Young And The Restless’ 10 Shortest Marriages

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There is nothing the residents of Genoa City adore more than embarking on adventures of love (or lust sometimes). The Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters fall in and out of love almost on a daily basis, and many couples break up only to make up months (or years) down the line. There have been some pretty successful couples that have shared incredible marriages over the years, including Nikki and Victor, Cane and Lily, and of course Lauren and Michael. Sadly, many couples have ended up as epic fails with some marriages that last as long as a Y&R episode. Here’s a look at the 10 shortest Y&R unions in history.

10. Chloe Mitchell and Billy Abbott

Chloe’s always been a few fries short of a happy meal, but when she entered the Y&R scene, not only was she a little unstable, she was also bent on scoring herself a Chancellor. She had always held an insecurity around being Ester, the maid’s daughter, and wanted to make a real name for herself, and she’d been obsessing about Cane and Billy for a while. Turns out Chloe was pregnant with Billy Abbott’s child, even though she passed the baby off as Cane’s at first. Despite the fact that they weren’t in love, Billy and Chloe got hitched because of Delia, but when Billy slept with Sharon the night before his wedding, Y&R fans knew this marriage wouldn’t last. The two were barely married for seven months in 2009.

Source: Young and the Restless Wikia


9. Skye Lockhart and Adam Newman

Two manipulative schemers who only cared about money and their own interests — a match made in heaven, right? Skye and Adam had a long past together and while the two did care for each other, they didn’t have that crazy in love relationship that made them want to be better people. What they did have was great chemistry in the bedroom, a unique bond when it came to schemes, and a shared common interest in wanting to be rich. Therefore, it made sense that they got married in the summer of 2010. However, while things were going south in the relationship regardless, the union dissolved six months later due to Lockhart’s death.

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