6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 15)

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Hold onto your hats General Hospital (GH) fans because this week is going to be a big one, with some pretty big reveals! Nathan’s secrets are exposed, JaSam stress over their little seedling, and Valerie finds some important evidence as it relates to the serial killer case. Learn about these situations, and so much more in the GH spoilers, for the week of August 15th.

6. Shocking Developments

Jake finally opens up to his mom, about what happened on Cassadine Island. As JaSam celebrate the pending arrival of baby number two, the news is dampened when Sam lets Jason know that the baby could have Malaria. Valerie finds some important evidence around the GH serial killer case. Griffin reveals that Nathan shot him, and Maxie calls off the wedding as a result.

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5. What’s Up With Jax?

Jax sure has seemed nervous around everything to do with Nelle since she’s strolled into town (and even before that). What exactly is his involvement with Josslyn’s kidney donor situation? This week Nelle gets tested to see if she was in fact Josslyn’s donor. As they await to see those test results, Nelle gets introduced to someone vital by Carly. The test results come in, and as it turns out, Nelle is Josslyn’s donor and Carly asks her to stay in Port Chuckles.

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4. The Dillon-Kiki-Morgan Love Triangle

The love triangle continues this week as Ava remains relentless in trying to convince Kiki to dump Morgan by telling her Morgan is interested in getting re-hitched. In other love triangle news, Morgan and Dillon get into a bit of showdown, and it all centers around Kiki. *shocker*

As the week goes on, meddling momma Ava tries to get Dillon to break up Kogan, but he doesn’t agree to helping her out, accusing her of wanting Morgan all for herself. Ouch!

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3. DNA Results Come In

While GH fans may know he’s not dead, residents of Port Chuckles seem to think otherwise as DNA results this week reveal that Luke Spencer has passed. His two ex-wives (Tracy and Laura) come together to mourn over the man they once loved and married, and sadly now, think he is gone for good.

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2. Alexis Deals With Disbarment Hearing

Alexis gets some support from friends Olivia and Diane when it comes to her disbarment hearing. Will estranged hubby Julian help her out and speak for her at the last minute? Only time will tell…

After all that, Alexis visits Sonny to tell him all about Kristina, and how displeased she was that mommy meddled in her entire affair and Parker dumped her. Still, the duo ended up having a good talk, about how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Molly and Kristina have an epic fight over Alexis this week.

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1. More Spoilers!

Michael stumbles onto a shocking fact regarding Sabrina’s past, making him that more jealous of Dr. Joe. Hamilton Finn pays Hayden another visit. Liz comes to terms with how she feels about Franco. Valerie and Curtis make love for the first time. Nina turns to Curtis for some investigative knowledge. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith returns to GH as Brick, Sonny’s mob techy guy and he helps Corinthos out with something. A controversy at PC’s City Hall will unfold this week, with Jordan being called out by Paul Hornsby.

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