Teen Mom: 16 Shocking Revelations From Catelynn And Tyler Baltierra’s ‘Conquering Chaos’

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14. Catelynn’s Dad

Fans of Teen Mom don’t see or hear much about Catelynn’s dad, but she has always had a great relationship with her father. In the book she talks about how her parents split up when she was only 9-months-old and it was mainly due to her mother’s drinking. After having Catelynn, her father wasn’t interested in the party lifestyle, but her mother April was. Unlike her mother, Catelynn said she has no memories of him ever being under the influence around her. Even after her parents split, she went over to his house every Wednesday after school and every other weekend until she was 12, when he moved out state. Even after her father moved to Florida, he always encouraged her to make good decisions. It was his family (Catelynn’s grandmother) who even took her in at one point in time when her mother couldn’t care for her.

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13. Breaking the Law

Catelynn and Tyler are very open about the fact that, even though they are considered ‘good kids’ now, they have a really rough past. When Catelynn was in sixth grade she beat up a girl who lived in her trailer park because she thought she had something to do with her boyfriend Nick breaking up with her. She ended up in juvenile court and on probation for 90 days. On the other hand, Tyler was constantly being suspended from school and began stealing a lot. It started with small things like a lip gloss for Catelynn, but quickly turned into a compulsion that had him stealing cars and breaking and entering into other people’s homes.

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