The Bachelorette 2019’s Most Shocking Spoilers – Everything You Need To Know

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Season 15 of The Bachelorette was off to a dramatic start before it even began when Hannah Brown, who didn’t even make season 23 Bachelor Colton Underwood’s final five was chosen as the lead. With the season underway, fans have already seen Hannah put some guys in their place, eliminate others, and establish frontrunners in her search for love. As some contestant’s personalities start to stand out for various reasons, many viewers are wondering who Hannah gives her final rose to — and what happens along the way! Find out the most dramatic dates and eliminations as well as final rose spoilers with these The Bachelorette 2019’s most shocking spoilers:

15. Location, Location, Location

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette takes the leads and contestants to new and sometimes exotic places and Hannah’s season will be no different! After starting out in Los Angeles, Hannah Brown and the remaining 15 contestants go to Newport, Rhode Island before a group of 12 plus Hannah jet overseas to Scotland for episode five. After Scotland, the show goes to The Netherlands before returning to the States for the final four’s hometown dates. The end of the season wraps up with overnight dates and the final rose ceremony happening in Greece! 

14. First Impression Rose And How Far He Goes

Before the season even premiered, Hannah met five of her suitors during the After the Final Rose episode of Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season and it was there that Cam got her very first rose. When it comes to the premiere however, Hannah Brown handed out her very first impression rose of the season and that went to Luke Parker. It hasn’t taken long for Luke P. to become both a frontrunner and a bit of a villain on the series, and in episode three, Hannah even told him to back off a little bit. One thing is for certain, fans should keep an eye on Luke P. because he makes it to her final four according to Reality Steve!

13. First One-On-One Rose And How Far He Goes

Following the first impression rose, one of the most important dates and roses is the very first one-on-one date. This season that date went to Tyler Gwozdz who Hannah described as “Tim Tebow but hotter.” After taking a helicopter ride and going mudding on ATVs, it seems that the date goes really well and Tyler gets a rose from Hannah! After a great first one-on-one, fans were surprised when Tyler G. was then absent from episode three of the season, but he wasn’t eliminated, he was removed. 

12. Tyler G’s Removal

Hannah Brown’s season features a couple of surprising eliminations and exits, and it starts with Tyler Gwozdz. It is briefly explained that Tyler had to leave the mansion and Hannah simply said, “Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting, because I really enjoyed my date with him.” As it turns out, Tyler G. was removed from the mansion by production because “they had been given information about his past relationships and told him it wouldn’t be good for him to remain on the show and he needed to leave immediately,” according to Reality Steve. Many outlets are pointing towards a Reddit thread that accused Tyler G. of disturbing behavior in past relationships, but it is unclear if this is what specifically led to his removal. “If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find out what was said. I don’t believe any of the women have come forward publicly with their names attached to it yet that I’ve seen, so while we don’t know if there’s receipts and proof of anything, the accusations were disturbing to say the least and production and legal for ABC thought it was serious enough to remove him from the show,” Reality Steve added about the situation.

11. First Before The Rose Ceremony Elimination

If there is a running count on the quickest exits from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette it is unclear if anyone can beat Scott Anderson’s record. Hannah Brown made it clear that she wasn’t going to tolerate anyone being fake or around for the wrong reasons, and she proved that when it came to getting rid of Scott. On the very first day, Hannah’s friends Demi and Katie discovered that Scott apparently “had a girlfriend” or had one just days before leaving to come on the show. When Hannah found this out she sent him home immediately. While Scott didn’t make it to the very first rose ceremony, there are at least two others that happen before reaching rose ceremony eliminations. After some of the guys talked to Hannah about Cam during a tailgate party whatever they told her she must have believed because she sent Cam home during the tailgate party. Finally, Reality Steve says that Connor Saeli also gets sent home before a rose ceremony in episode seven after going to The Netherlands as one of Hannah’s final seven. Reality Steve has no details about what happened in The Netherlands to cause Hannah to make the decision, he just wrote, “Connor Saeli was eliminated before ever getting a date. Wasn’t told why, but he definitely never had a 1-on-1 and wasn’t part of the group date.”

10. The Musical Act

It has become quite common for at least one date on Bachelor Nation to be at a concert or performance and more recently it has mostly been country singers appearing on the show for these dates. For this season, Reality Steve revealed that Hannah goes on a one-on-one date with Tyler Cameron to a Jake Owen concert at the Jane Pickens Theater. Fans of The Bachelorette know that sparks often fly as the couple enjoys the music on these concert dates, and that is certainly the case for Hannah and Tyler as he gets a rose on the date. Keep the name Tyler Cameron in mind too, because he is a big part of another major spoiler!

9. Self Eliminations

It seemed like an unprecedented amount of contestants excused themselves from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, but for Hannah Brown’s season, only one guy makes the decision to leave on his own. Spoilers indicate that in episode four, Luke Stone eliminates himself before the cocktail party and rose ceremony because of an incident with Luke Parker. The group date earlier in the day is a 6-on-6 rugby game and afterwards, Luke Stone apparently talks to Hannah and explains that he thought Luke Parker was being “too rough” and felt like Luke P. was intentionally trying to hurt the others during the rugby game. Apparently Hannah sides with Luke P. however and that is enough for Luke Stone to remove himself from the competition before the rose ceremony.

8. First Group Date Rose And How Far He Goes

Hannah Brown’s first group date is in episode two where eight of the guys compete in a “Mr. Right” beauty pageant and despite the fact that Hannah crowned Luke P. the winner, it is Jed Wyatt who gets the group date rose. Jed is definitely someone to keep an eye on because the charming and talented singer makes it not only to Hannah’s final four but is in her final two at the rose ceremony! Read on for where Jed lands out of her final two! 

7. Only One-On-One Elimination

This season Hannah gets away with only one awkward one-on-one date elimination! The only one-on-one elimination of the season comes in episode seven with Mike Johnson. Although Mike J. makes it to the final seven who travel to The Netherlands with Hannah, he doesn’t make it any further when the pair go biking for their one-on-one date. Reality Steve doesn’t specify a reason for Hannah deciding on the date that she doesn’t want her relationship to go any further, but the moment will certainly be disappointing for many Mike J. fans. Interestingly enough, Hannah was Colton Underwood’s only one-on-one date elimination of his season and look where she is now, so there might still be hope in Mike becoming the next Bachelor!

6. Final Four

According to Reality Steve, Hannah narrows down her final four to be Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber and Jed Wyatt who all get hometown dates. Hannah travels to Gainesville, Georgia for her hometown date with Luke Parker where he takes her to a restaurant called Curt’s Cafeteria. She then goes to Jupiter, Florida for her hometown date with Tyler Cameron where they go snorkeling and boating and hang out at the Square Grouper Tiki Bar in their bathing suits. Hannah goes to Knoxville, Tennesse for her hometown date with Jed Wyatt where they hang out for part of their time in Market Square. Lastly, she went to California for her hometown date with Peter Weber, but Reality Steve doesn’t have any updates on any details of their hometown date.

5. Four Overnight Dates!

Although the hometown dates often show the Bachelorette that at least one of the relationships isn’t going as well as the others, that isn’t the case for Hannah Brown! On this season, Reality Steve reveals that “Hannah couldn’t decide so she ended up taking all 4 guys to Greece for overnight dates!” The romance of Greece is a perfect setting for the always anticipated overnight dates episode, and as it turns out taking four guys to Greece ends up in a very dramatic elimination. 

4. Luke Parker’s Shocking Exit

After the entire season as not only one of the frontrunners but also one of the most controversial contestants, Luke Parker’s journey comes to an end not after the overnight dates in the rose ceremony, but rather during his overnight date with Hannah! Reality Steve doesn’t have specific information on what goes down, but he does report that Luke Parker’s overnight date is the last of the four, and it seems that he can’t get over the fact that she may have slept with one if not all of the other three guys. It seems the topic of sex is brought up during the dinner part of their date and Luke tells her they will not be having sex on their overnight date and from there he either confronts her or accuses her of having sex with the other guys (it isn’t clear exactly what he says). Reality Steve writes,”We know the topic of sex is brought up. We know Hannah is not happy with Luke at this point. We hear her say lines of “I don’t owe you anything” (seen), “I’m having physical relationships” (voiceover), and “I have had sex…and Jesus still loves me” (seen). To me, that sounds like she didn’t hint that she did, she flat out admitted she did. Which she has every right to do and admit.” That is all Reality Steve’s speculation however and all we know for sure thanks to the heavily edited clip is they talk about sex and become upset, and Hannah tells Luke to leave before they even finish their overnight date.

3. Final Rose Ceremony and Winner

After Luke Parker is dismissed during his overnight date, Hannah’s final three comes down to Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron! Even after Luke’s dramatic elimination, Hannah still decides to eliminate one other guy after the overnight dates and that guy is Peter Weber, which leaves just Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron in the final two. Initially, Reality Steve reported that Tyler Cameron was Hannah’s winner and confirmed that he was getting conflicting reports, sharing, “For the next 2 months you will hear all sorts of stories regarding the ending. It’s the same song and dance every year. But here you go. She picked Tyler and that’s where we’re at.” In a MAJOR UPDATE however, Reality Steve changed his spoilers and is now reporting that Jed Wyatt is her winner! “Some fans are losing their marbles now because they were so convinced it was Tyler. Hell, I did too for a bit. But it’s not. And frankly, there’s nothing I can say to convince you it is Jed, so I’m not gonna try. And I ain’t even mad at ya’ if you don’t believe it. The thing I was referring to when I said “it was something I could only remember doing once before” is I thought I was going to be able to tell you HOW I know she’s with Jed, but realized I couldn’t. Only other time I was able to do that was the Nick video where I had actual proof of it. Sorry the initial Tyler info was wrong. Just wasn’t as solid as I thought it was,” he wrote in his update. So there you have it, it seems Jed Wyatt is the winner!

2. Ex-Girlfriend Drama

Every season of The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, ABC works hard to keep eliminated contestants out of the media and off of social media to keep spoilers to a minimum, but Hannah Brown’s season has been unprecedented in the amount of drama playing out in the media as the season airs. It seems that season 15 had quite a few contestants who entered the season with the wrong intentions, but to make matters worse, they end up in her final four! In late June, Haley Stevens, the ex-girlfriend of contestant (and winner) Jed Wyatt revealed that she knew all about him being on the series when they began dating and he assured he would “just be acting” and was only going on the season for exposure of his music career. She revealed they were together the entire time and he promised her he would be coming right back to her, but of course that isn’t what happened, and it seems he played both Hannah and Haley. While Jed Wyatt’s intentions were always questioned, a more shocking ex-girlfriend reveal happened when Peter Weber aka Pilot Pete’s ex spoke out. Calee Lutes revealed she was his last relationship and said they were planning a future together, including talk of marriage and children, when he broke up with her out of the blue two days before Christmas. He kept in contact with her right up until he left for filming but she didn’t find out he had been cast on the show until the cast announcement was made.

1. The End Result

Spoiler king Reality Steve has never been more busy than this season! After the news that he was wrong about his initial spoiler that Tyler C. wins, the updates just kept on coming. Reality Steve revealed that after Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend drama came to light, Hannah decided to end her engagement to Jed but continued the relationship. That also quickly changed it seems as more details about his behavior came to light, Hannah ended the relationship altogether. In a new post on July 2, 2019 Reality Steve revealed that Hannah ended her entire relationship and the whole thing was filmed! “Hannah and Jed are done completely. She’s broken off the relationship altogether. She’s not trying or hoping for it to work out. They are done. And I can also report, their breakup was filmed in LA on camera and we will see that during part 2 of the ATFR airing on July 30th.”

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