end of their friendship. As we all know, JaSam decided to keep the sex of their baby all hush-hush until birth. Well, Maxie took the envelope revealing the sex of the child and turned it into a baby shower surprise. Does this mean the end of Maxie and Sam’s friendship or will Sam be so surprised that she’ll be willing to brush it all under the rug? You’ll have to tune in this week to find out!

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4. Lulu Fights For Custody

Lulu launches a fight for Charlotte this week despite her husband’s reservations. Sadly, the child has been through a roller coaster of a ride as of late and resists the idea of bonding with her new mommy Lulu. It seems that even though this could get ugly, Valentin decides to take the high road, but this is Valentin we are talking about so it may just be a ploy. Kevin frets over his future with Laura, but Laura is much more preoccupied with Lulu and the battle she is going through.

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3. Finn Tries To Save Hayden

As Hayden gets more sick, Hamilton Finn tries to develop a remedy to help save his love. He hasn’t had time to test it, but time is of the essence this week, so he takes a shot and just gives her the treatment. Hayden takes a dose while Finn waits by her bedside, hoping it will work. Spoilers indicate that Hayden will be okay and Finn will finally admit the feelings of love he has for her.

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2. Tom Baker Is Dead

Franco finally lets Tom Baker go after tormenting him all last week. Franco is soon confronted by Baker’s brother, Seth, telling him that Tom is missing. Franco has a dream this week that just may change his life. As such, he makes a huge decision. Alternatively, Liz has a pretty big week too. She visits Heather in prison and is worried about Franco, but Heather doesn’t want to help her. The plot thickens around the Baker situation when Franco decides to tell Liz about what he did to Tom. Alas, Dante informs both Liz and Franco that Tom Baker was found dead. Will this lead to an arrest? Franco is likely to become the number one suspect around this case.

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1. Julexis Lives On?

Ava is desperate to keep Julian away from Alexis, but he won’t have it. As Alexis worries about the trouble she’ll be in over the hit and run, Julian gets invited to the house. The ex-lovebirds decorate a Christmas tree together, and it seems that the holidays may be bringing them back together, as they almost kiss under the mistletoe. Alexis is desperately trying to fight that feeling she has, but how long can she hold off when it comes to Julian?

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