Bold And The Beautiful Storylines That Annoyed Fans

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had many great storylines over the years. From fashion show espionage to epic weddings on horseback, fans have enjoyed it all. But there are other plots, like endless love triangles and baby switch secrets, that have aggravated fans from the get-go. Read on for 12 B&B storylines that annoyed fans.

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12. Summer Interns

Most summers, B&B introduces new and younger characters to attract new viewers to the soap. The summer of 2018’s group of interns, Emma, Xander and Zoe, seemed to annoy fans more than usual. Viewers complained about being exasperated with the younger set on B&B and began calling it the fast-forward storyline. They would hit the fast-forward button on their remotes to speed past the interns every time they were onscreen.

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11. Bill Stalks Steffy

Viewers were irritated in the spring and summer of 2018 when Bill literally stalked Steffy. After repeated attempts to get her to marry him and Steffy refusing, he continued to pursue her, showing up at the cliff house whenever he wanted and telling her she was the true love of his life. Producers seemed to understand how annoyed fans were when they finally had Steffy refute Bill’s marriage proposal and tell him she was choosing herself over him.

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10. Trapped Hope Watches Steffy Marry Liam

In 2011, Hope and Liam were engaged but Hope was having second thoughts, as she usually does. Liam took off to Aspen with Steffy and when she spotted Hope in Aspen, she took matters into her own hands, with Bill’s help. Hope arranged to meet Liam on the mountain top and headed up there on a gondola. But Bill told one of his contacts to shut it down. Liam watched Steffy heading toward him, wearing a white dress and a veil. She raised the veil and asked Liam to marry her, and, thinking Hope wasn’t coming, he said yes. Viewers were incensed that Hope was forced to watch the impromptu wedding ceremony trapped in the gondola, while she screamed and banged helplessly on the glass doors.

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9. Stephanie’s Interference

Stephanie was the queen of interfering in her children’s lives on B&B and possibly the worst storyline involving this was when she faked a heart attack in 2005. Viewers were aggravated when, after Taylor had come back from the dead, Stephanie realized Ridge was choosing to stay with Brooke over Taylor. So, she pretended to collapse and ended up in the hospital. Stephanie told Ridge her dying wish was to see him marry Taylor. Fans were frustrated and annoyed when Stephanie’s devious plan worked and Ridge and Taylor were married in her hospital room.

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8. Brooke Decides Thorne Is Her Destiny

After Ridge married Taylor and after having pursued Ridge throughout most of her adult life, suddenly Brooke decided Ridge wasn’t her destiny after all – Thorne was! Viewers were annoyed that Brooke was interfering with one of their favorite B&B couples – Macy and Thorne – and was marrying yet another Forrester man. Stephanie told Thorne that all he’d ever be was Brooke’s stand-in for Ridge and she was right – Brooke and Thorne divorced shortly after they were married.

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7. Taylor Gets Thorne To Fall In Love With Her

In 2006, Taylor was driving while intoxicated and hit Darla with her car while she was changing Taylor’s daughter Phoebe’s flat tire by the side of the highway. She drove away and the only person who knew what she’d done was her daughter. Fans became annoyed when suddenly Taylor started developing feelings for Thorne, Darla’s widower. The two became involved and Thorne fell in love with her without knowing what she had done to his beloved Darla. Taylor did get her comeuppance eventually though, when Thorne found out what she’d done and angrily broke it off with her.

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6. Bridget And Ridge’s Attraction

When Brooke’s daughter Bridget and her husband Ridge developed an attraction for each other in 2003, this plot got under fan’s skin. It aggravated viewers to no end, as Ridge had been a father figure to Bridget her whole life. Although he wasn’t her biological father, he did help Brooke deliver Bridget at Big Bear cabin. Fortunately, after Ridge and Bridget shared a couple of awkward kisses, this annoying storyline ended.

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5. Quinn Gets Away With Kidnapping Liam

Viewers enjoyed the first few weeks of the plotline in which Liam had amnesia and Quinn had whisked him away to a cabin, to keep him away from Steffy. She told him he was her husband Adam and proceeded to have an intimate relationship with him. What he didn’t know was that she was holding him hostage so her son Wyatt could marry Liam’s fiancé Steffy. When Wyatt finally discovered Liam in the cabin, he helped him escape and Quinn was later arrested. But viewers were annoyed that police wouldn’t take Liam’s word for what happened to him and Quinn was released on all charges, thereby getting away with her crime.

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4. The Whitewashing Of Storm

Viewers have been annoyed recently due to the Logan sisters’ insistence that their brother Storm was practically a saint — especially when he’s been guilty of doing some pretty terrible things. The one really good thing he did — giving his heart to Katie — seemed to erase all of the bad. It has irritated viewers that the Logans act as though Storm would have disowned his daughter Flo for what she did, but this is unlikely, as he had done terrible things himself.

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3. Bill Spencer’s Changed-Man Status

With his wisecracks, double-crosses and take no prisoner’s attitude, Dollar Bill has long been a B&B fan-favorite. But last year, after an encounter with Ridge and Thorne, Bill took a tumble off his balcony and woke up a changed man. Viewers have since been annoyed with what they consider to be the neutering of Dollar Bill. But lately, as he reeled over the reveal of the baby Beth secret, Bill seems to have gone back to his witty, deviant self and fans are hoping it lasts.

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2. Triangle Of Doom

Hope, Liam and Steffy have circled each other for so many years that it’s made viewer’s heads spin! Liam waffling between Sister Wives Steffy and Hope has annoyed fans for what seems like eons. He’s in love with both women but usually chooses Hope over Steffy. Fans were thrilled last year when Steffy chose herself and basically handed Hope over to Liam. But then she slept with Liam this summer, after his marriage to Hope was annulled, and started to develop feelings for him again. Now that Hope and Liam are back together, will Steffy still be a threat to Lope? And will the triangle of doom ever end?

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1. Baby Beth Switch

In early 2019, Hope gave birth to her daughter, but evil doctor Reese Buckingham switched her with a stillborn, putting that child in Hope’s arms. He made her believe her child had died but he sold the child to Steffy to pay off his gambling debts. Fans became so upset and annoyed by this storyline that they threatened to stop watching the soap. But the plotline seemed to have the opposite effect. Message boards and soap sites were buzzing with comments and the baby Beth reveal week in August saw B&B’s highest ratings in the 25-54 demographic for the first time in the soap’s history! So, annoying or not, the baby Beth switch storyline had a huge payoff in the end.

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