6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 5)


We’re on the cusp of summer and the drama in Port Charles is certainly heating up! Is CarSon back on track? Will Ava survive her burns? What is Valentin up to? Learn about these storylines and more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of June 5th.

6. CarSon Back On?

Carly will turn to BFF Jason early on in the week to chat about Sonny and the fact that Ava’s meds’ switch plot was the basis of Morgan’s meltdown. As the week progresses, Carly has a chat with an unlikely friend and then she and Sonny have a talk about what’s next. Could their relationship be back on? While some CarSon fans might be thrilled to hear this, Josslyn won’t be too happy (or accepting) of the news.

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5. Ava Burns

Ava may suffer a very long time due to her burns, but thankfully she has Griffin to take care of her. Early in the week the twosome has a tender moment. Brother Julian is prompted to make a huge life choice due to his sister’s condition. Meanwhile, Kiki gets some terrible news from Monika. Her mom isn’t healing the way doctors had hoped, and they could lose Ava.

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4. Sonny & Jason: The Bromance Continues

Sonny and Jason spend some quality time together this week as they chat over a bottle of Scotch. The two discuss the recent events that have gone down and a GH spoiler indicates Jason will soon be diving into the mob world once again with Sonny for a summer storyline. As Jason chills with Sonny, wife Sam relaxes on her own as motherhood has left her exhausted.

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3. Valentin Takes Charlotte

In a desperate move, Valentin takes Charlotte so he can leave the U.S. before Anna arrests him. She does find him and tries to convince him to stay, but he’s set on taking off. He won’t let the Chimera and Anna ruin his life again. As the week progresses, the Cassadine has a face-off with both Devane twins, Alex and Anna. Nina is fed up with all of this and doesn’t like the idea of him with both Devane twins.


2. Surprise Visits!

Hold on to your hats GH fans because two familiar faces will be returning to the soap this week. Grandma Laura might be getting a visit from grandson Spencer and TJ pops up to visit Jordan. TJ is hoping they can better their relationship through the visit. Meanwhile Curtis wants to help, but when his ex shows up this poses an issue.

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1. More Spoilers!

Kiki lashes out on Dillion and Liz wants to move forward and hopes all this drama around Jake is done. Franco and Liz hang out this week, and Liz asks Franco to move in with her. Meanwhile, Hayden has a rough week. It turns out that Finn will have a hard go at it and a setback. This might be due to the fact that Dr. Liesl Obrecht was behind Finn’s messed up drug tests. Hayden is upset about this, especially since they had been chasing the wrong person.

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