5 Days Of Lives Spoilers For The Week (August 14)


Huge week in Salem, Days of Our Lives (DOOL) fans! Tripp will apologize, Abe deals with drama, Bonnie is smitten over Lucas, and Brady and Nicole face off. Learn about these stories and so much more in the DOOL spoilers for the week of August 14th!

5. Tripp’s Shocking Move

Kayla will be floored this week as Tripp apologizes for all he has done. While he did try and destroy her life, now that he knows that she didn’t kill his mom Ava, he’ll feel terrible for what he has done. While Kayla is happy that things have been smoothed over between her and her new stepson, she’ll have a bigger fish to fry this week. Son Joey wants to fess up for killing Ava and Kayla will do everything in her power to convince him otherwise.

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4. Abe Deals With Drama

Abe finds out that son Theo has been dabbling in illegal activities and will lose it. He’ll have a huge talk with his son and let him know that he saw this coming with the job Theo decided to take. Theo is not the only Carver that lands in hot water this week. Eli will stumble across Abe’s spending habits and won’t be too pleased about it. That’s not all. Abe will be arrested by Rafe and Hope when they stumble upon evidence that links him to Dario. Salem will be stunned by the scandal around their mayor.

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3. Bonnie Falls For Lucas

It’ll be hard for Bonnie to stay focused on Anjelica’s scheme this week. She’ll find herself more preoccupied with Lucas, who is struggling with his heart being broken. Ex Chloe will also try and be there for Lucas, as he deals with this crisis. Meanwhile, Adrienne has a crisis of her own while in prison. She’ll try to prove to guards that she is Adrienne, not Bonnie. They won’t listen and simply place her in solitary confinement.

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2. Marlena Struggles

Poor Marlena. As she continues her stay at the sanitarium where everyone thinks she’s Hattie, she’ll somehow pull off a coup and reach out to John, but the call will get derailed. As the week goes on, John will find out that Marlena (a.k.a Hattie) has been making out with Roman. The end result? John will end up punching Roman for the incident.

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1. Trouble For Nicole And Brady

Brady and Nicole will have a huge, heated confrontation around his amulet finding. The incident will cause a big rift between the two as a result. Brady wants Eric to be pinned for the murder, while Nicole will think much more information is needed. Is this the beginning of the end for these two?

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