6 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (February 29)

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Days of Our Lives fans! Are you ready to read about what’s on tap this week for your favorite daytime soap opera? Learn more about what’s in store for Kayla, Steve, Joey, Hope, and other DOOL characters, in the Days spoilers for the week of February 29th.

6. Remembering Stefano

As news leaks out regarding Stefano’s passing, Hope, Marlena, Roman, John, Caroline, Victor, and Kate gather to acknowledge his death and share stories about the role he played in each of their lives.

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5. Can Hope Move On?

Earlier in the week, Hope fears she killed Stefano over something he did not do. However, can she push these feelings aside, when she officially gets welcomed back onto Salem’s police department this week?

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4. Joey Shocks His Parents

Kayla is shocked when Joey confesses something to her. Steve works hard to protect a person close to him by lying. He also works equally as hard to get off the hook for something.

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3. Summer In Salem

Teresa is not quite happy with Summer’s decision. Meanwhile, Nicole has some questions for Dario about the lady who may (or may not) be Daniel’s sister. When everyone is back in Salem, Brady asks Flynn to run some DNA tests on the mystery lady. Summer also has a run-in with Maggie this week.

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2. Ben Escapes

Chad loses it, when he hears Ben has escaped from the hospital he’d been in. He also has a heart-to-heart with Stefano, when DiMera appears to him in a dream.

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1. More Spoilers!

Victor confides in Caroline about the past he shares with his brother, Deimos. Gaby and J.J take the next step as a couple, while Jennifer doesn’t remember the kiss she and Eric shared. Ciara finds out that Claire has organized a meeting with Chase and Philip wants more of a commitment from Belle.

Source: soaps.sheknows.com
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