Bold And The Beautiful Plotline Predictions For The Next Two Weeks (November 21 – December 2, 2022)

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When Thomas’ scheme comes to light, Taylor will have a moment of clarity, coming up on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). All eyes will be on Ridge and Taylor as they stand at the altar. Also, Steffy will blast Thomas, while Douglas once again becomes a focal point in the war between the Logans and Forresters. Let’s look beyond the latest spoilers with B&B plotline predictions for November 21st through December 2nd, 2022.

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12. Sheila And Deacon

Ridge and Taylor’s wedding will be the talk of the town over the next two weeks, with even uninvited characters like Sheila and Deacon discussing the drama. Sheila will be adamant that Brooke is getting exactly what she deserves, which might provoke Deacon to defend his ex. Once again, Sheila’s jealousy of Brooke will land this odd couple in an argument!

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11. Katie And Carter 

Newly minted couple Katie and Carter will also get pulled further into the orbit of this love triangle. Thanks to a little eavesdropping, Carter will be concerned about Bill Spencer moving in on Brooke with such murky motives. Meanwhile, Katie will commiserate with Eric that this impulsive wedding between Ridge and Taylor doesn’t stand a chance.

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10. Keeping Bill At Bay

Brooke has been patiently putting up with Bill’s romantic overtures. She’s not in any kind of headspace to consider reuniting with Spencer, but she won’t rule it out either. And once Carter tells Ridge about Bill’s reunion hopes, Logan might realize that the way to get Forrester’s attention might be to play him at his own game.

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9. Joy Turns To Anger

In fact, when Ridge shows up at Brooke’s house shortly before he’s set to marry Taylor, he’ll have Dollar Bill on his mind. Logan’s joy upon seeing him so unexpectedly will quickly turn to anger when she realizes that he’s only there to warn her against reuniting with Spencer. Will Brooke finally snap over Ridge’s double standard and realize that Bill might be the ideal rebound?

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8. A Wedding Interrogation

Ridge will head back to the Forrester estate, headstrong about marrying Taylor – but he’ll face some resistance when he gets there. Eric will take his son aside and demand to know why he’s rushing into this wedding when he’s still clearly conflicted about Brooke. At this point, Ridge won’t have much of a poker face left, but he’ll push forward undeterred by his father’s pleas.

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7. Steffy Knows

Another major storyline which is set to dovetail with this wedding is Thomas’ secret about calling Child Protective Services (CPS) on himself. Now that Douglas has told his aunt the truth, Steffy will blast Thomas over a scheme that will undoubtedly break both of their parents’ hearts. But when Taylor overhears their argument, will the burden be on Steffy to tell her mother?

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6. At the Altar

A few spoiler photos of Ridge and Taylor at the altar give the impression of an awkward scene. In one photo, Ridge is looking grim as Taylor appears unsure, and even Carter – who’s officiating – is giving an “are you serious?” look. Standing at the altar, Dr. Hayes will have a moment of clarity and realize that Ridge will never get over Brooke.

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5. Will Taylor Say “I Do”?

Since B&B is preempted on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th for NFL football, there’s a good chance viewers won’t find out if Ridge and Taylor get married before the weekend. But to answer the question, Taylor will probably not say “I do”. For months, viewers have been adamant that this love triangle storyline is mistreating all three parties. And at this critical moment, Taylor will gain enough self-respect to walk away.

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4. Stephen Logan’s Return

Donna will try to boost her sister’s spirits by inviting their father, Stephen, to Los Angeles. Patrick Duffy will reprise the role on Wednesday, November 23rd when the Logan patriarch and his girlfriend Lucy (played by actress and real-life partner Linda Purl) arrive. All three Logan sisters will be over the moon to see their dad. And after Brooke reveals what’s happened to her marriage, Stephen will tell her he’s there to support her.

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3. Dad’s Advice

As promised, Brooke will have her dad’s support – for one more episode, anyway (Monday, November 28th). Since the big cliffhanger will happen this Wednesday, it will be curious to see how Stephen’s appearance on the following Monday might impact this storyline. Brooke’s dad has never really taken to Ridge’s waffling ways, so will he urge his daughter to move on from Forrester? Can he give Brooke the strength to abandon her destiny?

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2. The Wedding Aftermath I

Viewers are probably struggling to remember what B&B was like before this lengthy love triangle took over their soap, so it begs the question: what’s next? After Taylor walks away from her wedding, she’ll likely make a clean break. Could that mean she’ll leave L.A. for a while to clear her head? (If so, she’d better go farther than Aspen.) Or, will she claim the beach house as her own and begin again?

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1. The Wedding Aftermath II

The bigger question on many viewers’ minds is: what will happen to Douglas? When the news spreads that Thomas called CPS on himself, surely Ridge will reveal to Brooke that Douglas was the one who confessed the truth. And when Hope and Brooke know that Thomas instructed his son to conceal such a damaging lie, there’s no doubt that they’ll fight tooth and nail for custody of Douglas!

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