12 Popular Soap Opera Couples Ranked Worst To Best

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It is undeniable, love makes the soap opera world go around. When it comes to daytime drama we have seen many a couples hook up, break up, and at times make up. There have been a ton of twosomes that simply don’t work out, are terribly toxic and then there are those that make our hearts skip a beat. Literally dozens of couples could fit this worst to best list, and opinions vary so much when it comes to soap opera fans. Alas, below is a list of 12 popular soap opera couples ranked worst to best:

12. Sharon and Victor Newman – Young and the Restless

At one point in time, Sharon and Victor shared a unique relationship. Victor was quite fond of his son’s wife, treating his daughter-in-law more like a daughter than an in-law. But in 2012, their relationship took a creepy turn when the two hooked up and got married twice in one year. Not only was the relationship sickening, the reasoning behind their new bond was just gross. Sharon was mentally unstable at the time, but really when isn’t she a bit crazy?  For most of their relationship, Victor’s been playing his old manipulative tricks. Thankfully the relationship is a thing of the past and the two are mortal enemies right now. The reveal of Baby Sully’s identity is sure to add further cracks in their relationship. The bad news is, their terrible relationship hurt many at the time. The good news is, Victor has a ton of money to help with therapy bills for poor Faith and Noah, who had to endure a time in their lives when Mommy was married to Grandpa.

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11. Lucy Coe and Alan Quartermaine – General Hospital

Their small wedding in 1990 said it all. Alan donning a suit and Lucy in that infamous red dress number. These two were a disaster from the get-go and made for one of the worst General Hospital (GH) couples in history. She wanted him for his money and he wanted her for what she could offer between the sheets. Alas, this toxic relationship did not last very long and it wasn’t long before Alan was back with the love of his life Monica, and Lucy was back to manipulating Scott Baldwin and the other men of Port Charles.

10. Sami Brady and Austin Reed – Days of Our Lives

Back in the ‘90s Sami Brady was a walking disaster. She hated her mother, hated John Black and despised her older sister Carrie. So much so, that she worked very hard to steal Carrie’s then-boyfriend Austin Reed. Sami went to great lengths to win Austin’s heart, including drugging him so that he thought he was making love to Carrie. But as we all know, it wasn’t Carrie he slept with. Sami got pregnant and even though little Will was Lucas’ son, Sami also manipulated and lied to Austin so that he thought the child was his. Despite the fact that Austin only cared for Sami, he did end up marrying her in 1996 and the two were engaged in 2005. This is all water under the bridge now and thankfully they have both moved on.

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9. Sharon and Nick Newman – Young and the Restless

As we progress down the list, we hit a couple that can be quite controversial. There are those who love Shicholas together and those who can’t stand them as a couple. Some view their relationship one as endearing. After all, these high school sweethearts have had a long love affair and despite breaking up, they seem to always find a way to make up. Still, Sharon has crossed the line with Nick more than once, hooking up with his half-brothers, marrying his dad, torching his family home, and most recently not telling him that Sully was Christian. For the haters, Nick constantly forgiving Sharon is annoying. For those who love this couple, it is exciting as it simply means it won’t be long before these two hook up again.

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8. Carly and Sonny Corinthos – General Hospital

Carly and Sonny are a couple that can be good together, yet really toxic as well. There’s a reason they have been married four times and now seem on the brink of yet another divorce. It’s true hey have undeniable chemistry and,, when things are going well, the these two could easily land on the top spot of any best couples list. However, when things are going bad and tempers are raging, they also could land the top spot on a toxic couples’ list. What’s their issues? Well, Sonny’s involvement with the mob and how it always endangers someone he (and Carly) loves. More recently, it seems that Morgan’s death may have been at the hands of Sonny. This entire situation is an on-going trend with these two and why it keeps them from being a happy GH super couple.

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7. Sam and Jason Morgan – General Hospital

There are those obsessed with JaSam and those who would love to see Jason back with dear sweet Elizabeth Webber. Regardless of all this, it is hard to ignore the love story between Sam and Jason. While the two have had their ups and downs, especially a dark period of time where Sam was manipulative, scheming, and looked to hurt Jason, they have since well gotten over that and seem to be on their way towards a happy future together. So, while there are some JaSam haters, it is hard to ignore that once Jason realized who he was and his memories came flooding back earlier this year, he dropped Liz like a bad habit and ran to Sam. There are people who might disagree, but with a baby on the way, these two seem like they were made for each other.

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6. Nikki and Victor Newman – Young and the Restless

What would Genoa City be like without Nikki and Victor? Well, it might be a very boring place indeed. A love story that spans over three decades, Nikki and Victor are still one of the most popular Y&R couples today. These two have broken up and made up more times than any other couple on this list, which is why they are ranked at number six. The thing is, even when they do break up, viewers know it is only a matter of time before they end up back together. Both have back stabbed each other in the back, told lies and had affairs. But at the end of the day, there is still love between these two. While they seem happy now, a break up is inevitable in the future – however, if history can predict the future than a make up for this couple will also shortly follow.

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5. Jennifer and Jack Deveraux – Days of Our Lives

Hitting the middle of the list, we are treading into the best of the best when it comes to soap opera couples. There was a certain recipe for love when it came to Days of Our Lives (DOOL) in the mid-80s to early-90s and that was pairing up complete opposites. Jack and Jennifer, affectionately known as J&J on the web by fans, was a perfect example of how DOOL could magically create a soap opera super couple. She was smart, followed the rules, and came from a good family. Jack on the other hand was a scheming rapist who came from a dysfunctional family. Alas, J&J made it work and wowed fans (on and off) from the late 1980s until Jack’s passing in 2012.

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4. Kayla and Steve Johnson – Days of Our Lives

Insert cheesy 1980s romantic music here. The interesting thing about Kayla and Steve is that, despite their ups and downs over the years, these two still give their fans butterflies when they are on screen. Falling in love in the ‘80s, they have two children and a long history together, along with a love story that still keeps fans riveted. They were recently on the rocks, but seem to be back to where they should be, in each other’s arms. Won’t be long before another challenge will come their way to test their love, but long-time DOOL fans know that Patch and Kay will undoubtedly endure whatever is thrown their way.

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3. Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin – Young and the Restless

Simply put, there are no other couples on the Y&R today that can even touch Lauren and Michael. They have chemistry, good communication, real love and staying power. They also have one of the longest marriages (without divorce) in Genoa City’s recent years and, despite their ups and downs, they continue to hold onto their relationship and love. They had affairs and ‘breaks’ in the past, but these two continue to wow their fans by sticking it out for the long haul.

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2. Hope and Bo Brady – Days of Our Lives

Hope and Bo were certainly one of Days most legendary couples. Good girl Hope instant fell in love with bad boy Bo, and the two shared an incredible love story on daytime screens. Their relationship spanned decades and the only thing that kept these two apart was Stefano DiMera. At one point Bo had thought Hope was dead (thanks to Stefano) and more recently Bo had been off looking for a cure to end his mother’s illness, but the whole time he longed to be with Hope. Sadly, Bo did return in late 2015 in order to close the Bo and Hope chapter for good. For DOOL fans, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, watching those final episodes between two incredible soap opera characters. Bo passing away was like the end of an era and the end an incredible DOOL super couple.

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1. Luke and Laura Spencer

Easily the best couple of all time! Plain and simple. While Laura has moved on with Kevin Collins as of late and it is anyone’s guess where Luke is nowadays, there is no denying that Laura and Luke have the ‘it’ factor when it comes to super couples and soap operas. They defined romance and super couple status in the late ‘70s and their 1981 wedding is still holding strong as the highest rated American soap opera episode in history with 30 million Luke and Laura fans tuning in to watch their favorite couple get hitched. Now Tony Geary seems to have retired from the soap and taking a break engaging in other things, but should he decide to return, there’s probably nothing GH fans would want to see more than these two hook up again.

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