5 Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (October 16)

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While one legendary character returns to Salem, another one says goodbye. Things are exploding on Days of Our Lives (DOOL) this week, with must-see episodes that will have fans reeling. Learn more about Sami’s return, as well as Nicole’s goodbye, and more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of October 16.

5. Sami’s Back

Sami Brady is finally back! However, in true Sami form, she has returned to stir things up. While step-dad and step-brother John and Paul should be happy to see her, they will be shocked when she rips into them for disturbing Will’s grave behind her back. Even more shocked is Abigail, who catches a returning Sami kissing Chad. DOOL fans should gear up for some heart-warming Sami reunions with Marlena, Eric, and Lucas. Although fans will also see a clash between Sami and Lucas as they discuss the possibility that their son may be alive.

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4. Sonny & Paul

As Sami vows to get to the bottom of whether or not Will is alive, the idea that her son may not be dead continues to cause issues for Sonny and Paul. Their relationship will start to deteriorate as the two begin to go in other directions. The end of these two may mark the reunion of WilSon or perhaps another Will/Sonny/Paul love triangle.

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