Young And The Restless’ 10 Shortest Marriages

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There is nothing the residents of Genoa City adore more than embarking on adventures of love (or lust sometimes). The Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters fall in and out of love almost on a daily basis, and many couples break up only to make up months (or years) down the line. There have been some pretty successful couples that have shared incredible marriages over the years, including Nikki and Victor, Cane and Lily, and of course Lauren and Michael. Sadly, many couples have ended up as epic fails with some marriages that last as long as a Y&R episode. Here’s a look at the 10 shortest Y&R unions in history.

10. Chloe Mitchell and Billy Abbott

Chloe’s always been a few fries short of a happy meal, but when she entered the Y&R scene, not only was she a little unstable, she was also bent on scoring herself a Chancellor. She had always held an insecurity around being Ester, the maid’s daughter, and wanted to make a real name for herself, and she’d been obsessing about Cane and Billy for a while. Turns out Chloe was pregnant with Billy Abbott’s child, even though she passed the baby off as Cane’s at first. Despite the fact that they weren’t in love, Billy and Chloe got hitched because of Delia, but when Billy slept with Sharon the night before his wedding, Y&R fans knew this marriage wouldn’t last. The two were barely married for seven months in 2009.

9. Skye Lockhart and Adam Newman

Two manipulative schemers who only cared about money and their own interests — a match made in heaven, right? Skye and Adam had a long past together and while the two did care for each other, they didn’t have that crazy in love relationship that made them want to be better people. What they did have was great chemistry in the bedroom, a unique bond when it came to schemes, and a shared common interest in wanting to be rich. Therefore, it made sense that they got married in the summer of 2010. However, while things were going south in the relationship regardless, the union dissolved six months later due to Lockhart’s death.

8. Ashley Abbott and Victor Newman

These two are undoubtedly one of the best super couples that Y&R has ever produced. They had incredible chemistry and are a match in intelligence and corporate savvy. If there had been no Nikki Reed, then Ashley may have had a stronger connection with Victor, and in many ways, Ashley’s bond rivals the one he has with Nikki … even to this very day. Alas, the two have been married twice over the years, though their second marriage in 2009 didn’t last too long. The two endured a whopping five months, but Ashley broke things off when it was clear that Victor’s heart belonged to Nikki.

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7. Chelsea Lawson and Dylan McAvoy

When Dylan first arrived in Genoa City back in early 2013, he was keen to rekindle his relationship with past love, Avery Clark. Avery was with Nick at the time, so Dylan had a little fling that turned into something more with Chelsea Lawson. The two instantly connected and had a whirlwind love affair. When Lawson found out she was pregnant, she and Dylan got hitched in the summer of that year and they were well on their way to becoming a happy family. Except, Chelsea failed to reveal that the baby she was carrying was actually Adam Newman’s … in fact, she outright lied about it to Dylan. Only five months into their marriage, the two divorced in December 2013.

6. Traci Abbott and Danny Romalotti

Traci and Danny had dated at one point in time, but when they got married in 1985, it was purely because of friendship. Traci had fallen in love with scum bag Tim Sullivan and became pregnant with his child. Danny stepped up to the plate and agreed to marry Traci so the baby would have a dad … but Romalotti’s girlfriend Patty Williams wasn’t too pleased with it. After confronting Traci about her feelings for Danny, Williams accidentally caused Abbott to trip and fall, resulting in a miscarriage. Traci and Danny would annul their marriage shortly after and Danny would blame Patty for the entire incident.

5. Nikki Newman and David Chow

Remember when Nikki had a fling with slime ball David Chow? The charming and handsome Chow certainly knew how to woo the ladies, as he had been known to marry rich women who mysteriously would end up dead. While Nikki was tricked by Chow’s manipulation, their 2008 marriage only lasted about three months. One would think it was because Nikki kicked him to the curb, but the marriage ended due to a car accident, which resulted in Chow’s death.

4. Nikki Newman and Jack Abbott

Clearly, Nikki has been involved in many a quickie marriage. The woman has been married eight times after all! Between relationships with Victor, Nikki formed an incredible bond with his rival, Jack Abbott. While Nikki and Jack shared a longer marriage in the early ‘90s, in 2012 they had a union that only lasted three months. They got married in August and by October called it quits. This primarily had to do with the fact that Nikki was still smitten with Victor, a fact that remains true to this very day.

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3. Sabrina and Victor Newman

Speaking of Victor, he’s also had his fair share of marriages over the years that have occupied him while he spent time away from the love of his life, Nikki. One special one to note was a love affair he shared with younger woman named Sabrina, who also happened to be the BFF of his daughter Vicky. The two fell in love in 2008 and by August of that year they were wed. Sabrina died in a car accident and the two only enjoyed just over a month as newlyweds.

2. Sharon and Victor Newman

They once shared a father-daughter relationship as Sharon spent many years as Victor’s daughter-in-law (married to son Nick and Adam at one point). However, in 2012, things took a turn for the awkward and Sharon and Victor decided to get hitched. In an odd turn of events, the two actually got married twice that year. While the second time didn’t last too long, it still lasted longer than their first marriage in January of 2012, which was annulled days/weeks after the ceremony took place.

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1. Mackenzie Browning and Billy Abbott

Shortest Y&R marriage ever! Mac and Billy and been an on-again-off-again couple since they were in their early teens. In the summer of 2003 these lovebirds decided to take their relationship to the next level: marriage. With Raul (Billy’s best man) and Colleen (Mac’s maid of honor) by their side, the two said “I do.” Sadly, it was revealed later that night that Katherine Chancellor was Jill’s mom (who is Billy’s mom) making the two cousins. Awkward to say the least. The marriage was annulled right away, and shortly after, the two left Genoa City (not together, or course). The only good news around all this is that years later it would come out that Kay was not Jill’s mom, saving both Mac and Billy a fortune in therapy bills.