5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (September 11)

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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats and this week is no exception! Bonnie struggles to keep her true identity under wraps; Nicole and Brady are odds (again); and Lucas sees Will! Read about these stories and others in the DOOL spoilers for the week of September 11th.

5. Bonnie Struggles With Identity

Bonnie has already had a hard time pretending to be Adrienne and it’ll get even harder this week. Marlena and John will get rescued an, once that happens, Hattie will turn to Justin. Maybe she needs legal advice? Regardless, Bonnie will beg Hattie to remain hush about the whole thing, but that may not be the biggest of her problems.

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4. Sheila Moves Into The Kiriakis Mansion

Sheila has a nice plan to settle back into society when she gets out of prison. Thanks to Adrienne’s updates, she’ll blackmail Bonnie into giving her a job as housekeeper at the Kiriakis mansion. Meanwhile, Sheila will take this time to stiff her job duties and eat snacks while watching television. Should make for an interesting storyline.

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3. Lucas Sees Will

This week Abigail will try to help Lucas as he obviously hits a low point in his life, but her good intentions will fail miserably. Lucas will make a terrible scene over the soon-to-be married couple, Paul and Sonny, as he worries that people will forget about Will. Then he’ll get the shocker of his life as Lucas will see his son Will appear at St. Luke’s church. Days’ fans know that Will is set to return soon, so could this be a drunk hallucination on Lucas’ part or the start of a bigger storyline?


2. Tripp Falling For Claire?

Tripp tries to repay Claire for all she’s done for him. As the plot thickens, he’ll try to make Theo jealous by pretending to date her. As time goes on Tripp will start to truly care for Claire. DOOL spoilers indicate things may get tricky for Tripp in this regard. Meanwhile Gabi gives Eli a present which lifts his spirits as he had to leave the FBI because of the Raines debacle.

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1. Nicole And Brady

Brady and Nicole continue to battle some issues they have. While they want to smooth things over, it’ll be hard. This is mainly due to the bond she has with Eric, which will also cause additional problems to arise. Will these two ever be able to move on? Probably not, but only time will tell …

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