10 Wackiest Bachelorette Contestants

The Bachelor franchise is nothing short of crazy and, on each season of The Bachelorette, we settle in with our pop corn to watch the drama of the men in the house unfold. This list countdowns those extreme Bachelorette contestants that make us squirm with their unpredictable and wacky behavior.

10. Justin Rego

No one can possibly forget the amount of drama that ensued after Ali Fedotowsky received a phone call from a girl claiming to be the girlfriend of the wrestler on the show. As it turned out, Justin “R-Rated” Rego had a girlfriend back in Toronto and was just trying to gain some fame. His girlfriend, Jessica Spillas, had actually tried to reach out to Reality Steve for some advice before The Bachelorette even began airing. In the email she said, “He [Justin] claims he’s doing it for the fame and he wants to get some wrestling career or something out of it, but how stupid will I look when I wait for him to go on this show, he comes back to me (if he doesn’t end up falling for her like he claims) and then the whole world watches MY bf hooking up another woman on national television?” Things sure got ugly when Ali confronted Justin and gave him the boot! Yikes!

9. Bentley Williams

What a stand up single-dad…not! This piece of work wound up on Ashley Herbert’s season of The Bachelorette and quickly became known as a two-faced jerk! Williams admitted that Ashley wasn’t his type and bad-mouthed her in interviews while simultaneously acting charming and feigning feelings for her to her face. The show was heavily criticized for not informing Ashley of the rouse, but Harrison retorted to TVGuide.com, “Everyone says the producers are jerks and how could [we] do that to her, but she always has the decision, she can always get rid of this guy. You didn’t even see how much I begged her and bagged on this guy on Night 1. When she’s telling me the story, I’m like, ‘His name’s Bentley. Right there, run!'” 

8. Brooks Forester

Alright, so he doesn’t fall into the typical category of “wacky” but he does make the list because he sent audiences spinning with confusion after he abruptly broke up with Desiree Hartsock before she was able to announce her decision. It’s so rare that contestants break up with the bachelorette, that we just didn’t see it coming. These two seemed like a perfect match, and it had been reported by Reality Steve that Brooks was the winner of the series. Guess you can’t always be right! Many believe that Desiree wound up with her second choice, but it seems to have worked out well in the long run because Desiree and Chris were married in January of 2015.


7. David Good

Who could forget the machismo of this guy? He became well known for proclamations regarding “man-code” violations, binge drinking, and aggression. He scored the first-impression rose from Jillian, but even she was quickly turned off and literally turned away when David tried to kiss her. He was somewhat redeemed by his time on Bachelor Pad where drinking is all part of the game, but his relationship with fellow contestant, Natalie Getz, also fizzled after the show. These days, he finds himself engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Brianne Elise. Congrats ‘Man Code’ Man!

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6. Wes Hayden

Everyone agreed that Jillian was one of the most endearing bachelorettes, and that’s what made the ridiculous actions of Wes Hayden so maddening! The guy was clearly on the show to promote his music career (he released an album in 2009 to very little success). But to make matters worse, he was ousted for having a girlfriend by Jake Pavelka. Upon his exit from the show, he announced “The first guy on The Bachelorette to ever make it to the Top 4 with a girlfriend.” Wes quickly became one of the most notorious contestants on the Bachelor franchise…of course earning him a spot on Bachelor Pad. But seriously! Did he really think no one would find out he had a girlfriend?

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5. Jeff Medolla

We’re not really sure what this guy was thinking, but he decided to explore the world of the Bachelorette from behind a mask. Yep…”the phantom” guy! Apparently Jeff wore the mask to be funny and to make a point about inner beauty or something. Ironically, he ditched the mask after the third episode, and Ashley Herbert quickly sent him packing. I don’t know what the moral of the story is here, but maybe next time, rely on that inner beauty and keep the mask on…

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4. Ryan McDill

We should start off by saying that this train wreck’s listed occupation was “junkyard specialist”…whatever the heck that is, and strangely enough that might be his most redeeming quality. This guy made quite the first impression: when one contestant opted out of carpooling to make his unique entrance in a car that was filled to the brim with water (carpooling…get it? Us neither), Ryan M. Shouted, “That car sucks.” And that was just the beginning of his classy time spent at the cocktail party! He referred to both Bachelorette hopefuls, Britt and Kaitlyn, as “hoes,” and that was of course after he tried to grab Britt’s face for a kiss and slapped Kaitlyn’s ass. He yelled, “I’m so horned up” while jumping into the pool in nothing but his underwear, and threatened to fight and “rape” his fellow contestants. After drunkenly knocking Kaitlyn’s picture over while casting his vote for who the bachelorette would be, Chris Harrison stepped in and sent Ryan packing! Thank god! Although, he did bring us quite a bit of entertainment in his short appearance on the show…

3. Tim McCormack

Tim McCormack showed up to greet the bachelorette in a drunken stupor! When Ashley Herbert sat down for a one-on-one chat on the premiere episode, Tim was so inebriated he couldn’t even form proper words. Ashley left him with a glass of water with the hope that he would sober up, but Tim passed out and was snoring on a patio chair upon her return. Ashley decided enough was enough and McCormack was assisted to the van and taken away before the rose ceremony even began. How embarrassing!

2. Juan Pablo Galavis

Okay, where to begin with this guy…so he made a bunch of fans while on Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette, but when he scored the Bachelor gig, he quickly became one of the most hated men in America! His time as the bachelor was so offensive that what he said off camera was leaked to the press. An insider told US Weekly that during a helicopter ride Juan Pablo leaned over to Clare on their Last Chance Date and said, “I love f***ing you, but I don’t know you.” Clare recalled the incident to viewers afterwards while she fought back tears. After the finale, where he opted not to propose, the audience was subjected to one of the most tension-filled After the Final Rose shows ever! Juan Pablo dodged Chris Harrison’s questions about his feelings for Nikki and refused to say he loved her. Juan Pablo’s behavior infuriated so many fans and even Entertainment Weekly went so far as to call him a ‘sexist, egotistical, hypocritical bigot.’ Wowzas!

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1. Kasey Kahl

Kasey is one of the most memorable contestants in the Bachelor franchise. When he first appeared to woo Ali Fedotowsky he told her on their one-on-one date that he was there for her and to “guard and protect her heart.” Oh, those infamous words! His cheesy one-liner wasn’t enough either. He followed it up by serenading her with song she inspired. Ali was visibly uncomfortable and fans cringed at home watching Kasey’s desperate attempts fall short. When Ali said that she couldn’t give him a rose on the date but wasn’t ready to send him home either, Kasey took things to a new extreme. He snuck out of the bachelor condo and went to a tattoo parlour where he proceeded to ink a six-inch shield guarding a heart onto his wrist! Don’t even get me started about his relationship with Vienna on Bachelor Pad, or on his assault charges for beating up a man and his girlfriend…not much of a protector there!


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