Reality Steve’s Bachelorette Spoilers 2018: Becca’s Final 9 And Winner Revealed


Many fans of Bachelor Nation were surprised when Becca Kufrin rebounded from one of The Bachelor’s most brutal breakups of all time in order to take another shot of love on reality TV as the lead of The Bachelorette’s fourteenth season. While her engagement with Arie Luyendyk Jr. came to an end after he decided he was more in love with runner-up Lauren Burnham, Kufrin is happier than ever as she has already confirmed ahead of the May 28th premiere of season 14 of The Bachelorette that she is engaged again. Of course, fans will have to wait until the end of the season to find out who the lucky guy is, but for those who can’t wait, Reality Steve has once again revealed all of the season’s spoilers right down to her final nine guys and who wins! Of course, there is no way of telling that Reality Steve is correct, but his track record is great and his evidence is even better. Get a jump start on season 14 of The Bachelorette and find out which guys to keep an eye on and who eventually wins Becca’s heart:

9. Connor Obrochta

Thanks to Reality Steve’s dedicated sleuth work and a team of passionate followers who are eager to pass along tips, he was able to deduce that when production heads to Virginia this season, there are only nine guys left and Connor is one of them! Connor is a 25-year-old fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida who, according to his bio, could have played professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves but opted to steer his career towards health and wellness. Although Connor makes the top nine, Reality Steve reports he is the first to be eliminated in Virginia.

Craig Sjodin/ABC


8. Chris Randone

Along with Connor, 30-year-old sales trainer Chris is also eliminated in Virginia. According to Reality Steve, Chris threatened to leave the group date in Virginia because he felt like he wasn’t getting enough alone time with Becca, and reportedly also got into a massive fight with fellow contestant Lincoln. According to Chris’s bio on ABC, he comes from a long line of successful entrepreneurs who were all able to retire at 40, so he is making it his goal to do the same, and we know he won’t be doing so with Becca by his side.

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7. Lincoln

For Lincoln, Leo and Wills, it is more unclear just when they get eliminated, but it seems it is after Connor and Chris but before the final four. Lincoln is a 26-year-old account sales executive from Los Angeles, California who apparently makes quite the impression on Becca in the entrances. Although he began his childhood in Nigeria, Lincoln moved to Boston when he was a teen and then moved to Kentucky for college and one of his goals is to have a big family to make his mom proud. According to Reality Steve, Lincoln is the guy that Chris gets into a big fight with so it isn’t too surprising that his elimination will come shortly after Chris’.

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6. Leo Dottavio

Another one of Becca’s top nine guys is Leo, a 31-year-old stuntman from Studio City, California, whose defining look is his incredible hair. According to Leo, he has been growing his hair for a decade now and prefers the “messy bun” look. Aside from working on stunts for different kinds of Hollywood productions, Leo also works for his family’s construction business, so to say he is in good shape would be an understatement. Thanks to some detective work, Reality Steve was able to determine that Leo and Becca go on a great 1-on-1 date to a Morgan Evans concert while in Virginia, but it wasn’t enough to get Leo into the top four!

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5. Wills Reid

The last guy in Becca’s top nine to make it any further is 29-year-old Wills. According to his bio, the graphic designer from Los Angeles loves his job, but loves Harry Potter even more. Although he definitely charms Becca, it isn’t enough to make it to the top four, and Wills is reportedly eliminated before making it to the hometown dates.

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4. Colton Underwood

This season of The Bachelorette will feature a surprising amount of athletes including not one but two professional football players including Colton Underwood. The 26-year-old grew up in Indianapolis and was actually named after the NFL team the Indianapolis Colts, but with both his parents living in Colorado now, that is where he held his hometown date with Becca. Although he made it to the hometown dates, apparently that is where the pair’s connection ends and Colton is the one eliminated before the overnight dates, and now he is already signed up for Bachelor in Paradise!

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3. Jason Tartick

Jason is just one of three lucky guys who make it to the overnight dates in Thailand with Becca. The 29-year-old from Buffalo, New York is a corporate banker who has not let his wealth go to his head. He loves Disney movies and apparently has a great connection with Becca; unfortunately, it just isn’t enough to beat out the other two guys.

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2. Blake Horstmann

In the end, it all comes down to Blake and one other guy! Blake is a 28-year-old sales rep from Colorado who “considers himself a romantic,” and unsurprisingly was quite the athlete in high school and college. While he was really good at basketball and football, he didn’t go pro like some of the other guys on the season but is also apparently a talented swing dancer. It took quite some time for Reality Steve to figure out what happened in the finale and he was told at one point that Blake won; unfortunately, that was wrong and Blake gets his heart broken in the finale.

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1. Garrett Yrigoyen

It took some time, but Reality Steve finally confirmed that it is Garrett who wins Becca’s heart and proposes in this season’s finale! The 29-year-old medical sales rep grew up in California but is from Reno, Nevada and considers himself an outdoorsman. Like so many seasons before, it appears that Garrett is a frontrunner very early on, and it isn’t to throw audiences off, he is truly the one Becca connects with right away. This season’s finale spoiler was a bit more dramatic though as it was actually TMZ who received pictures of Garrett and Becca kissing in the finale from someone who was honeymooning on the same resort and blasted them out a week before the season premiered. After the photos were posted, Reality Steve also confirmed Garrett is the winner and wrote, “Am I surprised at Garrett? No. Told you in week 4 he was the front runner. Told you he was in the final 2 with Blake. Told you the first episode you can make a strong case that for the 4th season in a row the first impression rose guy/first kiss guy was your winner since on Monday, you’ll see how clear it was she was into him. ”

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