Young And The Restless’ 10 Most Iconic Moments


There is not a Young and the Restless (Y&R) fan out there that doesn’t get excited when they hear that sad piano tune-intro blare out of their television set. It sparks a certain feeling for audiences of the show. They know they are about to experience an entertaining and drama-filled hour. While every Y&R episode can’t be epic, there have been some pretty memorable moments over the 40 plus years that the show has been on the air. Here’s a list of 10 Y&R’s iconic moments.

10. Nikki And Victor’s First Wedding

What would the land of Genoa City be without Nikki and Victor? They are truly an iconic super couple and, despite the fact that they break up a lot, they always manage to come back together. They initially hooked up in the early 1980s, and their first set of ‘I dos’ in 1984 was certainly an affair to remember with all the “who’s who” of the town attending.


9. Cake Fight!

Speaking of weddings, the union of Chloe Mitchell and Billy Abbott in 2009 screamed craziness from the get-go. There was awkwardness between Billy, Sharon, and Jack (due to Sharon and Billy’s one-night stand) and Chloe was an obsessed mess. The highlight of the event had to be the cake fight between Katherine Chancellor and Jill Abbott. While the two had been playing nice for a while, it helped to re-ignite the epic rivalry these women shared in the past. It was hilarious, entertaining, and also an iconic Y&R moment.


8. Vicky Gets Arrested On Her Wedding Day

Victor has never liked Jack Abbott and it seemed that rivalry spilled onto Billy when he began to fancy Victor’s daughter Victoria. Vicky ignored her dad’s warnings about the youngest Abbott son and continued to pursue a relationship with him and even headed to the alter. Victor was outraged and the controlling side of him wanted to ensure these two never made it to their ‘I dos.’ In 2010, when Vicky and Billy decided to get married, Victor organized his own daughter’s arrest on her wedding day! The silver lining was that Victor failed in stopping the wedding, but Vicky spent her wedding night in jail rather than with her new husband.


7. Ashley And Victor Reunite In Paris

Victor was a hot mess after his wife Sabrina died in 2008. He ran away to Mexico and sent Nikki, Nick, and Victoria on a wild goose chase as they tried to find him. Nikki reached out to Ashley because she and Victor always had a special friendship. Nikki’s hope was that Ashley could bring Victor back home to Genoa City. When they located Victor in Paris, Ashley went looking for him to help convince him to come home. The plan to bring Ashley into the fold ended up biting Nikki in the butt. As Ash was staring at a Saint’s statue in Paris, Victor approached her from behind and their reunion was sealed in a hotel bedroom later that night.


6. Cassie’s Death

Iconic moments typically happen at weddings, but not all of them are happy occasions. Sadly, the death of Cassie Newman in 2005 was a tragedy that forever changed the landscape in Genoa City. She was involved in a car accident and while in the hospital (with both parents Sharon and Nick at her side), fighting for her life, she prophesied the couple would have another little girl right before she passed away. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house that day for Y&R fans, and when the memory clips are still run today, many people shed a tear for the terrible circumstance these parents had to go through.


5. John Abbott’s Ghost

When John Abbott passed away in the summer of 2006, many Y&R fans were in shock. He was a beloved character who audiences would miss dearly. In an interesting turn of events, John’s character is still seen from time-to-time when he visits his children (mainly Jack, but sometimes Billy and Ashley) to offer support and love when they need him. John Abbott died in August of 2006, but since that following September viewers have seen him grace the show numerous times as a ghost.


4. Brad Carlton Dies

Brad Carlton was a staple in Genoa City for over two decades which is why it was such a shocker when the character passed away in 2009. Not only did Carlton die drowning in a frozen lake pond trying to save Noah Newman, but his death was so final fans knew he would never return. It was a devastating episode for many Y&R fans and really changed the dynamics on the show moving forward. That moment when it was revealed that Brad was under a sheet of frozen ice, within the pond where he heroically saved Noah is still considered bone-chilling.

3. Victor Gets Colleen’s Heart

As sad as Brad’s death was that winter of 2009, the death of his daughter Colleen later that year was heart-wrenching. Colleen had fallen victim to Jack and Victor’s rivalry and Victor was out for revenge for his goddaughter before her death. Sadly, in a crazy twist of events, Colleen was also kidnapped by token-town-crazy, Patty Williams, and drowned despite efforts from her Uncle Jack to save her. Across Genoa City, Victor happened to suffer a heart attack and was in need of a new one. When Colleen was brought to the hospital, she was pronounced brain dead, and her mom Traci made the hardest choice anyone could make when she gave her daughter’s heart to the man in town that not only needed a transplant, but a makeover when it came to having a heart. That moment will forever be engraved in any Y&R fans’ memories.


2. Jack Leaves Victor For Dead

In the early 1990s, the rivalry between Jackie and Victor was hotter than ever (has it ever really died down …) and after a heated confrontation, Victor collapsed. What does Jack do? Well, he simply walked away. Despite the fact that Jack hates Victor, the beauty of his character is that he has a conscience. Jack would return and help save his arch enemy shortly after the fact.

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1. The Spark That Started It All

Ever wonder why Jack and Victor hate each other so much? It seems that their rivalry goes in circles: one vicious cycle of revenge that simply won’t stop. The two always seemed to have a rivalry when it came to the corporate world, but things took a turn for the personal when Jack married Nikki in the early 1990s. The couple were desperate to have a child together, but sadly, Nikki had two miscarriages while they were wed. Unfortunately, Victor/Jack rivalry took a turn for the ugly in 1993 when a heated discussion between Nikki and Victor caused her to fall down the stairs during her third pregnancy with Jack. The baby boy sadly was born early as a result, and died shortly after his birth. Things have never calmed down between Jack and Victor since.