Young And The Restless News Round-Up For The Week (August 8, 2022)

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Thanks to social media, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soaps stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our Y&R News Round-Up for the week of August 8th, 2022.

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9. Doug Davidson On Being “Blacklisted”

Nobody puts the question mark after “cast member” quite like Doug Davidson, who is still in the dark about his future with the soap. However, the man otherwise known as Paul Williams addressed his fans with his current take. “I can’t see things changing,” Davidson acknowledged to a fan about the prospects of returning. Luckily, he still has a sense of humor about it all. When another fan vented that Davidson doesn’t deserve to be “blacklisted by Y&R”, the star had a good laugh.

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8. Eric Braeden Defends Ousted Co-Star

Speaking of Davidson, who hasn’t been seen as Paul Williams since November 2020, Eric Braeden has once again come to his co-star’s defense. When a fan on Twitter asked the Moustache what he thought about bringing Paul back for Chance’s investigation storyline, Braeden was adamant. “I have ALWAYS wanted DOUG DAVIDSON back!!” the soap opera icon replied. “ALWAYS!”

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7. The Soap Star Who Was Nearly Jill Foster

Even though she wasn’t the first actress to portray Jill Foster Abbott, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in that role but Jess Walton. Still, if one decision had been made differently, Y&R viewers might feel that way about General Hospital (GH) star Lynn Herring. “I moved from New York to L.A. after college and tested for that character because Brenda [Dickson] wanted to quit,” Herring recently told We Love Soaps. “My whole family was jumping up and down, and then she decided to come back, and I went, ‘Oh darn.’” Given Herring’s commitment to daytime drama over the past thirty years, it’s a role she would’ve nailed. “I’d love to have done that character,” Herring admitted.

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6. Jason Thompson Gets The Love

Jason Thompson is a hot commodity in daytime television – and not only for his acting chops. Former GH co-star Rebecca Herbst has revealed what many daytime drama actors know: he’s a super nice guy. Describing Thompson as “another super-positive person who put his heart and soul into his job”, Herbst explained to Soap Opera Digest (SOD) the example he set. “He understood that his job was to say the words on the page and not write the show,” she stated, “but he tried his best to make things his own and he always made things better.” When her comments caught Thompson’s eye on Twitter, he replied to Herbst, “Oh lordy! Miss you. Love you.”

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5. Phyllis’s Many Enemies

Phyllis Summers may appear to dislike a lot of women in Genoa City, but in a chat with SOD, portrayer Michelle Stafford reveals that her character’s emotions are far more nuanced than that. “I really never felt Phyllis hated Sharon,” Stafford explained. “There was a lot of jealousy and other stuff, but not hate. I feel a similar thing with Cricket because Phyllis did Cricket wrong by going after her husband.” If those opponents fall into the jealousy camp, where does that leave Diane Jenkins? “Phyllis hates Diane. She really gets to Phyllis and I feel she’s just at war with Diane,” Stafford acknowledged. Yep, fans are getting that impression loud and clear!

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4. Trevor St. John’s Mystery Role

Theories are spreading throughout Y&R’s fanbase about Trevor St. John’s mystery role. While the early vote suggested the One Life To Live actor might be recast as Ashland Locke, many viewers now think that he may bring Dylan McAvoy back to the canvas. Adding to the debate, some viewers like St. John for a recast Ronan Malloy. There’s no reason to believe Steve Burton and Jeff Branson, who respectively played those characters in the past, couldn’t reprise McAvoy or Malloy themselves. But clearly, fans are expecting St. John’s presence to be a big one!

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3. Trevor St. Who?!

St. John’s casting news even turned up Eric Braeden’s eyebrow, although his attention was more puzzled than piqued. In a funny Twitter exchange, the Moustache revealed that he had no idea who St. John is! “I bet Eric Braeden is excited to work alongside Trevor St. John,” Twitter user Punk Father remarked, tagging both actors in his tweet. But Braeden’s response caught the fan by surprise. “Who is that?” Braeden tweeted back. The Y&R viewer took the comment as a joke, replying, “Hahah good one. One of the best soap villains.” However, the Moustache’s bewilderment was no joke. “Oh good!” Braeden replied. “Sorry, I honestly did not know! And he is coming to our show? I shall welcome him!”

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2. Robert Newman’s Take On Ashland’s Demise

Robert Newman was happy when Ashland Locke’s time came to an end, not because he didn’t enjoy the role but because he missed his family, who were 3,000 miles away. But if there’s anything Newman has mixed feelings about, it’s how his rapport with Amelia Heinle (Victoria) got snuffed out just when it was getting good. “Those first few weeks or even months that you’re working with someone that close, particularly with brand-new material every single day, is where you’re also trying to figure out what the relationship is,” Newman explained to SOD. “I feel like we were really starting to hit our stride, finally, in the last couple of months or so, so that’s unfortunate, that it had to be nipped in the bud.” Still, Newman acknowledged that Ashland and Victoria’s odds of becoming a super couple were slim at best. “This couple’s been doomed from, I think, the very beginning,” Newman added.

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1. Christian LeBlanc Gives Thanks

When Christian LeBlanc isn’t appearing on Y&R as Michael Baldwin, he’s playing Big Daddy in a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in New York City. Well aware that many soaps fans are making it out to see him perform, the star invited viewers to a personal tour of St. Clemens via Instagram, sharing the historic venue’s dressing room. “I just want to thank the amazing amount of fans and supporters and viewers of The Young and the Restless,” LeBlanc stated. “It just moves me so much… and I can’t talk too long because I’ll get emotional.”

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