5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (July 4)


Salem will be filled with fireworks this week, as the little American town celebrates the Fourth of July. Ghosts will emerge to haunt Kate, Chad desperately wants to find Abigail and Summer snatches Tate. Learn about these Salem situations and more in the Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers, for the week of July 4th.

5. Kate Learns Deimos is Alive

Thanks to Andre, Kate learns that Deimos may not be dead after all. Andre saw Deimos and Nicole chatting it up and tells Kate of this. Andre offers to help Kate and get rid of Deimos, but wants a little cash in return. Kate is skeptical about Andre’s news tip until Deimos pops up at the mansion. Fireworks ensue when Deimos asks Kate about ‘welcoming’ him home.


4. Chad Desperate to Find Abby

Chad wants to find Abby and he’s doing all he can to make this happen. Sadly, he and JJ have quite the confrontation this week, as JJ thinks he is stashing her somewhere to protect her. Chad lashes out on Abigail’s brother claiming these accusations are just a waste of time. All Chad wants is to find Abby and get her the help she needs so that he can give his family another chance at happiness.


3. Rafe in Danger

Rafe will uncover information regarding Andre and Aiden’s terrible deeds. Meanwhile, Shawn won’t be too happy with mom’s decision to reunite with Aiden. So much so that he decides to help Rafe with his investigation on Aiden and Andre. Sadly, things will take a terrible turn, when Rafe is put in a dangerous situation this week.


2. Victor Consoles Maggie

Victor lends a shoulder and an ear to Maggie as she tries to deal with the news about Summer. Victor tries to lift her spirits by discussing an out-of-town trip, potentially a cruise. While the two may need a vacation, they will have to change their plans when an unexpected crisis hits the couple. Meanwhile, another couple continues to move forward when Jade shows up at the hospital and tells Joey her parents want nothing to do with her.


1. Teresa Loses Tate…Again!

While Teresa is busy designing her wedding gown it seems Summer might be able to steal Tate. Days’ fans won’t want to miss Friday’s episode as Summer heads to a plane with a crying child next to her. She’s been given instructions and cash to do this…but who could be at the helm of all this? Could it be Victor, trying to prove to Brady that Teresa is an unfit mother? There has also been speculation, that it may also mark the return of Kristen, although actress Eileen Davidson did recently post on Twitter to a fan that she will not be making a Days return in the near future.


Dorathy Gass

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