5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 26)

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Calling all Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Below are some teasers for the daytime soap for the week of October 26. Learn more about Bo, Steve, Hope, Eve, Chad and Ben by reading the Spoilers below:

5. Saving Hope

Steve will tell Bo that Hope is on the verge of getting remarried. Bo is shocked about this news, still the duo attempt to break free of their kidnappers in an effort to stop this event. Here’s to hoping they figure something out, as Aiden (overwhelmed by the pressure from Andre), sets his plan in motion to kill Hope. But before he does, he confesses something to Hope. How much will he confess?

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4. The Necktie Killer Saga

Chad does eventually wake up from his coma and is charged for the murders of Selena, Paige and Will. He knows Ben’s the real killer, but has suffered temporary memory loss. Can he reveal that he is not Salem’s Necktie killer in time? Teasers reveal that Marlena is the only one that believes him when he denies that he did it.


3. Shawn Questions His Mother’s Decision

Shawn Douglas questions why Hope wants to marry Aiden in the first place, and tries to convince his mother to cancel the wedding. Hope starts to reconsider her decision regarding her pending nuptials. Eventually she puts his concerns aside and carries on with her plans to marry. A bachelorette party is thrown in her honor, but it quickly spins out of control.


2. Eve Plots Revenge

Eve is trying to get justice after her daughter’s untimely death. A distraught Eve visits Chad in the hospital and attempts some revenge on him for Paige’s murder…but he avoids danger as he wakes up from his comatose slumber.

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1. More Spoilers!

Abe is a little shocked about something he finds on Lani’s computer, as her obsession with him grows. Kayla confronts Joey on his recent actions, and the conversation gets emotional. Eric’s behavior worries Daniel and Sami sends a ‘frantic’ message to Eric. Meanwhile, tension continues between Ben and Abigail as Ben gets angry about Abigail’s relationship with Chad.

Howard Wise/JPI
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