Classic Young And The Restless Episodes Fans Want To See

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While Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans are a little down that there are no new episodes available for broadcast at this time due to the shutdown of production, there is a silver lining in this all — the show is currently rebroadcasting classic episodes! While audiences would love nothing more than to pick up where things left off on current storylines, the good news is that longtime fans get to enjoy older episodes, and newer viewers get a brush up on some Genoa City history! Below are some classic Y&R episodes most fans would love to see again (and again)!

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17. Michael and Lauren’s Wedding

This year marks 15 years of (somewhat) wedded bliss for Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore! Sure, the couple has had its ups and downs, but the fact that they have remained together through thick and thin, never divorcing, is a true testament to their super couple status in the land of Genoa City and soap operas in general! Time to take a look back to when it all began, and rewind to 2005.

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16. Victor and Nikki First Meet

A lot of Y&R fans on social media are saying that if the show doesn’t rewind far past the 2000s, can they really claim that they are airing “classic” episodes? That’s a debate for another time; however, most viewers of the daytime drama can agree that they’d love to see the 1981 episode where Nikki first caught Victor’s eye. He was a businessman, emerging on the Genoa City scene, while she was a young dancer trying to earn a living at a gentleman’s club called the “Bayou.” It’s been an over-the-top love story ever since!

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15. Victor Versus Jack

While these two have toned down their hate-on for each other quite a bit, there was a time where the drama between Jack and the Moustache was what every fan tuned in for! From Jack throwing a chair out the window during a dispute to Victor constantly bellowing, “I don’t give a d@mn!” These two have had quite the power struggle over the years. With that said, the mid-90s show that saw Victor collapse after a confrontation with Jack, only for Abbott to walk out without helping him, and not even blinking an eye has “classic” all over it.

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14. Out Of The Ashes

Any of the episodes from the 2007 “Out of the Ashes” week-long event would be an interesting watch at this point. Perhaps they should turn it into a theme week? Back in late October of that year, a resort and casino were being constructed in Clear Springs, the neighboring town to Genoa City. Sadly, an explosion hit underground that caused the building to collapse, leaving many main characters trapped in the parking garage and other underground areas. The drama was incredible, but the stories and bonding that unraveled between some that were “trapped” together was a fascinating watch.

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13. Victor and Hope Fall In Love

While we all know that Nikki is Victor’s soul mate, the love he shared with Hope was an incredible story. Considering all that is going on between him and Adam currently, not to mention the secret that recently came out around the fact that Victor was not behind AJ Montalvo’s demise, rather a young Adam was, perhaps it’s time to revisit the origin of Hope’s arrival on the Y&R scene. All those 1993 episodes that found Victor in Kansas, where he met a sweet blind lady, living a far less busy life and falling love, are all excellent watches right about now.

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12. Summer and Kyle As Kids

Just because it’s cute to see! While 2010 isn’t too far back in history, Phyllis and Jack were together once again at this point when younger Kyle returned to Genoa City. With all the history between Kyle and Summer, it’s neat to see the two in scenes as kids together, who were simply friends, wanting to hang out, and getting to know each other better since their parents were dating. Who knew that (literally) a couple of years later that Summer would develop a massive crush on Kyle, and the two would embark on an interesting love story?

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11. Summer’s Here!

Speaking of Summer, it doesn’t really get any more over-the-top than a pregnant woman getting trapped in an elevator with her ex while ready to give birth. Plus, the suggestion of nail scissors was thrown out there to help at one point, but it’s better to stay far away from that part of the story! In 2006, an ice storm hit Genoa City, and while Red was worried about her baby, Summer Ann was born healthy and strong, a little thanks to Jack Abbott.

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10. Kevin’s Insane Years

Hard to imagine, but when Kevin Fisher first came to Genoa City in 2002, he wasn’t the nicest – or most sane – of individuals. In fact, he started an online relationship with an underaged Lily Winters and would end up giving her a disease. While Colleen desperately tried to warn her about Kevin, Fisher decided to lock Lily’s bestie in a freezer at Gina’s (restaurant) and set the place on fire. Thank goodness for J.T. coming in to save the day!

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9. Saying Goodbye To Colleen Carlton

While no fan truly “likes” seeing the sadder classic episodes, there’s something about them and the history they bring that garners a re-watch. In 2009, Colleen Carlton was kidnapped by mentally unstable Patty Williams. While most Y&R fans thought the young girl would be okay, many were taken aback by all that transpired next. As Colleen tried to escape Williams, she’d jumped out of the canoe into the middle of the lake, bumping her head in the process. A dream-like sequence would roll out, as images of Colleen under the water would unfold. During these eerie segments, she was visited by people close to her in the land of the living, and those that weren’t. It would end up that she would pass too, but the episode was one that most fans couldn’t take their eyes off.

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8. Nina’s Baby Is Taken From Her

Remember a time when Christine was just Cricket? The friendship she had with Nina in the 1980s was best friend goals way before it became a hashtag. All the adventures and drama they went through when Nina was pregnant with Ronan and dealing with Rose are classic episodes that should be re-watched, especially the one where Nina had her baby taken while she had just given birth! It’s still so unbelievable!

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7. Delia’s Passing

Yes, it was only a mere seven years ago, but the passing of Delia Abbott still remains ingrained in many fan’s minds. Perhaps, because it seemingly came out of the blue and many did not think the little girl was going to pass on, especially as she had just beat cancer the year before! Not many Y&R viewers can forget that scene between Chloe and Billy, where mom relays to dad that their daughter is gone. Audiences still get goosebumps talking about it.

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6. John, Jill, and Jack

Love triangles are a thing in the land of soap operas, and the stakes get a little bit higher when family members are involved. Rewind to the Abbott family, circa the 1980s. While dad John was very much in love with Jill Foster, it seemed as if his son Jack tried everything in the book to separate these two. A one-night stand with his stepmom ended up doing the trick!

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5. Nick and Sharon’s Wedding

While they aren’t together now, if history can dictate the future, they may be together again at some point! There’s nothing Shick fans would love more than to see their favorite super couple’s first wedding, circa 1996, and fondly remember the good old days between these two high school sweethearts!

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4. Saying Goodbye

Much like Delia’s passing, watching Nick and Sharon’s little girl Cassie – a child Y&R fans saw grow up before their very eyes – pass on was devastating in 2005. Viewers were completely taken aback by the swerve in the storyline, and to re-watch Cassie’s premonition around the two having another baby girl is still chilling to this day.

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3. Neil Winters

The perfect way to honor Neil Winters, as well as his fans, is to include that very first day he freshly stepped out of Stanford, and into the land of Genoa City, in 1991. Starting as in the Newman executive training program, Winters not only rocked that company over the years but completely changed the Y&R (for the better) for years to come.

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2. Classic Sheila

Who needs some classic Sheila episodes right now? Y&R fans simply love to hate the over-the-top villainess who just couldn’t let her hate-on for Lauren Fenmore go. While one would be tempted to want to watch an episode or two from when Sheila was parading around as Phyllis (and actress Michelle Stafford stepped into the role), circa 2006 to 2007, who wants to see some classic ‘90s Sheila? You know, the Sheila that tricked Scott into thinking she was expecting his baby, or even better, the Sheila that set her mother’s farmhouse on fire while Lauran and Carter’s mom (Molly) were still in it.

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1. Phyllis Runs The Williams Down

Phyllis has a ton of classic episodes to pull from over the years, but nothing beats that time she tried to run down Paul and Christine in 1994. Not only did it become an episode people talked about for years, but the storyline was also revisited almost 18 years later when the case was brought back to the surface.

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